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Title: Talkshoe user "Chloe Violet Rose" attacks Derrick Robinson and FFCHS

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Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
10/25/2016 10:23 PM EDT
10/25/2016 01:11 PM EDT
Talkshoe user "Chloe Violet Rose" attacks Derrick Robinson and FFCHS
09/28/2016 01:03 PM EDT
Ken SeetheLight Karen/Ann Trying To Make People Suspicious Of Dave Voigts
09/27/2016 03:27 AM EDT
Disinformation Idiot Trying To Discredit Satellite Targeting With Aliens
09/27/2016 03:26 AM EDT
Disinformation Shill Galina Kurdina LIES Telling Ti's It's Not Satellites
09/27/2016 03:26 AM EDT
Disinformation Shill Galina Kurdina Helen Kurdin Lies About Dr John
09/25/2016 01:28 PM EDT
Lauren Whitfield And Others Making TI's Suspicious Of Other TI's
09/25/2016 01:26 PM EDT
Lauren Whitfield Slandering TI's Tyrone Dew Amy Anderson/Derrick Robinson
09/25/2016 01:14 PM EDT
Talkshoe User Nick Spinner cusses and tells TI to "fist his 14yo sister"
09/25/2016 01:13 PM EDT
Talkshoe User Linda4444 Belligerently Cusses TI interviewer


my complicity in outting Dave Voits - Reviewer: Deer_Headlights 09/26/17 04:18 AM EDT
Full Comment: IMO Dave voits was not really a TI since his explanation of his 'symptoms' were vague and not appropriate per my extensive experience as a moderator and listener of many many TI's testimonies regarding their targeting. He also did not provide any conclusive evidence that he promised to provide proving he walked anywhere except to side of a dirt road with no signs indicating his whereabouts. More vagueness and the perpetrator of this flasehood fleecing this bankrupt group for 13K and not using the money to help us or advance our issues. But used it to fund hmself without proving he actually walked anywhere and was protected from scrutiny by Ella, our new moderator at that time. We were not allowed to question him on an open line regarding his supposed walk. So I feel totally justified 'outting' this creep who was promoted and distanced from scrutiny of our group as previously stated since my main concern has and always will be to protect these innocent and sometimes helpless people.

Cool stuff - Reviewer: Deerinheadlights 05/15/17 12:35 AM EDT
Full Comment: Cool idea...I like