EFree's Triumph over Targeting
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Hosted by: EllaFree
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Title: Guest Activist Desiree Foley!

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Past Episodes (122)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
06/22/2017 08:45 PM EDT
EPISODE178 - EFree's Triumph over Targeting
06/15/2017 08:39 PM EDT
Guest Activist Desiree Foley!
06/13/2017 08:33 PM EDT
Open discussion
06/08/2017 08:33 PM EDT
Guest Cecilia Watt
06/06/2017 08:36 PM EDT
Guest Professor Solange Martinez on Illegals Mafia
06/01/2017 08:37 PM EDT
Guest Activist Kimbrick Hunter
05/30/2017 06:46 PM EDT
Guest Dr. Paul Marko from World Beyond Belief
05/25/2017 08:25 PM EDT
Guest: Dr. Matthew Aaron, V from The Red Pill Hardcore Radio show
05/23/2017 02:30 PM EDT
Robert David Steele former CIA,Presidential Candidate,Nobel Peace Prize Nom
05/18/2017 03:15 PM EDT
EPISODE167 - EFree's Triumph over Targeting
05/16/2017 08:24 PM EDT
Guest Tony Pantalleresco f/YouTube on Neural Dust
05/11/2017 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE165 - EFree's Triumph over Targeting
05/09/2017 08:33 PM EDT
Guest Movie Star Stephan Shellen
05/06/2017 06:56 PM EDT
EPISODE163 - EFree's Triumph over Targeting
05/04/2017 08:29 PM EDT
Guest Activist & Law Student John Christiana on filing lawsuits


Targeted Intelligence - Reviewer: blairbushproject 05/06/17 06:20 PM EDT
Full Comment: I enjoy the guests. I'm relieved in my targeting by listening to TIs. So many people I never got to participate much. But I was able to find smaller podcasts that were more inclusive by participating.

- Reviewer: Huggybear 05/01/17 02:40 PM EDT

Ella for Targeted Individuals - Reviewer: JValentine 04/07/17 06:07 PM EDT
Full Comment: I would like to thank Ella personally for her excellent work.

- Reviewer: radar8 03/25/17 06:11 PM EDT

- Reviewer: hurtingandtired 03/25/17 06:11 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Loopaye 03/25/17 06:10 PM EDT

Great Job, Ella! - Reviewer: HopeAboveHate 03/16/17 11:09 PM EDT
Full Comment: This is a fantastic forum. Interesting, relevant and HELPFUL! Good sense of community. If there's a way that someone could submit comments or questions without having to be on the phone it might help those of us who are "surveilled" 24/7 and are afraid to speak out loud.

- Reviewer: Deerinheadlights 03/11/17 05:52 PM EST

- Reviewer: talkshoe812 01/17/17 08:55 PM EST

Review - Reviewer: Ladymusic 11/29/16 10:10 PM EST
Full Comment: Hi as a moderator I think you are doing a really great job! Thank You!

- Reviewer: freedom80 11/22/16 08:30 PM EST

- Reviewer: drdorkmeister 11/22/16 08:29 PM EST

- Reviewer: geewhiz 11/21/16 11:50 AM EST

- Reviewer: unclesam23 11/21/16 11:48 AM EST

- Reviewer: goldilocks00 11/21/16 11:47 AM EST

Best TI conference call - Reviewer: twitter_ti_in_texas 11/13/16 07:14 PM EST
Full Comment: The calls are nicely structured and well moderated. The guests are usually top-notch, and the open discussions help a lot of people -- including myself. I would recommend this call to all TIs, and they're even professional enough to play for your friends or family that have a hard time believing in the subject The calls with John Hall, David Voigts, and Bill Binney are all good choices.

- Reviewer: SeetheLight 11/13/16 05:50 PM EST

- Reviewer: jaquehande 10/04/16 12:02 PM EDT

- Reviewer: YOUAREASON 08/30/16 07:49 PM EDT

Interviews today 7/12/2016 - Reviewer: Su Maya 07/13/16 02:24 AM EDT
Full Comment: Ella's call and interviews were handled very professionally. Bryan Tew explains street theater, mind control and hyper-game theory clearly. Thanks for all that you do. -Su