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running99 - Reviewer: troubleinparadise 06/21/18 01:44 AM EDT
Full Comment: I don't believe we have to pay another fee of $98US but this is for new members. I hope i am correct in saying this. At least this is my understanding. Anyone else shed any light on the subject?

6/18 Update - Reviewer: running99 06/19/18 10:55 AM EDT
Full Comment: Per recent update, are they suggesting another $98 trust fee is required?

@whatnow - Reviewer: Lantak 06/15/18 12:02 AM EDT
Full Comment: My guess of unit value $50,000

.......... - Reviewer: whatnow 06/12/18 04:03 PM EDT
Full Comment: ............

Join? - Reviewer: AnoaK 05/29/18 06:36 PM EDT
Full Comment: How do I join group to make more ems purchases? I don't think I over looked it, but could not find contact info. Thank you Anoak

Happy happy - Reviewer: skedi 05/02/18 03:32 PM EDT
Full Comment: Happy happy God bless

- Reviewer: pettoe321 05/01/18 10:59 PM EDT

Episode671 - Reviewer: Saboo911 04/26/18 05:22 PM EDT
Full Comment: The recording for the last episode is not working.

- Reviewer: truth007 04/22/18 12:02 PM EDT

- Reviewer: scamvenger 04/21/18 06:45 PM EDT

A little help please.. - Reviewer: Thomas241 04/01/18 10:28 PM EDT
Full Comment: Does anyone know of anyone who has received a package from â?? Imperia Investâ??? If you do,donâ??t write their name , maybe just the state and when they received it?

Investors take the chance before its to late - Reviewer: Benson10 03/19/18 08:25 PM EDT
Full Comment: How long can EMS keep on losing money. As for every share sold the Investors pay just $38 and reciced around $50.000. And with the bonus offers EMS losses even more, so the simple quastion is, how do they cover this losses. Who are the people behind EMS that are able to put in so much money without making any profit as it looks from this perpective. But one the other hand we Investors are lucky so just keep on buying when we now have this incredibale possibility.

Business as usual with EMS - Reviewer: Goldrush 03/18/18 03:07 AM EDT
Full Comment: We can all relax regarding EMS as they are open for business as usual, according to latest update from Joshua, see the following text from him: "In the meantime and until further notice, we are opened for business as usual (Investments And new members) but ONLY the 5 for 1 deal and the 10 for 1 deal (50 shares invested) right now until we know what will happen with the remaining 3 banks and the re-simulations..."

sunshine - Reviewer: cashmoney 03/16/18 10:29 AM EDT
Full Comment: just like the sunshine always makes us feel good lets try to keep feeling good by always thinking positive

bnnnnn - Reviewer: bezrick 03/15/18 06:54 PM EDT
Full Comment: ....,.,

Re: Money Scent - Reviewer: seekandestroy 01/05/18 08:36 PM EST
Full Comment: Not to be confused with the smell of B.S. ;)

positive thinking - Reviewer: crowbarr 01/02/18 09:49 AM EST
Full Comment: I hope 2018 is the year I am begining to smell the scent of new money

EMS/HCI - Reviewer: Einkommen777 12/17/17 08:53 AM EST
Full Comment: EMS/HCI will probably execute a payout next year if all goes well with the simulations hopefully they have a smooth and uninterrupted process with the simulations.It would be good if EMS would close off soon and stop coming up with lame excuses to extend the program it is time to shut the doors and execute a payout for next year most investors are running out of patience with EMS/HCI some have been in this for about 10 years.Some have even moved on and forgotten about EMS/HCI because of the constant delays over the years anyway. We all hope that something happens next year on another note. As we know the banks main staff members and admin go on vacation for at least a month until about middle of January to February also that is the way that it is with the cabal banking system.I hope the Cabal don't stop the payout they always like to interfere and obstruct in our affairs.They have to much power and control over the masses and people.They consider us as financial and economic slaves.Through forms of debt and fiat money.

TO: Thomas241 - Reviewer: NotamemberofGPP 12/07/17 03:08 AM EST
Full Comment: Yes, I believe everyone is having problems and you are not the only one.

- Reviewer: manofmyword 12/05/17 11:21 PM EST

- Reviewer: duke77 12/05/17 11:20 PM EST

investment plans - Reviewer: BERMYMEBROKE 12/02/17 07:04 PM EST
Full Comment: I wish you all who are up here PROMOMOTING investment plans would PRO MOTE SOMEWERE else not here,,,,NO ONE WANTS TO READ YA SHIT...

Be positive and read, read, read - Reviewer: Ferry 11/21/17 06:02 AM EST
Full Comment: The 17 for 1 offer has nothing to do with the stress test itself. This 17 for 1 offer only takes place during the stress test of both banks. On 27 November, both the stress test and the offer of 17 for 1 will stop and EMS strongly requests everyone to pay the payments before 30 November for this 17 for 1 offer. The simulations will be completed around December 15th or maybe earlier, EMS strives to have their administration 100% completed on December 15, so that the initial payout can be started immediately. This means that we will receive the initial payout before Christmas.

Access to EMS PFRPP Funds after the initial pay-out. - Reviewer: fortunatus 11/19/17 11:12 PM EST
Full Comment: Is Belize still the location of EMS Trusts? If so how will investors whose trust accounts are located in that country be able to transfer funds? There are correspondent banking problems in that off-shore jurisdiction that inhibit or preclude international transactions?

buy more shares - Reviewer: madanagan 10/08/17 09:56 AM EDT
Full Comment: being that I read on the latest update that we can still buy more shares (EMS) I wanted a few more and wanted to know if there is any other form of payment we can access to buy shares. the guy here who takes our payments takes double to the amount listed in the site. Is it possible to just buy shares using our personal c-gold/perfect money accounts? Is it possible/true that if don't go through this guy and go ahead and buy on my own that my money would go to a waste?

contact numbers to call - Reviewer: khyden 10/04/17 10:17 AM EDT
Full Comment: may I get some help if anybody here know any numbers I can call on EMS. pls ASAP

forerunner - Reviewer: forerunner 08/25/17 12:54 PM EDT
Full Comment: Not much money went towards the monuments. We dearly miss Euclid but the monument thing ?? We can sèe that investors like the Norwegians have most likely put up the majority of the $30,000. I believe not much share buying going on. We the investors have done our job. It's time for EMS to bring this to a close they are running out of excuses it's time for them to get the job done and focuss on a payout rather than building monuments. Euclid would agree.

Imperia Invest IBC questionable - Reviewer: Buhg 06/25/17 03:04 AM EDT
Full Comment: When it comes to Imperia Invest IBC the information coming from the Wayne's and other peoples too is very questionable and suspicious as back in the day I was part of a large downline from here in America to date despite Wayne saying that thousands of packages have been confirmed over the years none of this large down line have received a package members of this large downline keep in regular contact with other downlines to and they have not received either.We have prayed about the situation and have come to conclusion that simply these packages simply do not exist and is fantasy and delusion. We hold Wayne in high regards and integrity and a very honest and reliable man However it seems that the information and intelligence reports from the information sources which Wayne and other people have to is nothing but artificial intelligence information and reports. And has been providing Wayne and other people with fake and unreal intelligence and information reports for a number of years now it maybe possible that no member has ever received a package to date. Having a positive mindset is all well and good but when it borders on delusion and not reality and you think that information is real and don't question the information it comes back to what is real and what is fake in this whole process. Have a look at U.S. Securities & Exchange CommissionLitigation Release No. 21686 / October 7, 2010 SEC OBTAINS TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER AND ASSET FREEZE OF IMPERIA INVEST IBC RELATING TO INTERNET BASED OFFERING FRAUD If the assets have been frozen do you really think any of the 14,000 members have received any packages or been paid out reality or delusion you choose people.

Imperia Question - Reviewer: bumpkins 05/24/17 10:34 PM EDT
Full Comment: Wayne, your calls are appreciated. I have a question about Imperia. I joined in August 2007 and no payout . Yet I understand you said that there was a first Imperia program which closed in 2007; and this current program is the second and is only 5 years old. Does this mean I am not in the second program but only in the first which did close and never paid out??

A nice update from Lars on the EMS website today, April 16th. - Reviewer: BigRoy 04/16/17 10:00 PM EDT
Full Comment: Euclid was moved to a different Hospital for special treatments and seems to be doing very well. Keep the prayers coming. The 5 for 1 deal extended to the 27th, but don't depend on that. Get your shares bought NOW. California simulations are at 30%, so going smoothly so far. Only my opinion, but at this rate California could be through by end of the month, then New York State and a little time to fix Washington. It's only a guess on my behalf, but I'm hoping we might be done with the simulations by June 1st. Then we head to New York City for the face to face. Happy Easter to ALL.

vetting members - Reviewer: bankai_shatter 04/11/17 08:49 PM EDT
Full Comment: i was reading earlier that vetting the member will take some time. i was wondering because waynes group is the largest by far i think in the thousands. if its going take a few days to vet 1 or 2 members pre day most likey this group will take years just to get to new york if that is the case from what i read. please correct me if i am wrong.

Steady passive income is the key - Reviewer: farnsworth 02/10/17 01:18 AM EST
Full Comment: We seem to get stuck in when these programs will pay. Can someone provide me the email to the host so I may give him the information on a system that is transparent and has made my life a lot simpler at earning income. My membership in has been a blessing to myself and family.

- Reviewer: xhci25 02/07/17 10:43 PM EST

Lantak and Bigroy, I've been reading your reviews. You might want to read this. - Reviewer: JetBet 01/29/17 07:20 AM EST
Full Comment: "In fact, based on the tiering of interest, CBS will pay as much as 4.5%/ year if the gold is deposited for at least 3 years. Surprised? Wait until you see full offer: Earn interest on Your Bullion. Is this a new idea? We would like to say we thought of it ourselves, but the idea is very popular in the Eastern parts of the world, where bullion dealers, banks, and governments have a variety of storage interest bearing accounts for their hard assets. Benefits at a glance: Purchase physical gold and silver for safety and growth. Have your gold and silver secure in a vault. Earn interest while your gold and silver is safely in storage. Get full transparency - receive monthly audited statements."

Looking forward to 2017 - Reviewer: Goldrush 12/23/16 11:14 PM EST - Reviewer: mclean101 12/29/16 09:11 AM EST
Full Comment: DO NOT BELIEVE A SINGLE WORD. THERE WAS NO EMAIL FROM MR. MILLARD.!!!! This has been verified! Thanks... just be careful what people write in forums. Wayne and Joan... TalkShoe call on January 3, 9 PM "Looking forward to 2017 - Reviewer: Goldrush 12/23/16 11:14 PM EST Full Comment: It was nice to hear from Mr Millard in his latest newsletter that he is so confident and with such a wisdom about what they are doing for us. I was very happy to be selected by them to participate together with some others in a live test for EMS in respect to the process that everyone of us will go thru when we come to New York. We who have been selected for this live test will get our $8500 paid out in the beginning of next year 2017 and then we will travel to New York and go thru the process that will take place there. And after we come home we will get access to our founds so then the test will be complete. For me it realy shows how importent it is for Mr Millard and EMS to get every detial just right so we all can have our lifes changed forever.

