EFree's Triumph over Targeting
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Hosted by: EllaFree
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Title: EPISODE307 - EFree's Triumph over Targeting

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Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
05/29/2018 08:33 PM EDT
Targeted Justice, FFTI, T Day updates and more
05/24/2018 08:32 PM EDT
Guest Kieron Perrin from the documentary Vice
05/22/2018 08:21 PM EDT
Guest Urban Artist Nizan R. Lopez
05/17/2018 08:38 PM EDT
Guest Podcast Host Nexx
05/10/2018 08:19 PM EDT
FFTI & Targeted Justice give updates and Susan gives her testimony
05/08/2018 08:34 PM EDT
Guest Tony Pantelleresco shares potentially healing information for TIs
05/08/2018 08:11 PM EDT
Guest Tony Pantelleresco shares potentially healing information for TIs
05/03/2018 08:40 PM EDT
Guest Susan gives her testimony
05/01/2018 08:35 PM EDT
Guest Evelyn shares her testimony & Updates
04/26/2018 08:34 PM EDT
Guest Amy Holem shares her activism eduaction
04/26/2018 04:38 PM EDT
2nd WBN Interview with Charles Ewing Smith on the truth of 911
04/24/2018 08:39 PM EDT
Activism Call
04/19/2018 08:34 PM EDT
Guest Kelly Star
04/17/2018 08:26 PM EDT
Updates, Announcements & Testimony
04/05/2018 08:29 PM EDT
EPISODE270 - EFree's Triumph over Targeting


Rhonda Pence get her protection YESTERDAY - Reviewer: strainallurineboy 06/07/18 07:01 PM EDT
Full Comment: HER Family has already been killed and are under the house under the floor boards in the celler whatever the house had rotting right now, GET HER PROTECTION and Take down those #househumping #LIFEstealers with police #full force those people are armed and dangerous and going to do her next. Wake the HELL UP YOU SONS OF BITCHES GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY YOU CANT BE USING THAT MUCH COCAINE THAT YOU CANT FIND YOUR OWN FRONT DOOR.

An angel indeed!!! â?¥â?¥â?¥ - Reviewer: Cindow22 05/15/18 11:24 PM EDT
Full Comment: Thank you, dearest Ella, for all that you do, and for BEing a beacon of light and hope to those that are suffering and alone. Much love and gratitude for the beautiful soul you are!

- Reviewer: FaceLIkeTheSun1111 05/11/18 04:57 PM EDT

Credible, helpful information - Reviewer: patrickhenry 01/30/18 11:05 AM EST
Full Comment: The calls are very helpful to become informed of these heinous crimes. They give insight, support and credible information and testimonies. Support from informed T.I.'s is helpful to mitigate some issues that you might face and how best to handle what you are dealing with since the media, psychiatry, medical, and government are covering for these crimes at taxpayer expense. Now we need to organize our efforts intelligently to bring the truth out to the public and get some of these frequencies jammed if not stopped.

- Reviewer: deerinCrossHairs 11/29/17 05:15 PM EST

- Reviewer: OSI Moderator 11/29/17 05:15 PM EST

- Reviewer: DeerinSunshine 11/29/17 05:14 PM EST

- Reviewer: tobecontinued 10/27/17 03:11 PM EDT

- Reviewer: JiveryWong 10/27/17 03:11 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Huggybear 08/17/17 08:49 PM EDT

Targeted Intelligence - Reviewer: blairbushproject 05/06/17 06:20 PM EDT
Full Comment: I enjoy the guests. I'm relieved in my targeting by listening to TIs. So many people I never got to participate much. But I was able to find smaller podcasts that were more inclusive by participating.

Ella for Targeted Individuals - Reviewer: JValentine 04/07/17 06:07 PM EDT
Full Comment: I would like to thank Ella personally for her excellent work.

- Reviewer: radar8 03/25/17 06:11 PM EDT

- Reviewer: hurtingandtired 03/25/17 06:11 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Loopaye 03/25/17 06:10 PM EDT

Great Job, Ella! - Reviewer: HopeAboveHate 03/16/17 11:09 PM EDT
Full Comment: This is a fantastic forum. Interesting, relevant and HELPFUL! Good sense of community. If there's a way that someone could submit comments or questions without having to be on the phone it might help those of us who are "surveilled" 24/7 and are afraid to speak out loud.

- Reviewer: Deerinheadlights 03/11/17 05:52 PM EST

- Reviewer: talkshoe812 01/17/17 08:55 PM EST

Review - Reviewer: Ladymusic 11/29/16 10:10 PM EST
Full Comment: Hi as a moderator I think you are doing a really great job! Thank You!

- Reviewer: freedom80 11/22/16 08:30 PM EST

- Reviewer: drdorkmeister 11/22/16 08:29 PM EST

- Reviewer: geewhiz 11/21/16 11:50 AM EST

- Reviewer: unclesam23 11/21/16 11:48 AM EST

- Reviewer: goldilocks00 11/21/16 11:47 AM EST

Best TI conference call - Reviewer: twitter_ti_in_texas 11/13/16 07:14 PM EST
Full Comment: The calls are nicely structured and well moderated. The guests are usually top-notch, and the open discussions help a lot of people -- including myself. I would recommend this call to all TIs, and they're even professional enough to play for your friends or family that have a hard time believing in the subject The calls with John Hall, David Voigts, and Bill Binney are all good choices.

- Reviewer: SeetheLight 11/13/16 05:50 PM EST

- Reviewer: jaquehande 10/04/16 12:02 PM EDT

- Reviewer: DavidSpears 08/30/16 07:49 PM EDT

Interviews today 7/12/2016 - Reviewer: Su Maya 07/13/16 02:24 AM EDT
Full Comment: Ella's call and interviews were handled very professionally. Bryan Tew explains street theater, mind control and hyper-game theory clearly. Thanks for all that you do. -Su