Art & Story Alive!
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Hosted by: Mark Rudolph
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 14504
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Title: 092 - Art & Story Alive!

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Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
03/24/2008 05:00 PM EDT
006 - Art & Story Alive!
03/17/2008 05:00 PM EDT
005 - Art & Story Alive!
03/10/2008 05:00 PM EDT
004 - Art & Story Alive!
03/03/2008 05:00 PM EST
003 - Art & Story Alive!
02/25/2008 05:00 PM EST
002 - Art & Story Alive!
02/18/2008 05:00 PM EST
001 - Art & Story Alive!


Alive: Like never before! - Reviewer: Peter Palmiotti 02/12/11 02:04 PM EST
Full Comment: Its evolved from what it was but has remained true to its roots, comics are a way of life for these fine folks and now with its revamped format YOU can now join in! Check this show out if you are a fan, a creator, or just plain what an interesting behind the scenes 'look' at what goes into making comics!

Well done. One of the best LIVE shows on Talkshoe. - Reviewer: BookemDano 06/15/09 10:36 PM EDT
Full Comment: A very well done podcast. Always fun and informative.

Not Too Awful! :D - Reviewer: Jahhdog 05/25/09 06:59 PM EDT
Full Comment: Great show by comic creators (web and print) who care! Answered my question and also gave me a worldwide perspective on comics and the creative process! ArrrOOooo!

It's Aliiiiive! - Reviewer: Tedd 02/18/09 02:23 AM EST
Full Comment: A&S Alive, the live component to A&S is what Talkshoe is all about. Mark and Jerzy and Krishna discuss their beloved comics medium With their listeners, interacting in the chat room and live on the air. A&S Alive is a true entertaining and educational experience that should not be missed by any true fan of the comics medium!

Thank You Gentleman!! - Reviewer: TDolce 03/04/08 12:12 PM EST
Full Comment: This is really a well done podcast. Jerzy and Mark understand that the audience they reach varies greatly and the professional way they conduct themselves throughout is commendable and a breath of fresh air. As a fellow cartoonist struggling to find the time to launch my own project, I find these discussions both inspiring, entertaining as well as educational. Our tastes are so different, yet their wisodom and tips apply to all genres. I regret that I cannot get on the LIVE discussions due to my schedule conflicts, but nevertheless this podcast is a MUST listen every week!!!!