Scam Scam - Reviewer: Jeremy88 12/18/16 01:48 PM EST
Full Comment: Is a Scam people weak up there's no EMS. Can't fix stupid.

A PRAYER OF HOPE TO ALL - Reviewer: angeloffortune2011 11/23/16 07:29 PM EST
Full Comment: Thanksgiving is a time of coming together in unity, love and compassion while remembering those less fortunate. Thanksgiving Prayer I give you all the members of our EMS family. You know them all so well and love them all. I ask that you would cover us with a rainbow of Hope. Hope that draws us closer together to work out our differences. Hope that helps us to celebrate together and care for one another. Hope that rides like a banner in our lives and watches over us wherever we are. Hope that overcomes adversity and gathers strength to overcome. Hope that guides us and gives us vision for our future alone and together. Hope filled with Love. Hope that fuels Faith. Hope that breathes peace. Let us take this time to reflect on a new dawn filled with infinite possibilities for new beginnings, new discoveries and a joyous awakening to the wonder of what our lives will be. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving Day.

- Reviewer: laotzu 10/18/16 06:27 PM EDT

GPP information? - Reviewer: countrywoman 10/16/16 04:38 PM EDT
Full Comment: We would just like to know what is happening with GPP. We have not heard anything in a REALLY long time. Over a year ago Wayne said it was totally legitimate. WE would all like to hear Something. Good, bad, or indifferent. I have been in this program since "2007" It is still alive or completely DEAD? Thank you Wayne. I wrote this question quite a while ago and I am STILL waiting for an answer. I have REAL stock in the REAL Stock Market and believe me THEY DO NOT CARE WHO YOU TELL IF YOU HAVE STOCK!!!!! If any of these Programs HERE were REAL then there would NOT be a NON-DISCLOSURE!!!!!!! Wayne can you JUSTIFY this UNREALISTIC Requirement???????? Can you HONESTLY explain where ANY of these Programs intend to get the money to pay for these PAYOUTS? If you CLAIM you ARE NOT part of the MANAGEMENT of ANY of these programs then WHY would they call YOU and tell you what is going on with these SECRET programs??????? THEY could just post updates!!!!!! Sure WE can ask YOU questions but WE are being LIED to.....These PROGRAMS could assign someone AT their PROGRAMS to keep us updated. IF THEY COUNT ON YOU TO KEEP US INFORMED THEN YOU ARE THEIR SCAPEGOAT and THEY NEVER have to deal with people that they have swindled!!!!! You told us quite awhile go that G.P.P. is REAL and you NEVER gave another UPDATE!!!!! How can THEY be an INVESTMENT if they NEVER PAYOUT????????

- Reviewer: tarantula589 10/11/16 09:50 PM EDT

Imperia packages - Reviewer: TOMS2699 10/06/16 03:21 AM EDT
Full Comment: Is there anyone out there that has received a package or at least knows someone who has? Wayne talks about conformations but what does that really mean if he doesn't actually know the person. I am aware of non disclosure agreements so I am not asking for a name or anything just a simple yes I got a package or know someone who has in your downline. We just need some hope that this really happening.

@ laotzu,crowbarr When are going to pay GPP ?,What is the actual website GPP? - Reviewer: toni69 07/17/16 12:30 AM EDT
Full Comment: HELLO What is the actual website GPP? What GPP real news? When are going to pay GPP ,GLOBAL PENSION PLAN? Please wait for your answers to my questions.

Is this normal? - Reviewer: Padmaki 06/10/16 02:47 AM EDT
Full Comment: Just wondering if any of you have this problem? All my members including me, have red lights in our verification site. Also, we cannot see which KYC or ID document we sent unlike in HCI25. Is there some where we can see them? Thanks

EMS Reality or Delusion ?????? - Reviewer: Uncertain12345 05/15/16 03:19 AM EDT
Full Comment: When it comes to EMS it seems that they are delaying the process most of the time.Now they are making another offering to buy more shares and a incentive to bring in more investors with a $375,000USD bonus to the investor who brings in/buys more shares but most EMS/HCI investors have had enough of the delaying tactics of EMS Most investors now just want a payout executed very soon and no more lame excuses or statements from EMS would be good in frame of things would be good for now. Whether or not EMS is reality or delusion only time will tell. Not sure if it is a scam or not but after 10 years of waiting for a payout patience is wearing thin with most investors on this long journey. But most Investors probably want EMS to close off on purchasing more shares enough is enough EMS/HCI you have collected enough money from us now just Close off purchasing now and put 100% commitment into a execution of a payout for now as the majority investors are now had enough now with the delaying tactics Enough said now on EMS/HCI. As for Imperia Invest I have been waiting years for a payout and still to no avail but to the contrary Wayne has stated for years that investors have received packages in the USA not sure if his sources are reliable or not but only time will tell. I can say the GPP was shut down because of some disgruntled investors reported to the local police agency with in a European county and all bank accounts were frozen by the courts and the process is now been in the courts for years now. I can not say anymore on that now.For the rest of the Reverse Pension Plans that were running from say 2005 ish to 2010-11 some were absolute scams and some were legitimate but because off the 2008-2009 GFC and the anti-terrorism and money laundering laws by the government agencies like the SEC, IMF etc they were shut down permanently Or a cease and desist order was placed on a few Reverse Pension Plans too enough said on that. There are a few other opportunities out there that have been running for a while now but whether or not they are real or not only time will tell.

EMS newsletter - Reviewer: qildana 05/14/16 11:52 AM EDT
Full Comment: I agree with Ferry. There is nothing about payout there, only about purchases more and more shares. They should give us some shares instead of failed investment in HCI25, we deserve it. If they have possibility of contests, it shouldnt be a problem.A lot of members dont have money anymore and need the payout urgently. Like this we have just stories, promises, delays and waiting. The whole thing looks weird. now they are speaking about August, last year it was September. I can hardly imagine travelling to NY and the whole organization of such a trip.

kache - Reviewer: kach 04/19/16 12:43 AM EDT
Full Comment: m

- Reviewer: NothingBut 03/30/16 10:36 PM EDT

- Reviewer: lisner1 03/01/16 08:00 PM EST

EMS Euclid - Reviewer: Heitau 02/25/16 01:55 PM EST
Full Comment: Hallo Wayne, I try to get a statement of my account from Euclid,because I send several time the rewquired document, but got no cofirmation. I cannot recall to send them any banking details. Can you help me?? Regards Heitau

GPP Trustee's (GPPT) - Reviewer: astonmartin 01/18/16 04:56 AM EST
Full Comment: Forerunner, Maybe you can share your source of information with regards to GPP?

I Need Just 2 People - Reviewer: milliondollaman 01/04/16 12:36 PM EST
Full Comment: I made $40,000 last year working hard doing construction work. I'm on target to make $10,000 by February from just helping 2 people and paying their entry fee into this powerful program. Total cost $36. Total return $10,000. I need just 2 people who want to make some REAL money REAL quick. I have people waiting to pay your way in NOW. Go to ... Email me Leonard Haskins

EUCLID HAS OPENED A FORUM? - Reviewer: malejasmine 12/22/15 05:43 AM EST
Full Comment: Mr. Euclid, it seems, has opened a FORUM for members to have discussion and updates. I think it is good that Euclid and Millard are available there for any urgent clarifications.

Why wait on someone else to control your future - Reviewer: agemo3 12/21/15 09:15 PM EST
Full Comment: We have been waiting on HCI/EMS for a few years to secure our future with a promise of a payout. Although we may ultimately get the payout, we currently have no control of when it may happen. Why wait on some one else to control your future. With just a little work each day on your laptop, desktop, Ipad, Iphone, surface you can secure your own future. check out this URL to see what I mean.

A good holiday gesture to do... - Reviewer: Getagrip 12/19/15 04:03 PM EST
Full Comment: I sent this email to Euclid, maybe wishful thinking but who knows. If everyone did this just maybe this might happen. A good holiday gesture is to bank wire $5000 to everyone as a gesture in faith. Of course to come from our investment however this would make everyone happy and quiet the storm, keep some off the streets and possibly save some lives. Please send ASAP and thank you Kindest Regards, May everyone prosper in the end

Lucky winners - Reviewer: Prepper33 12/14/15 01:47 AM EST
Full Comment: Nope, not interested and will never buy any more shares. Was using the lucky draw as a yard stick, no results as promised, so how can they be trusted is beyond me. Right fine Lantak, answer me this then: Millard is in Europe, but Euclid is in NY and he is doing the lucky draw for winners. Why is he delaying in publishing the winners from last week? Surely Millard is not doing the lucky draws PLUS talking to the bankers about our 10% funding too? This reminds me of a person I used to know who;d borrow a sum of money from a friend, promising to pay on an X date, few days later. Then keep that borrowed money and on the date of return as promised, returned the money. A month goes by and this person borrows again, this time a larger sum, promising to pay back the bigger sum on time, and RIGHT on time, as promised, pays back the amount. This went on each time borrowing lartger amounts. Then one fine day, this borrower, borrows a very big of of money after being a trusted borrower. This time, the borrowers skips the country and never seen again. We get updates from EMS akin to the borrower, later and later the updates comes, then one fine day who knows? We take it for granted an update is forth coming, but it doesn't and might never come just like all the other programmes. That's possible too, right? Just for the sake of argument I hope I won't be spat upon for speaking my mind

@prepper33 - Reviewer: Jazzitup 12/12/15 10:07 AM EST
Full Comment: You are spot on in your post about the lucky draw results. I don't know what Euclid can be busy doing or how busy, but it can't take more than a minute tops to post those results. I think at this point EMS just gives a seldom update or communication just to keep up appearances.

Atleast i do adjustment from other programs there are some which pays a big investigation i do - Reviewer: samfranciz 12/11/15 07:25 PM EST
Full Comment: Others programs are still paying me Full payments + profit Just received 112% As they are legit in 24 hours Hope i recover all funds Atleast i can recover My loose funds Hope for best

Ponzi Scam - Reviewer: Concerneddude 12/02/15 03:14 PM EST
Full Comment: Has anyone noticed that these lucky draws are Ponzis? You buy set amount of "shares" and hope to receive a cash prize, but all EMS does is give you 1,000, 500 and 200 dollars from the money folks use to buy these so called shares, and use that money to turn around and pay you the prize money with YOUR money. We only have Euclid's word that Millard is over the pond in Europe, for all you know there is No Joshua Millard or any CFO, CEO but one dude running this EMS in some sunny location in Cayman Island

Dec 30th - Reviewer: Angelface 11/15/15 10:34 AM EST
Full Comment: The latest update from EMS refers to December 30th as deadline for shares therefore it is obvious that we will not get pay in 2015. May God help us. As I said in an earlier comment friends pray, pray, pray.

Thank you - Reviewer: sebastian77 10/15/15 10:53 AM EDT
Full Comment: Thank you NotamemberofGPP sebastian77

Keep and build your faith ! - Reviewer: Gfefehw 09/07/15 04:45 PM EDT
Full Comment: Let's all keep praying that this program reaches a magnificent conclusion. There are vast numbers of suffering people out there whose lives can be influenced and positively changed from the availability of these resources, and in a manner that they will then have the wonderful opportunity to go and do for others what was done for them!! Amen!

14 August - Reviewer: perma6 08/02/15 07:47 AM EDT
Full Comment: Its going to be the 14th in less than 2 weeks and I am quite worried that they will postpone the funding and give some excuse why they cannot stick with the given aka promised date. I have an uneasy feeling they ain't gonna keep their promise ........ again

I am done - Reviewer: internession 07/28/15 07:08 PM EDT
Full Comment: Good luck to you all

- Reviewer: paytreet 07/22/15 09:19 AM EDT

company register - Reviewer: lowprofile 07/17/15 01:17 PM EDT
Full Comment: Lantak, I would be interested in seeing the company profile for EMS or HCI. I've searched NY and NV state records but didn't find any info. Padmaki The initial $98 = $60 (bank fee) + $38 (one unit). Each additional unit is $38. About the value per share, there is more info in the 2015/04/08 update posted in the EMS News Archive. From that release: " We managed to freeze our assets at a level of $44,050/Kg, multiply that price with the amount of gold for each share invested (which is 1,15 Kg) then you will get the value of each share. " Your initial transfer will be the value of one unit, since the cap of the initial transfer is 125K and not 5-10% of the account balance.

Doesn't make sense - Reviewer: trueinvestor 05/11/15 02:34 PM EDT
Full Comment: milliondollarman - In one sentence you state that your bills are piling up while waiting for EMS payout and then offer a program with a one time $18 payment and you said "I am making $30,000 a month". Which is it?

1%payout - Reviewer: 1percent 05/05/15 08:22 PM EDT
Full Comment: This is a test.

EMS news - Reviewer: jeffcw 04/30/15 06:53 AM EDT
Full Comment: Did see a comment that there may be an NDA in place until January so will wait and see Also if anyone in UK has had any contact ref Imperia would like to know what ahen and how Thanks All hope you have have a happy christmas

many thanks for all you do - Reviewer: janie2739 04/15/15 04:34 PM EDT
Full Comment: wondering if you are "making" a group to purchase EMS. Several in my group wish to join with a larger group to get the 5 for 1. Please email me at Thanks

Till Joshua meets with Wayne - Reviewer: suntan10 04/13/15 09:43 PM EDT
Full Comment: Its all very enticing and exciting but....... Till Joshua speaks with Wayne, I will take the EMS update with a spoon of salt. My arfument : Now that more shares are available, a date set for pay out etc I see more frequesnt updates. FISHY. It is is so easy to change venues? From NY to Miami then back to NY again? Enticing us with the enormous amount each share shall give us? Nah, too good to be true. Joshua you speak with our Wayne whom we trust only then we will believe you. You come out of the shadows and reveal yourself like a true biz man. There is nothing you have said so far that can be trusted.

"update" - Reviewer: hottocoolz 03/23/15 07:30 PM EDT
Full Comment: 10 day restricted period over on alternate forum( , but forum is still restricted, so now what, whatnow?

Latest EMS update - Reviewer: Scripts88 03/11/15 06:40 AM EDT
Full Comment: You good folk out there, be warned this newsletter smacks of that chap Mike Poulos. I reeks of his way of writing. PLEASE do not be lured into buying any more into EMS. No matter how tempted you are or belveing you are, wait and see. Don't bring any more people to join as members as you will surely lose your friends and friendships. If they should pay which is unbelieable, then share your money with your friends. They say payout of 10% will happen in July or August, after June 12 weeks. Please we are only keeping them alive by throwing good money after bad. Wait, hesitate and pnder. May God bless each and everyone of us.

March 8th 2015 - Reviewer: ramack 03/09/15 02:21 AM EDT

Re Valuation (RV) - Reviewer: Brianc3038 02/07/15 10:02 PM EST
Full Comment: In my opinion this is all to do with the revaluation of the some currencies around the world especially Iraq, on each occasion of HCI stating there should be an update soon or 3 to 4 days, that is the same timeline when the RV was going to take place but was not done at the time stated, either HCI has invested in Iraqi Dinars and waiting for the RV then they can cash in their old Dinars for the new Dinars and make a profit, or they have been told by the Authorities that until the RV has gone through then they cannot proceed, hopefully it will be done this week.

January 26th update - Reviewer: RPPReviewer 02/03/15 05:58 PM EST
Full Comment: The last update stated 4 to 5 days with more news. Does anyone here know what that equates to in Euclid or HCI days?

hci25/EMS - Reviewer: global1426 01/27/15 01:07 AM EST
Full Comment: News of 26th January on EMS website. More news in 4-5 days!

Response to pacpar - Reviewer: russthemuss 12/20/14 09:18 PM EST
Full Comment: Pacpar im in Aus like you!Imperia old email was but they wont care about you now,remember it is said that the banks now have our packages.Try this! Go to upsmychoice and I agree there is no drop down for Australia.Use the drop down box and click on England. You will then go to the second page do as required there and I think you go to the 3 rd page.Enter all your details re address and contact details and there will be another drop down box for your country,THIS time it will have Australia.After you have done all that is required and finished you will know that you are on their records as you will get a confirmation of all your details.Now I know that you cant advise them of your old address details but lets hope they use this system if your package has gone to the old address with no luck.Good luck!If you have any other ideas let me know.Most writers here are from the US and think that the good old US is the world,its not,just a mere drop in the bucket!Also as you can see the world gold prices are crashing so what does that mean for our payout with HCI/EMS??????

Imperia Invest email - Reviewer: pacpar 12/17/14 02:50 PM EST
Full Comment: I've listened to Wayne's latest call. Wayne, or anyone else, can advise which email to contact Imperia if I had a change of address? I'm in Australia and not in the countries listed under the UPS My Choice website.

food for throght - Reviewer: Criticalthinker 12/08/14 03:40 PM EST
Full Comment: Did you know that many people who win the lottery are worse off five years later than they were when they started? Did you know that you will manage to have the same average income of the five people people to whom you are closest to? You may ask what does this have to do with me? Well when I read these post I see it full of a poverty mindset. I see it full of an attitude of entitlement. Sometimes I thankful that HCI has not come to fruition because I fear that most of you would end up in situations that are much worse than what you have now. They reason being you have not bothered to change your mindset and how you view money and finances. Don't believe me then find someone of great wealth and have a conversation with them. Look for the difference in how they view money and success and how you view it. Look at the type of company they keep as opposed to what you keep. In conclusion I know many of you have been praying that this come to fruition. Maybe it is a hidden blessing that it hasn't because what you thought would made your situation better in the shorterm would make it worse in the long term. Just something to think about and chew on. Have a very blessed Christmas Holiday.

want to the a secret to success - Reviewer: Iampositive 12/08/14 03:12 PM EST
Full Comment: I have been in many conversations with people of great financial success. When asked what is secret one answer remains the same across the board. In order to remain successful you must learn to take responsibility for all your actions. You may be asking how does this relate to me? It is very simple STOP blaming HCI for all your financial problems. Come to realization that you could have made the choice to stop following them years ago. I don't know they may or may not come back. LIfe will be ok either way. It is not the end of the world.

Hci25 and EMS Payouts - Reviewer: cedarkuhan 11/11/14 07:15 AM EST
Full Comment: Right now you tell me that I am in charge of my finances. Where were you when everything nice and cosy was going on with HCI25 and EMS? This is hind sight being 20/20 right? Wayne is now going to have to stick up for them yet again. making excuses and saying we have nothing to be concerned about that Imperia is paying and packets are being received and the moon is made of cheese

gpptrustee - Reviewer: koshaman 11/04/14 11:37 PM EST
Full Comment: Hello i e-mailed them seems you have to pay a sum of money to perfect money this is what they sent me. You are recorded as a member but you have not paid for your Trust. You need to pay the following fees by end of this month : $40 Courier fee $50 Notary fee $210 Trust fee $195 payout administrative processing fee My questions is has anyone payed this and did you get the 25% that is $495.00 that is alot of money to send out and not get anything in return. so if there is anyone out there that sent the money in please let us all know what the result was. Thanks

Update! EMS - Reviewer: hopefloats 11/03/14 09:23 PM EST
Full Comment: Update on EMS site! ...........I have been the admin of an existing forum for many years. You are welcome to join and talk about hci/ems. There is a thread for it. It is a very positive forum and I will not allow anything but that, but you are welcome to check it out while we wait: Banki, you should not post like you know in certainty if you are only guessing. That leads to more speculation..... Bank I, how did you get the update on the server? I know the site is still up...........Nice to see the update! It takes patience to ride this one through! Glad to see all the good comments. Particularly the one about EMS always having said that payouts would be in October 2014. I have thought about that many times. Our funds will come.

Count Down Continue - Reviewer: Flyhigh 10/30/14 09:45 PM EDT
Full Comment: Thank you Wayne and Joan for the great efforts, We will continue supporting you. I will wait until 10/31/14, which is the date EMS stated for the payout on their WEB Site, if no payout, others will be asking them the questions of what happened. Remember what happens with the folks of Liberty Reserve, They can run but they can't hide ----------------------------------------Wrote 10-12-14:--ssptllc1, Thank you for the information, got it, also isida8, I found that information too, thanks, gildana and others, maybe agree with them but not yet, also awareofthis provides good info as well. I will stay tuned to see what happens on the 31st (10-31-2014), then we would aim towards the corrects Agencies to take care from that point on, I know that other members would not be agree with this, but we are all beneficiaries so we can do individually, what we want. I lost $$$ already buying thru an Exchange company and the invested money never arrived the C-Gold account, but we are dealing directly with the agencies to find out where the $$$ went. I don't rest until that money be found --------------------------------------- Wrote on 10-9-14: Ranmack, count me in, to share my thoughts and opinion based on the results of my researches. I concur with NothingBut, Whatnow, and more on their approach and conclusions, I do pay my debts with $$$ not with believe and need the money, my opinion is that the 10% payout before the payout date (10-31-2014) is not permitted because the share is not at the maturity, which was established to be on 10-31-2014, If I am right, my account will be receiving the 10% by the following week, (1st wk of november) and the instruction to follows to get the other remaining 90% should come as well. Keep in mine that this is not a gift, this was an investment and We have to collect that money. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wrote on 10-8-14:Does somebody knows our (HCI25) share value is as of today? I am asking because if we don't know the value per share, we don't know how much will be the 10% expected to get, and I don't know how come they can pay before a Payout date. If someone else did the maths and want to share with us, it will be greatly appreciated. Please I am looking for answers, not send me to listen to recorded calls because I already did, and it doesn't have the information, nor the WEB Sites Updates. Wrote on 10-7-14: Count me in for another forum, and lets keep supporting this one as well, for the weekly call which Wayne and Joan have being doing a good job. Agreed with "Nothingbut" that we don't know who is who here, but I can tell you, that I feel a lot of pressure, probably many of you too, because after a friend of mine convince me to invest in this program HCI25, I saw the potential, and I convinced my family, my friends, my family friends, and friends of my friends which all of them counting on me, which I feel responsible for them, no matters the outcomes of this program, good or bad, I was the want who choose to joint, but I would not left it there. I have faith and I can imagine the complexity of this program, but that it is only excuses, any way, be alert, lets keep the ball rolling. About Updates, I want to share with you what I did, I reviewed all previous updates and noticed that they send update on a monthly basis, every 20plus days, except August 2014, when they sent twice updates, in my opinion, the next up date should go out between Oct 10 thru 14, 2014, if they continue doing it as previously done, that just my opinion. Lets wait for tonight's call!!

FlyHigh and everyone else, how to calculate your investment.. - Reviewer: ssptllc1 10/29/14 03:36 PM EDT
Full Comment: If you want to know how much your investment is worth today - Market price - do the following: 1. Add up the total amount of shares you purchased. 2. Then multiply them by 1.15 Kg to get the total number shares per Kg. 3. Go to this website and put that number in the -amount- field in the Gold section. Not Silver! 4. Then move to the right and change the --Measure-- field to Kilograms 5. The balance of your current gold value will appear on the next line underneath the measure field. That is your current value in USD. You may notice fluctuations because of live market conditions. If you want to see it in another currency then change the currency field to any other currency. Please let me know if this works for you. If you want to see the actual amount you purchased from EMS, then: 1. Select the Historical closes button and 2. set the date to December 14, 2012 3. then select the pick a date .. button 4. Then Do steps 1 through 5 again 5. And click the pick a date and click button again 6. You should see the actual value of the investment you bought from EMS in gold Please let me know if this works for you. October 29, 2014 If you want to see what HCI/Ems is going to payout according to the $74500 price, then insert that amount in the third box on the left labeled Future Gold Price/Kilogram. After doing steps 1 through 5. The total amount HCI/Ems promises to pay will be displayed in the box to the right. Hope that helps. Now we hope and Pray for futures. Visit my website:

Suspension? - Reviewer: Pussinboots 10/28/14 01:26 AM EDT
Full Comment: I don't believe HCI25 is still around. If they are, it won't take so long for them to explain themselves. If they claim to be dealing in billions and trillions, what is the problem dealing with a suspended web site?

Reasons why website account can be suspended!! - Reviewer: ldulude 10/23/14 03:38 PM EDT
Full Comment: If a website has been suspended, this is typically the result of one of the following reasons: 1.Your invoice(s) is overdue and/or unpaid 2.Your account has exhibited Abuse of the Server 3. Suspicious activity (attempted hacking)

Is HCI25 out of business? - Reviewer: viewfinder_456 10/23/14 11:53 AM EDT
Full Comment: What does exactly mean "this account has been suspendet"? The expiration date is september 2015, so whats happend with them? Gone like we many others? I havn`t find any informations in the web about that, so maybe somebody find something in the web, so please notify here. I'm curious what does wayne to this situation.

Re HCI Update Sorry its life - Reviewer: iamhappy 10/23/14 04:08 AM EDT
Full Comment: Re the Delay What does not surprize me is Adults whining like spoilt brats. WE including me are disappointed, but the people are working to rectify thing the membership is worldlwide and with all that has gone one do You not realize that this may have happened,Other disappeared give it some chance at least they are together hopefull those who pray those who do positive thinking focus on all that ask for them to be helped dont start the negativity and as for those who from the beginning saw Failure I wonder why You joined if you did why come to this site if the agenda is to gloat and complain would not your time better spent elsewhere,Yes its a great disappointment, but they are not gone and Wayne I apologize in advance for those who take share delight in being downright rude..Let us stand strong we have been this far

hci25 Account Suspended ??? - Reviewer: brokenheart 10/23/14 03:40 AM EDT
Full Comment: Sad new hci25 account suspended To Day 23rd October2014... They wrote"The first batches of capital is in the Bank Swift system and is being transferred as we speak..." Where is that Money??? Always changing there words and Promises WHY WHY WHY??? Euclid and so called Jousha answer US GOD is looking you.He will punish you for your Sins. become a member 38days gone any one can confirm Bank Transfer??? Bank Limitations Generally, no legislative limitations exist on the amount of money you can transfer from one account to another. However, most financial institutions place limitations on the maximum amount that can be transferred in a single transaction. For example, Bank of America limits wire transfers to $5 million or less, Chase Bank limits transfers to $500,000, and Citibank limits transfers to $50,000. Read more : Anti-Money Laundering Procedures Banks, investment firms, and other financial institutions must follow established anti-money laundering prevention procedures. If your wire transfer raises suspicion, either due to the source of an incoming transfer, the destination of an outgoing transfer, or a combination of other activity, a report must be filed with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. Read more : Intermediary/Correspondent Banks If the bank initiating the wire transfer does not have an account at or relationship with the receiving bank, an intermediary institution must be involved to complete the wire transfer. In such cases, money is debited from the sender�?�¢??s account and transferred to the correspondent bank, which then transfers the money to the receiving institution. These banks typically do not impose their own limitations on transactions when they act as an intermediary, but if they were so inclined the initiating bank would have no choice but to comply Read more : Halifax UK says that Any currency to any other countries 12 working days and Bank of America says- How soon can an international recipient receive the funds from a wire transfer? If you are transferring funds to an international account, your account will be debited the same day and Bank of America will send the payment out immediately. The beneficiary's bank will generally receive the funds 1 to 2 days later. The funds will usually be credited to the beneficiary within 2 days. However, there are a number of factors which could delay the credit to the beneficiary. These include, but are not limited to: local bank holidays, delays by an intermediary bank or other local conditions. Note, too, that some countries have been designated as slow-to-pay layer countries. Transfers made to or from a slow-to-pay country may experience delays in crediting the beneficiary's account. ANY ONE RECEIVED SWIFT PLEASE POST HERE .... Euclid wrote on 15th "The first batches of capital is in the Bank Swift system and is being transferred as we speak..." Is there any one here who can confirm this in to his Bank? If this true then this will be GREAT event in our life . !!!WOW!!!

FINANCING TERRORIST - Reviewer: abdel 10/20/14 11:02 AM EDT
Full Comment: Lantak, i talk about terrorism because many programs took it as excuse not to pay, and HCI now talk about same thing. i feel like they look for execuses. financials are big terrorist, they kill dream of millions. and American politician do the same like the worst president in the history George bush, he destroy Irak and kill 1.000.000 children and loose in the end. the US soldier made shit there and gone. they let Irak destroyed. what is happening now is the result of

How to calculate your investment - Reviewer: isida8 10/13/14 07:44 AM EDT
Full Comment: Newsletter dated May 26th 2014: "Payout as stated before will be in Gold and the value right now in both of the RPP&undefined;s (HCI/EMS) put together is about 74,500 US Dollar per share... Please take the amount of 74,500 as an example now, it could be down towards 70-71,000 but also be up towards 77-78,000...So no need to ask questions about that."

Get a grip people! - Reviewer: Awareofthis 10/11/14 04:05 PM EDT
Full Comment: I have been for the most part silent until now. I agree another forum is going to generate the same Negative BS. People taking pop shots at others. Because most people are downright negative and I also agree no matter how positive you are about this it's not going to make or break it. How many people come in the name of God and Blessing that have ill intent? For all we know Wayne and Joan is behind it all no matter what they say. Or perhaps they are the scape goat and is bitten by the money bug. For you who are hanging on in hopes this will save you do yourself a favor and move on in life. Looking at the facts. NO RRP has EVER paid including the projects they contend have. Or people would have come forth with proof. Be it a scam or not they have not paid. History dictates from day one that these people are professional stallers. They use words that can be read many different ways. Never have they done what they said they will do. And I know for fact they are watching all this. It could even be a scenario that the GOV is behind it would not surprise me whatsoever. Because they do not want us to get ahead they rather just suppress us. Interesting that when I contacted the SEC they did not know about it and wanted to start an investigation. So maybe you all should do that go to the SEC and push it. Or flood the HCI25 email box demanding they come forth! I do not care if it makes things go slower they are not going at all have you noticed this? None of the promises they made have come through. The on off again with investments. Saying bless us and check your account for a 10%. This was all to be done before OCT 4th. There are a million scenarios in this and it's all based on holes they left for us to speculate about. They want you folks to squabble among yourselves so that you forget what is due to you. Plus they can use what you say to stall more. Like getting beat up at this so called office in NY. If the guy was smart and new how people are about this he would have never said the words HCI. I think it is probably a lie to keep you folks calm. They don't control us flood the mail box demad payment and do not stop until they do they will get the message. In fact the will get it here. I don't care about my money I have a life already I have way better things going on then wanting to get rich over night. In fact I will do the same by helping others and make more then they will ever pay me which to date is zilch. I was going to use those funds to help others. While most of you probably will squander it based on the negative energy I see among you all. That is what greed does to folks makes you all very bitter. Bomb these people until they understand we did what we said we would do. Now they have to make due or yes they took all of you. Me? I do not care about it anymore because I have a life. I suggest you get one too and help others along your path. In summary NO RRP HAS EVER PAID. Email Bomb both HCI and EMS until they know we are serious!

Keep on Dreaming - Reviewer: Disneyland 10/10/14 10:11 AM EDT
Full Comment: In my opinion, everybody has the right, to write what they feel, but its is very rude to call people IGNORANT !!! just because they want to know what is going on with EMS/HCI25. I agree very much with Flyhigh and with NohtingBut, because at least they are not blind folded with what could happen or not. I just hope that the payout will come out the day is posted the 31 of October 2014, if not..... Well then we will see who was IGNORANT !!! here.

Nothingbut is 100% right - Reviewer: Scamhunter 10/09/14 08:17 AM EDT
Full Comment: Crowbar; just because the crappy shady website (costs a few $ a year) is still online you think Euclicic and Josh are real? What does it take for you to understand you have been had and they are gone? For a so-called multi billion project the site is crap, Liberty reserve is still an option for signing up and news letters are for everyone to read, even non-members.... Personally I have written numerous emails to the ECB, SEC and even the FED about these scammers for months. I don't care if the site dissapears soon, it was a scam from the start and they were never planning on paying a single cent. Better to close the scammers and lock them up, before they do more harm. I would suggest to all of you, contact the proper authorities, the more people complain the sooner this all will be over. And than those clowns will have proper security issues, but nothing they can't handle of course ;)

WRITING TO SEC ? - Reviewer: MOZZER123 10/07/14 05:36 PM EDT
Full Comment: NOTHINGBUT, I don't think it is agood idea to write to the SEC as this may start an investigation causing the program to be locked.

International wire is a minimum of 5 business days!! - Reviewer: smartinvestor 09/30/14 12:14 PM EDT
Full Comment: I have done a few times, of receiving funds internationally. And both times it was in my bank account in 5 business days! It has been 2 weeks now, and you think you would have heard of a few people receiving funds, if the first batch was sent out on the 15 th of Sept!!

tonights call - Reviewer: turns2gold 09/24/14 02:57 AM EDT
Full Comment: crowbarr tonights replay is not listed as yet

Here's to Lantak - Reviewer: Roberta9 09/21/14 01:04 PM EDT
Full Comment: Wow, I am impressed. Lantak's got a scrapbook on EVERYBODY who has posted here!!!!! Hey lantak, you work for the CIA or what??? Or are you retired, lost your job or just plain mean to anyone and everyone? Let me guess, you live alone without any friends, right? You are one sad man if you cannot even feel for those who are not sure if HCI is real or not. You shoot your dirty mouth off at anyone who tries to say anything you do not agree with. Well, for your sake I hope HCI is truthful and is not a scam. Cheers

It will happen - Reviewer: leelee1948 09/21/14 06:42 AM EDT
Full Comment: All we have to do now is just wait and keep checking our bank account

HCI wire transfers - Reviewer: whitebird 09/21/14 04:22 AM EDT
Full Comment: Hey Lantak I don't know yet how to work this review business on Talkshoe. I have not been using it for very long and haven't figured out EXACTLY which of the little white clouds I am supposed to click on. So I clicked on a cloud on the left side to see what would happen and oooops my message landed back in first place. That was absolutely not intentional but simply not enough familiarity with how it works. I don't know you and you don't know me, but do you not think that saying my mistake shows 'shallowness of thinking' is jumping to a self righteous judgement when you don't have all the facts about the situation? As I do not have all the facts about HCI I cannot form a judgement of whether it is for real or not. So I am neither a naysayer nor a believer about the program for that reason. A belief after all is just that! A negative or positive BELIEF. which means 'An acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof.' Maureen

The Sounds of Silence - Reviewer: Canesfan 09/20/14 12:16 AM EDT
Full Comment: I just wanted to point out the fact that all the naysayers/trolls on this website haven't said a peep since HCI25's update on September 15th. It's been awful refreshing. Patience is a virtue and if we are to believe this is true the payout is coming soon and the years that we all have waited will soon be over...

Imperia - Reviewer: jacs1961 09/17/14 10:42 AM EDT
Full Comment: I am in Canada and joined Imperia in July 2007...UPS truck has not been to my house yet!

HCI UPDATE HAS ARRIVED. 9-15-14 - Reviewer: DreamSeeker 09/16/14 03:23 AM EDT
Full Comment: Just in case you did not get it in your email box it is in the HCI website News Section. According to Euclid the "FIRST BATCH OF TRANSFERS ARE ON THEIR WAY." Now whether you or I are in the first batch is a question, but the fact that some are being sent out to members is GREAT NEWS. How much longer can it possibly take before ALL MEMBERS receive their transfers... not long I would think. Since HCI has said that they want people to start coming to New York by October 4th, then I would think they plan on all of us having our ten percent by then. For all you naysayers... yes, it may take a few more weeks before EVERYONE is paid, but at least it is STARTING!!! Good Luck to ALL.

An Update is Forthcoming - Reviewer: criticalthinking 09/12/14 03:51 AM EDT
Full Comment: May I remind people that 24 days ago we were told "More very very soon." which for those who need a translation means an update is very soon forthcoming and does not mean there will be no update and doesn't mean just to hang on and wait for the funds to arrive in our accounts. Joshua & Euclid are not saying we don't need an update but have clearly said there will be an update.

Lantak's Narcissistic Personality Disorder - Reviewer: seeingisbelieving 09/11/14 07:00 AM EDT
Full Comment: Your responses Lankak only confirm what I have suspected for some time in that you have a serious narcissistic personality disorder and should seek treatment as soon as possible if only for those closest to you though with such a disorder I doubt very much you have any friends worth speaking of.

global - Reviewer: ejulrich 09/09/14 02:53 PM EDT
Full Comment: it also says more information "very very soon" My interpretation of this is within a week. I understand that HCI has a different meaning to these words. That is the reason I am struggling

Waiting for an update. - Reviewer: Jamaicalock 09/09/14 02:52 AM EDT
Full Comment: I wonder why we have not gotten any update from HCI25 since the deadline of investing has been due. I truly hope they give us some information as soon as they can, because a week from now we expect the payout to start. For my dear wife it is all in vain, as she has died of bone cancer that metastasized from her breast 3 weeks ago. I am left behind as a widower with our 3 daughters all under the age of 10. In case we had a payout years ago, her life might have been saved. But life is what it is. One love in Jah Rastafaria.

HCI25/EMS - Reviewer: ErikaDallas26 08/30/14 01:27 AM EDT
Full Comment: Anyone gotten response from Eluid after submitting your bank info ?? Just confirming receipt of this, how do we know they reviewed and approved it??

Banking information - Reviewer: lella66 08/21/14 02:53 PM EDT
Full Comment: Hi. To who do I send the banking informaton request? Sincerely Helena

.......... Stop the Madness Already ! ............ - Reviewer: WakeUp101 08/19/14 11:05 AM EDT
Full Comment: People! Listen to Concerneddude / Cedarkuhan/ Scamhunter posting here. I can tell they've been around as have I. We've seen the scam M.O.'s and have been scammed ourselves. My only interest here is helping other to NOT become further victims. Don't listen to shills here like "Lantak" who obviously have ulterior motives. DO NOT send these low-life scamming vermin like Millard/Diddledoris, etc. your bank account info! DO NOT send these low-life scamming vermin like Millard/Diddledoris any more funds period! I've lost money here too, but it's time to wise up and stop feeding these bottom feeding parasites. These scumbags are not even smart scammers. They merely copy the strategies of past scammers, and that's what gives them away and assures that this fiasco will never pay out anything! Pour a pound of salt on these blood suckers and let them wither away into nothing. They are the real terrorists here ...the terrorists of dishonesty and moral emptiness. It's well past time for Wayne McLean to WTFU and stop pumping these scams too. Believe me, the paltry commissions received won't mean a hill of beans when you end up taking part of the fall for these "pseudonym" scammers such as Millard/Diddledoris etc. who the authorities will likely never find when the hammer fianlly drops!

e-mail request! - Reviewer: hope88 08/09/14 07:29 PM EDT
Full Comment: Would someone please send me the e-mail of James Baggs? I'm not able to understand it when he gave us his e-mail on the last Wayne call. My e-mail is: Thank you very much in advance. hope88

Happy 4th of July everyone - Reviewer: stel1951 07/02/14 12:22 AM EDT
Full Comment: I want to wish everyone a safe, happy 4th of July May God bless us all

FedX or UPS - Reviewer: robert69 06/25/14 06:51 PM EDT
Full Comment: As Wayne mentioned yesterday about Fedx or UPS what to do if there is any change of Address how to update and where to update. Because of the outside America anyone please suggest to end the process i do not want to miss the package from IMPinvest.

GPP and others - Reviewer: dannyholton 06/19/14 02:47 AM EDT
Full Comment: Believe in the power of positive thinking. If these were scams, the Authorities would have closed them down long ago. You can tell that the nay sayers are those who will not benefit if they payout and that is their fear.

ATTENTION!! - Reviewer: realbank 05/11/14 01:54 AM EDT
Full Comment: free bitcoins, litecoins etc..

- Reviewer: Shiftinggears 04/29/14 10:03 PM EDT

- Reviewer: conanconan 04/03/14 02:15 AM EDT

The lack of legality is why I don't have faith in HCI any more. - Reviewer: Zekeal 03/31/14 12:31 PM EDT
Full Comment: The questions of the three reviewers before me are quite valid, especially the comment about legality. If HCI was a real company with legal and noble intentions they would be required by law to pay out the money they have promised on the exact date they have stated. If they were real and actually had talks with the SEC and other agencies all the details and possible problems would have been discussed and solved long before the pay out date. Meaning that these last minute excuses, especially an eight month delay aren't based in reality as far as a legal format is concerned. As far as the three offices that HCI claim they will have to set up, if the U.S. Government believed for a moment that they had the opportunity to get 39% of the amount of money Wayne keeps mentioning, I can promise you that they would gladly let HCI use one of their offices already in place, staffed with several IRS agents to make sure everyone paid their full amount of taxes. I am not here to put a damper on anyone's hopes and dreams. I am simply stating some facts about real companies that follow the proper rules and regulations for all financial entities. If this does not have a happy ending, try to remember that your actions were based on believing what you were told. Don't be discouraged. Keep on dreaming, even if it breaks your heart, because life without taking risks is quite boring. Good luck to all.

This will be my last comment for the next seven months. - Reviewer: AngelSanchez 03/17/14 07:44 AM EDT
Full Comment: I can not believe that there are members still sending hci money for more policies, or the $65 to have their passport notarized. We all wanted to believe that hci was going to pay this time, but they did not, even after saying that the payout had already taken place and our accounts were funded. Do you think it would have gotten that far if there was anything wrong with our kyc documents? No. I think this is just another excuse not to pay us, and I am afraid that there will be another one in september, because they are spending our money on their new life. They had a perfect opportunity to prove themselves by giving us the 10% when they were supposed to pay us, and the rest in september, but they did not. There is nothing wrong with believing in something when they give you reason to, but I have seen nothing from hci that convinces me they will ever honor their word, since they have lied so many times before. See you in september to hear the new excuse.

grame60-HCI25 - Reviewer: roseal 03/16/14 10:54 AM EDT
Full Comment: I have tried to email: AND With no luck, the addresses came back to me.

- Reviewer: stewart7000 03/11/14 08:19 PM EDT

This HCI Game is Over, if you're understanding they are liars and scammers! - Reviewer: RippedOff 03/06/14 06:18 AM EST
Full Comment: It seems to me absolutely impossible that an enterprise who's claiming handling billions dollars and tons of gold don't even have an office somewhere nor don't have a team of workers to handle the documentation that they would know in advance that would be around 30.000 members, and even phone numbers and company licences available to have members see they are legitimate. It seems to me absolutely impossible that an enterprise who's handling billions dollars and tons of gold, only have two persons or three if we include EMS, to support this huge amount of work to deal with and even don't have any computer and network skils to handle all of this stuff (just look how their site is featured and handled). It's for me obvious now HCI/EMS are absolutely not legitimate and only one scammer is running "High Collect Income" and "Enterprise Money Steal" and if they really are named Joshua or Euclid, which obviously isn't true, he is having fun spending our hard earned money somewhere in a sunspot ressort out of any authorities radar and laughing at those "believers" in their so much stupid excuses and explanations for brainwashed people willing to put more money in his pockets. WAKE UP people YOU WILL NEVER RECEIVE ANY MONEY FROM THIS SCAMMER! Instead if you will still believe your dreams will be fullfiled by this Joshua/Euclid ghost you will fullfil his dream......steal more money from you. They had since 2007, seven years to setup even a full building with offices, but even a desk and a table has not been build, except of course, the one this guy have at home, but you know what, even this he not needs because only one laptop at beach is enough. DON'T STRESS ANYMORE AND DON'T EXERCISE MORE FUTILITY LISTENING FUTURE WAYNE'S CALLS, BECAUSE YOU CAN TURN OFF THE HCI'S PAGE THE ONLY MASTER PLAN THEY HAVE IS STEAL YOUR MONEY AND ID DOCUMENTS. I urge you don't even send your ID documents until they will give their office address to be verified (which will never happen, believe me) or you'll regret it later, much more than your hard earned money lost. In some countries, believe me a notarized stamped ID with a new photograph on it, AND THAT'S THE ONLY REASON THEY WANT BLACK AND WHITE DOCUMENTS, more easy to put a picture on it than a color document and this is enough to open bank accounts and even have new ID documents, and that said i let you wondering what Joshua/Euclid ghost can do with, just selling it to other ripp-offs could be worth millions. Their last post is again a BIG RED FLAG to everyone....MORE MONEY!!! As Shiftinggears,global1426 and others are saying is the plain truth also in Europe, impossible to have a notarized document if you're not in face the notary, i have experienced it myself in the past and only costed me 10 euros. I wish you all good luck in your lifes......far away from scammers.

HCI/EMS has our KYC, now we want their KnowYourCeo - Reviewer: researcher18 03/04/14 04:50 AM EST
Full Comment: The members have sent their ID with NP stamp to HCI/EMS. Now it is time for the other way round. Let HCI/EMS identify themself to the top leaders ( referrers ), by invite them to NEW YORK. Let these guys and girls who spread the word at first have a meeting with Joshua and Euclid. If they say HCI/EMS is REAL, I will purchase 100 policies and wait patiently for the 10% in September and the trip in October to hear mr. "Millard" say "WELCOME TO NEW YORK"

latest update - Reviewer: eulrich 03/03/14 10:01 AM EST
Full Comment: I have to admit I am pretty disappointed with the latest update. It did not address any of the questions members have been asking. It stated that they could now notarize your existing KYC documents. That does not even make sense since the initial problem with KYC was that they could be forged and the reason we needed to get them notarized was to prove that we are who we say. Lantak you have a background in law enforcement. What loop hole are they jumping to make a scan of an ID legal to notarize?

Concerning HCI and EMS- - Reviewer: SusieQui 03/02/14 08:43 PM EST
Full Comment: As much as we all want desperately to believe that HCI is going to pay us, we simply can't ignore the repeating excuses and delays every time we have been told to expect our pay out any day. It happens over and over again. I want to believe it is coincidence, but is it? Like Wayne said, there is not much we can do when HCI is holding all the cards, but it would be nice if Wayne would at least make the effort to contact Joshua and Euclid and ask them to reconsider making us wait almost another year until we see any money at all. It feels like it would be much more fair on HCI's behalf to show us some good will by giving us something, even a small amount now.

HCI25 / EMS Update - Reviewer: hotty867 02/20/14 08:17 PM EST
Full Comment: Very good community call from Wayne on the situation.

Time Enough. - Reviewer: Informed 02/15/14 05:21 PM EST
Full Comment: People, I agree it is time to demand a clear explanation. Every update leaves holes and is vague. Always leaving more questions. Hardly any of their words have come through. They have now stalled for almost another year! Blaming it on the SEC. It is time you treat us right this endless stalling has to stop. HCI got the money sent to them the members did what they said they would do! I have to say at this point it is completely unfair and completely unreasonable. Regardless of what financial status anyone is in. They are just stalling and making it more difficult and causing more distrust. The damage in negative energy alone is not helping that they started. It all warrants transparency. HCI has not chosen their words more carefully they have went back on almost all of them. If the SEC is the problem then they need to be contacted too! Complete BS. Not fair to the members. If the members can get a wire of 10% without getting to NY 1st they could get it all. And YES HCI said it would be on them. And yes they also said EMS was closed. Now you can add more shares? What about those who got closed out because of EMS? This is what I am talking about. This switch and bait causing more questions delay after delay after delay. I don't care who is what this is not right at all. Who know Wayne maybe be all of it may not the bottom line is no one is getting paid to date. If the SEC really is involved???? We should be able to know this after all are they not here for our supposed protection??? I am not saying this out of anger looking at it all it is down right wrong! This is not helping others, this is hurting more than any payout that has not happened. And if you look at this old tune come sept. something else will come up. How many times have they promised????????? How many times????

Excellent for HCI !!! - Reviewer: bigdog1 02/02/14 04:29 PM EST
Full Comment: Things are looking great for HCI !! They probably want us in person to verify the KYC and it makes total sense. Thanks Wayne for keeping us positive and informed !! See you all in New York except for the people that didn't pay for the bank fees and trust. Too bad and too sad. Happy Golden Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Imperia - Reviewer: MUMMan 01/29/14 05:34 AM EST
Full Comment: Hi All, and Wayne, here is my question: Wayne says he know of, and heard of, confimed Imperia packeges!!! What does confirmed means ? Seen with your own eys, or just heard of? that is the big question! Everyone seems to hear a lot, but no one have acctually see any proof, or??

OK! Remain Positive! - Reviewer: wealthyrich 01/08/14 12:46 AM EST
Full Comment: Ok! Remain Positive!

TO HCI25/EMS MEMBERS ONLY - Reviewer: angeloffortune 01/07/14 11:37 AM EST
Full Comment: PEOPLE PLEASE DO NOT FEED INTO THE HYSTERIA We have all waited too long to allow our impatience to get the best of us. We had a wonderful and blessed Holiday Season. We are barely into the New Year and allowing the naysayerâ??s to create doubt. Remember, HCI25/EMS program administrators stated, they wanted to be sure that no member would be left out, so everything must be handled correctly and legal. Now, for those of you, who over spent for the Holidays, with full understanding that things would take time, but didnâ??t heed the warning or anticipate a longer than normal wait, I will say this. I realize those credit card bills are beginning to come in and the pressure is mounting, but you have no one to blame but yourselves. So, get a grip and stop posting the negative comments. We must remember that great things come to those who patiently wait. So what, if we have to be patient a little while longer, what is the big deal. Personally, I believe they will give us an update as soon as they have something to report. Also, we must remember, this is a very large program accomplishment, so it will take time. They have made an extreme effort to ensure login/password verifications while working through the Holidays. More importantly, lets not forget about the Agent Provocateurs. They exist and they are real, make no mistake. They are waiting for members to post any negative comment, so they can add their unsolicited negative responses. They do not want this to happen. . They are so ready to destroy our good fortune. People, carefully think about what your posting. These Agent Provocateurs are out here waiting for any negative comments. Their job is to not allow this to successfully complete and to continue creating doubt. DO NOT feed into it. Members, please take a step back, take a deep breath and let us all exercise a little more patience. Have a blessed day.

email for Wayne Mclean - Reviewer: Couture36 12/31/13 09:23 AM EST
Full Comment: Guys we have not heard anything so we can make no assumptions.. either they are working away behind the scenes or they have fucked us over, emailed wayne who is still confident they will do what they said they would do. Ok, fine , if this turns out to be a negative outcome then the HCI posse can choke on their own scam as noone gets way with it in the end. Lets just see what the next update says....happy new year to you all

Are you a Gambler? - Reviewer: cobra01 12/29/13 11:14 PM EST
Full Comment: New consept - Wenyard is Gaming, Trading and Networking.

Your contact info - Reviewer: marklanham 12/29/13 10:38 PM EST
Full Comment: Hi Wayne, Do you have a contact info? I would like to be in touch. Thank you,

To internession - Reviewer: panadol67 12/14/13 03:40 AM EST
Full Comment: Thanks for your funny but also sarcastic reply. From the way you replied i can see that you are a woman. If you start eating me, you might also enjoy YOUR CASA. I live in Spain you are always BIENVENIDA!! LOL

By By - Reviewer: BlueRider 12/13/13 11:14 AM EST
Full Comment: Ci vediamo pi�¹ tardi bye.Buon Natale

Thanks Noel - Reviewer: PokerFace 12/07/13 10:16 AM EST
Full Comment: I want officially thank Noel from Ottawa Canada. As a complete stranger to me he took the time and afford on his part to help me with my HCI account and buy EMS Shares. Thanks again and a I am glad there are honest people out there.

quildana you have posted a WRONG/INCORRECT E-MAIL ADDRESS - Reviewer: fevrier 12/01/13 03:17 PM EST
Full Comment: How very gracious of you to offer some well needed assistance. However, it is not possible to get in touch with you because the e-mail address is not correct/working. It would be nice if you WOULD make a correction and or get in contact with those who need your assistance. If you are inclined/so desire, SKYPE me at: sweednam

Panadol67 and Concerneddude, are you listening to any of the calls? - Reviewer: JohnnyReb 11/26/13 03:21 PM EST
Full Comment: Wayne has a conference call here every Tuesday night at 9:00pm EST. Or read the updates on the website? These programs are closing December 10th. If you bought policies in HCI25 YES, you need to pay your banking fee. If you bought shares in EMS, YES, you need to pay for a trust. Since there are only a few days left to do both of these things I highly recommend that you both listen to Waynes call here tonight 11-26-13. You can also can email Wayne at You can also read the requirements in the updates on website. Good Luck.

Need Help Paying for EMS Trusts and Extra Shares via PM, I can do it for you. - Reviewer: lpgman 11/26/13 03:00 AM EST
Full Comment: - I've already helped a number of HCI/EMS members fund trusts and additional positions via PM. I have an excellent exchanger, I do it all online all within 24 hours, only delay is email confirmation back from HCI/EMS which can take 4-7 days owing to their admin backlog. I always get email from them no issues. If you need new EMS a/c pls use Lpgman888 as reference. Pls email me directly at to get it done before its too late. - Check out HCI news section they will double all new share purchases. - ConcernedDude - Yes it Does include 1 x (free) share when you pay $98.

Good Program - Reviewer: aurarevolution 11/11/13 10:23 AM EST
Full Comment: Hi Friend, Just Information... malay WATCH VIDEO The Ultimate Club That Fulfils All Your Dreams Please visit this site... ENGLISH

WHAT THE HECK IS BLOGGING? - Reviewer: Hansje 10/09/13 09:09 AM EDT

GPP Trustee probably con artists - Reviewer: adviser 10/08/13 07:02 AM EDT
Full Comment: My friend sent me this email it is up to all GPP Members if they want to spend more $$$ to the GPP Trustee as they are at 38.79% and will close at 50% or 30th November I won;t be giving them any money after reading that email and what Wayne has said too It appears you are scamming and deceiving all GPP Members and here is some factual information that is conclusive to what some GPP Members know and say over time, 1.The original LR Account from the original GPP was different to the LR Accounts GPP Trustee has used for purchasing debt cards this creates a red flag straight away. 2.The only way you the GPP Trustee are able correspond with the original GPP Members from is only when some GPP Members gave their email addresses after being deceived into buying a debt card through liberty reserve and submitted their details to you. As you the the GPP Trustee do not have access to the original database at GPP .This was proven by some GPP Members who never bought a debt card from you and gave you their details through LR as they have never received any emails or correspondence from GPP Trustee as you do not have access to the original GPP Members database or the database information was never given to you the GPP Trustee this is another red flag also 3.Also the original GPP never gave GPP Trustee consent or permission to act on their behalf to distribute payment to all GPP members as no notification or letters came from the original GPP for the GPP Trustee to act as power of attorney for the original GPP for distribution purposes no correspondence from the original GPP website on this. Frankly you the GPP Trustee made all this up to scam money out of the GPP members shame on you this definitely a red flag also. 4.And the you the GPP Trustee go and create a website just to justify that you are real but you are not as the original GPP never said that they would you this website in their update they said originally as listed below the GPP trustee as all BS another red flag 5.But the most overwhelming factual evidence that GPP Trustee are con artists and scammers is the original update from GPP warning it�s members off the GPP Trustee as scammers and deceivers as listed below 2nd of Jul, 2010 Urgent Update! Dear Members, Urgent update! There's a false GPP update circulating on the internet. It has been attached in the end of this update. Please disregard it completely, it's total BS! The update you are reading at this very moment is also available in our member area confirming you, that we have the total control of the project regardless what you might have been told. You can always login to your back office at Always before making a spend to our account, please check and re-check the account number. We use the very same LR and CG accounts that have been in use for several years. If you are transfering money to our account the first time, please check the account numbers with your sponsor. Please inform your downline about this at the soonest! We are sorry for the inconveniences this may have caused you! False update, please disregard:

- Reviewer: ScamAlert 09/25/13 07:36 PM EDT

This Is Paying! - Reviewer: blazer888 09/24/13 09:33 PM EDT
Full Comment: $900 and $10k payments Over and Over Again.

Why 98% fail to make a dime of profit online! - Reviewer: Shellway 08/21/13 12:51 PM EDT
Full Comment: Here's why 98% fail to make a dime of profit online: 1) No System 2) No Training 3) No Tools Watch this No Hype, No Fluff Video showing how you can make 50K in 30 Days click the link below:$$$$g50shellway601

internession - Reviewer: moneysanity 08/19/13 04:00 AM EDT
Full Comment: profit from fees goes to our contributing members in the form of cash payments, yes , that is a classic Ponzi scheme (Madoff scam) you think people are stupid ?...ohh..whait...they are...

7/23 CALL RE-RECORDED ON 7/25 - Reviewer: itsngsus 07/25/13 12:43 PM EDT

Funding the c-gold account. - Reviewer: wurscht 06/18/13 04:33 PM EDT
Full Comment: Hello, You can fund the C-gold account by (Vietnam) Send the money by Western Union, MoneyGram, Bankwire or TechnoCash. I use them for a few years now. Very good. Greetings, milanto

I still hope HCI25 comes through, but in the meantime I'm enjoying this. - Reviewer: DreamCatcher13 06/05/13 05:59 AM EDT
Full Comment: Below is a link to some info about a private gifting club that started in 2009 and now has over 120,000 members like myself. There is great potential here, but is for the generous-hearted that want to help others and understand we must give before we receive. Four years running with steady growth proves it's working right.

HCI25 & GPP - Reviewer: naidur 05/14/13 08:21 PM EDT
Full Comment: Both these programs offered hope to the ones who needed financial salvation and, needless to say, I am one. These people, carrion would be more appropriate, have used this need for financial salvation to satisfy their lusty needs. Using this hope they have moved the goal posts and want more money to set up a so called Trust account but within the EMS regime. It is not okay for Mr McLean to say that it is okay whatever choice people make whether they fork out an extra $98. It is not okay for a program to say that a payout will happen, then say that payouts cannot go to individuals but can be made to Trust accts and then say payouts will be made via metal and that more money is needed to open yet another account.

Just What's in your Spirit? - Reviewer: Blessed2Bless 05/14/13 07:13 PM EDT
Full Comment: Lot's of negative venting here that we don't need. I don't know Wayne personally but I will come to his defense here. If you purchase policies through Wayne he has to pay for a wire transfer to an exchanger plus pay a fee to the exchanger before it makes it to Liberty Reserve.As far as the RPP's go we all are taking a chance and that is clear from the beginning and you my friend have No Right to Judge anyone just as we should not judge you for all the deciet you are trying to project.May GOD Bless you and forgive you for the hatred and trouble you are trying to get started.We believe that some of these will pay in the end and HCI25 is a real investment company which has paid out in the past.So check your info before posting.Stop the RUMOR Mill. Thank You and Merry CHRISTmas!!!

HCI25 - Reviewer: Kyre42 05/11/13 09:29 PM EDT
Full Comment: The HCI25 website appears to be back online, and promises an update in the next few days.

Sponsors needed! - Reviewer: junowa 05/03/13 12:33 PM EDT
Full Comment: If you have dollars left over in your Liberty reserve account can you please sent it to me U2723609. I want to pay the hci/ems $98 but I don't have the money. Every dollar helps, thank you!

saw this post on EMS site today 05-02-13 - Reviewer: tibetinu 05/03/13 12:24 AM EDT
Full Comment: May 2nd 2013 We have a minor server problem where the HCI25 site is located. Nothing to worry about and its being worked on..

- Reviewer: NukeFNScammers 04/30/13 11:26 PM EDT

Gpptrustees/Gpp - Reviewer: simon8 04/30/13 10:23 AM EDT
Full Comment: thanks astonmartin, thanks for the more detailed info... but it still worries me why does hci25 talk about gpp and they themselves act like real scammers...?? or are they trying to compare themselves to the gpptrustee people to suck more money out of everyone??... and to brokenheart: my opinion is that wayne tries his best but does really not know everything he has a lot of policies with hci25 and somehow has to say or think that is the real deal and the trustees are not...or he is in denial maybe? or who knows... but thanks astonmartin in advance for more info about this..!

HCI25/EMS - Reviewer: coypuhunt 04/29/13 12:50 PM EDT
Full Comment: atten: everyone DO NOT PAY A CENT TO HCI25/EMS AT ALL. Junowa, HCI25/EMS is big scam and Why not ask LibertyReserve fund for money Good Luck

Take your power back! - Reviewer: Bojo 04/26/13 11:04 AM EDT
Full Comment: Lantak your attitude to what has been written by others does not even warrant a reply so you can find out for yourself what is what in the fullness of time. My reply from the SEC was very clear and your abusiveness to others is an indication that you fear we might be right. My written confirmation from the SEC that they have no involvement with HCI is very clear. In particular the passage: "... Based on a search of our databases, HC125 and Human Capital Insurance are not SEC-registered companies. In addition, the SEC has no involvement with HC125......" I have been a member of HCI since 2008 and have placed a lot of trust in them and a significant amount of money but now have come to the sad conclusion that they are not genuine and are just stringing well meaning and hopeful people along. When one wants to believe something, or it has a significant value to oneself, i.e. large profits, then one is naturally inclined to bias the evidence towards a positive interpretation. However, if you step back for a moment and imagine that the prize here was only $10 then you would see all this in a better balance. The fact is that there are a great many issues and details about HCI that do not hang together and which indicate that they are running a scam. Let me list just five of these: 1. The newsletter says that they have been in discussion with EMS for 12+ months however EMS and its website were only created less than six months ago (Nov 2012) and you can find this on the web. 2. I have written to the SEC about the supposed representative and they have been unable to confirm that any such person is working with HCI. 3. There is no transparency or information at all about HCI, Joshua Millard or any of its staff or its dealings which would not be the case if it was a legitimate organisation open to public scrutiny. 4. Not one person has ever shown or admitted that they have been paid by a previous successful project that HCI claim to have run. 5. If they were a real financial organization then they would have known about all these issues of money laundering and the effect of large cash flows on the markets. These so called surprises are just ways to create an excuse to avoid payment. Guys I have had to painfully open my eyes and accept the truth that this group, as with all the others, will just go on creating a story and justification whereby they will never pay us anything but just invite you to keep paying more and more under false pretences for as long as the story makes some sense for you to keep doing so. It takes considerable strength and effort to break free of this as the promised rewards are so great but search your heart, imagine it was all for just $10 and then re-evaluate the evidence and the energy around all this. I sympathise with all the recent comments made about HCI and the recent update finally confirmed what I have been suspecting for the last month or so; that this is another scam preying on good people trying to create a positive future for themselves and their loved ones. The update was cold and devoid of even the fake spiritual style of chat that tried to endear us to his plan and also devoid of any feeling or apology for the change of events (no change for him of course but just the unfolding of the next page in his well planned story). You see Millard (not his real name of course) and others like him use the one big element of power they have over us to continue to extort money from us; OUR BELIEF AND DESIRE THAT WILL WE BENEFIT. As I mentioned earlier, if the payout was only $10 we would recoil at the many inconsistencies about HCI and laugh it off as a joke and not go near it but, because of the size of the possible payout, most of us have suspended normal good judgment and instinct in favour of an approach where we say to ourselves that several hundred dollars is a worthwhile risk to pay for another bank account for the chance to make millions. MILLARD RELIES ON THAT THINKING FOR US TO KEEP FILLING HIS BANK ACCOUNT! I am angry too but I have used that anger to free myself from his web. I urge you all to do the same and if possible, to write on every other possible financial forum so you can alert others. This is what you can now do to fight back. Use the above arguments if you find it hard to write clear ones but the only way to stop people like him is to STARVE HIM OF THE ENERGY AND MONEY HE CRAVES. THAT MEANS LETTING AS MANY PEOPLE KNOW VIA VARIOUS FORUMS WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON SO THEY DONT PLAY HIS SICK GAME ANY MORE AND GIVE MORE OF THEIR VALUBLE RESOURCES TO HIM. Hopefully Mclean will read these reviews and come round to good sense and do the same for while there are those who believe and support HCI and Millard, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, then he and others will continue their criminal game. TAKE YOUR ENERGY, FREEDOM AND GOOD SENSE BACK and declare to the world where the real crooks and charlatans are. Blessings

SEC advisory services - Reviewer: kaga05 04/23/13 05:29 PM EDT
Full Comment: To all who believe the SEC, FED, ECB will advise unlicensed, unregistered, unauthorized programs or 'agents for undisclosed banks and insurance companies' on pay out methods; I have a world famous bridge in London for sale.

Broken Hope! - Reviewer: overthetop 04/19/13 10:22 AM EDT
Full Comment: I have to agree to what "NukeFNScammers" writes. What do we really know for sure about firstly, it looks like the website is homemade, very poor. And I made a simple "whois" search on and there we can see that Gregory Stallings-Blash stands as creator, facilitator and owner of the domain name with an ip-adress located in the Netherlands. So who is this Gregory Stallings-Blash? After a rewarding research by "LynnRE" we can conclude the following: "Mr. Gregory Stallings-Blash (sometimes just uses Stallings), and Wolfgang Steinbad-Holst (sometimes just uses Steinbad) with over 25 years of Successful financial management skills. They are based in New York City and Claimed to have graduated with BS degrees in financial management with Honours from the Johnson & Wales University in Miami, Florida. The fact is the Miami Branch of the Johnson & Wales University was not operational Until 1992nd Now if These two hyphenated duo's graduated from there and have 25 years of financial management experience, They certainly did not graduate from the Miami branch. In fact, the school has no record of either one of Them attending the university, let alone graduating with Honours from the business school. What is overpriced a fact is that neither of them are Listed or registered with New York state, nor with the SEC, NASDAQ as licensed investment advisors as required by law. " So now we know That the things Stated to us about Mr.. Gregory Stallings-Blash is a lie. And It is believed That Roger Karlsson is posing as all contacts made to us but with different names during the years... It is now time for all of us to stop being so naive and stop sponsoring these greedy people. god bless you all and be strong

Question to Wayne - Reviewer: Broruna 04/17/13 11:31 AM EDT
Full Comment: Hi Wayne. Thanks for sharing your veiws on all this. I do not have you e-mail so I am posting my question here: Do you know anything about HCI/EMS other than what they say on their websites? You seem to place a lot of trust in them, maybe rightly so, but to me they are very similar to all the other now defunct programs with no facts what so ever to veryfy who they are or what they claim. Please let us know how you think they are different from the others. Best,

GPPTrustee ECB response - Reviewer: Hawkeyes007 03/21/13 12:07 PM EDT
Full Comment: Ill try and keep this as short as possible. After reading the following in the latest update, The whole process of appointing a Trust representing you will be watched closely by the authorities and the Trust will be processed through the ECB itself so it is 100% protected. I referred the ECB to this information and asked them to confirm their dealings with GPPTrustee/Michael Wong and this is their answer. Please be informed that the European Central Bank (ECB) is in no way involved in the issue mentioned. With kind regards, EUROPEAN CENTRAL BANK DG Communications and Language Services, Press and Information Division KaiserstraÃ???e 29 D-60311 Frankfurt am Main Tel: +49 69 13 44 74 55 Fax: +49 69 13 44 74 04E-mail: As there has never been any transparency, why the threat of 50%. How would we ever know whether it was 10% or 80%? Check on the internet,, Admin Name: Michael Wong. Admin Organization: GPPTustee. Michael Wong, is an Attorney based in Hong Kong. I found 2 Michael Wongs, one a senior partner in Cheak Michael, Wong & Kee, RMS 407-10, LIPPO CENTRE, TOWER TWO,,89 QUEENSWAY, HK, and The other an employee at Allen & Overy, 9th Floor, Three Exchange Square, Central HK. One asks why would either risk being struck off the roll if convicted of fraud!! Are there no wealthy GPP investors who have the resources and connections to find out which it is and visit them to get clarity for all of us? They would have the money within a few weeks if we had any confidence.

Payout is on the horizon - Reviewer: talka 03/14/13 10:46 PM EDT
Full Comment: Hi folks! Hi Folks! HCI25 has a new update posted. They're working on getting us all paid. Just bare with them.

RPPs Can We Try This - Reviewer: bornagain3 03/14/13 08:40 PM EDT
Full Comment: My dear friends, its a few years since I've been in all these RPPs etc. I've come to realise that we have given all our hopes and dreams and delivered them all into the hands of satan, the devil and the demon of Poverty. Since everything we have done to rise ABOVE poverty, prosperity and abundance is not working, can you follow me in a short prayer? It has worked many times for healing too. "Daddy God, in the Holy Name of Jesus we turn to You for help. demons of Prosperity, poverty and abundance, you LEAVE my house and my life RIGHT NOW!!! In the Name of Jesus." We will not be polite to the devil to leave, we COMMAND him to go in no uncertain terms. We don't give the devil any chance to interfere with what God has promised to give us when we ask Him. God provides all our needs. The devil enters our hearts and minds and does all he can to stop us receiving our dues. All of us are in this together. We ALL need these RPPs to fund, right? We HAVE to stop these demons from preventing all of us to be wealthy and healthy. We cannot AFFORD satan to stop us from going on the cruise now can we? With love and light Carol. Forgive bad grammer and spellings:)

HCI 25 Payout - Reviewer: cool1967 03/12/13 06:16 AM EDT
Full Comment: Disappointing on the face of it but realistically I think it is a good thing. It is better to be late than never. Also we are getting Trust without any cost and additional documents which is a great thing for asset protection and estate planning. Hopefully it will not take long and we should access our fund before April 2013.

HCI25 - Reviewer: largeLiving39 03/11/13 01:11 PM EDT
Full Comment: I'm glad they decided to do things the right way with payout process of HCI25. I can afford to wait another month or two. That's better than having the whole program shut down. Payout is in the tens of millions of dollars. So it makes sense to place a trust fund on that kind of funds.

- Reviewer: emmelin 03/11/13 01:44 AM EDT

a bright light in a dark room - Reviewer: avatarwayne 02/14/13 01:48 PM EST
Full Comment: if anything will manifest HCI25 most likely will. The Russian Project did pay out! if Wayne Mclean gets the documents from HCI 25 i would appreciate him forwarding them to me at

I have a new surname .. I'm Married! - Reviewer: Goldie45 02/07/13 12:20 PM EST
Full Comment: What can I do to inform GPP of my new surname ? I also have a new address .. Please if anyone knows, answer me here. Or email me to . Thanks! Roberta9 .. I need to talk to u .. please get in touch on the email address above.

A green offer! - Reviewer: marre900 01/29/13 07:38 PM EST
Full Comment:

Is HCI25(and others) REALLY going to pay us? - Reviewer: adrianh 01/29/13 02:08 AM EST
Full Comment: That's a question I have been asking myself for quite a long time now. Anyone with a care for their investments might want to read some of the things I say next, as I will soon give some positive reasons and doubts I have had with this program for any eventual payout. Firstly after hearing about being able to make almost a BILLION bucks on 7 LDTPs in HCI25, this just gives me more doubt for this program than I had before. I once invested in those HYIP's and know that they are all scams, so for HCI25 to have an investment that has some %/each day for 410 days, well I hadn't been to encouraged to invest in any LDTP, and so I didn't. This is such an UNREALISTIC amount of money to gain, I think you would have to be pretty stupid to believe this! From my analysis then here are some things that I would say are POSITIVE with HCI25 are, They have given us a payout date supposedly agreed with SEC, they are giving us more regular news than before around 1 per week, and they are mentioned on "" with as investments that may possibly payout. On the other hand there are many DOUBTS that concern me a bit like-Why did HCI25 in past have contract numbers reduced by selling and then increased a few hundred more a little while later?(this didn't just happen once), what happened to the 2nd pension plan?(the one worth $91300/C - no more mention of this), there is no confirmation given for all our fees paid,same with ID documents sent by email to them - why don't they tell us when(or if) these are verified?, their email support and news in past years is I would say a bit sub-standard, and I also didn't like the idea of when the maximum contracts you could hold went from 20,30,50,75,90 and then now up to "unlimited" - as a way for you to buy more and more! These are the all the factors I can think of at moment, there may be more but it seems there are more things going against it here. I think HCI25 had sort of tried to answer one of my questions in their JAN16th news. What I said was-"what I am worried about is that it seems that at the end of each year another RPP program disappears. End of 2011 it was WPP, Imp.I for 2010, possibly Excel P. last year - still can't get on site yet, can anyone else? Will it be HCI25 for this year? If they don't pay in march, maybe they may extend it another 6 months or so" They stated- "Too many complaints received and problems with issuing banks for other RPPâ??s is the sole reason for frozen funds and investigations being started, which normally runs for many years." From their answer above I may believe GPP and IMPERIA I. had complaint problems, but I wouldn't for WPP. If you look at Excel Prestige their website has gone too, but who says they will be back? Why it is that if people are getting refunds from Imperia I then why don't they come and post a comment here?, what have they got to lose? Some people may think, but why am I going over these other programs again - well I guess it is out of curiosity. I feel that by looking at these past programs it may give me a clue to any future program payout. ROBERTA9 had said previously that if we were paid out then maybe we could hire a PI agent. I would actually like to have a PI agent investigate whether WAYNE has been telling us the truth! To answer questions like-Is he really getting reports of people getting their packages from Imperia I. and GPP?, are some Imperia I. investors getting refunds?, has he had any dealings and communication with HCI25 in the past,etc? Then we would know if some of these past programs are paying out or would be able to, because I don't want to be wasting my time listening to the CALLS if some(or all) of it is a load of B.S! Things are starting to get rather tedious for us now as we work our way up to the 4th MARCH date. I am still a bit divided on if there will be a payout,could go either way! If HCI25 pays me out then I could be RICH,or it could turn around and become one of the biggest known SCAMS that this investment community has ever known! As I keep reading the endless gravy-train of newsletters from these RPPs, I really start to wonder if any will actually ever payout and I'm not just wasting my time. I won't be writing again unless HCI25 pays me out, so we will just have to wait and see. If we don't get a payout, then just remember what I said above! Good luck to all of you on 4th March!

Marksman Discount Kids Wear - Reviewer: bigcam77 01/27/13 10:02 PM EST
Full Comment: Attention Parents!! Save HUGE on discounted kidâ??s apparel. Check out my website and save between 60%-70% off retail price GUARANTEE on all top name brand children clothes.

This is more like it - Reviewer: moredetail 01/24/13 07:20 AM EST
Full Comment: I think everyone has been doing the calculations incorrectly. To get the astronomical figure Wayne mentions, the interest duration parameter has been set to "every day, seven days a week". I queried this with HCI and they said "Trading days means banking days, , which is 5 days a week and not on any holiday days". Therefore, "week day only, Monday to Friday" should have been used for the interest duration parameter. You still get a large number, but it is much more believable!

Answer to BigRoy - Reviewer: Maren 01/08/13 05:37 AM EST
Full Comment: I tried this 4 mounth ago, the answer is: You can not use money you dont hawe. Please dont recomend anyone to sen a lot of mails,we can get other problems and delays.

what about gpp? - Reviewer: martinned 11/15/12 02:01 AM EST
Full Comment: hello everyone any news from gpp? it is 5 years now since it started,and still nothing!! maybe it is the crisis,economy is not ready for this or whatever but i,m losing hope on this one.....

HCI maybe this will help. - Reviewer: Schark007 10/27/12 10:00 AM EDT
Full Comment: Roseal if you bought LDTP before March 30.2011 yes you have paid the $90.00 for your Bank Account. But that have been additional charges of $102.00 to get you account to preset status. The total amount to have an active Bank Account is $192.00

I need help with HCI Liberty Reserve funds - $55 to pay bank account fee - Reviewer: mirico 10/15/12 11:51 PM EDT
Full Comment: Can someone please help me with some Liberty Reserve so I can pay my HCI bank account fee of $52 for the update. I can pay you PayPal or money order from the United States Post Office. Contact me at and leave your phone number and I will call you, just put the best time to call Eastern Standard Time as soon as possible. (I would ask Mclean but I don't have his phone number) We can work our exchange over the phone. Warm Regards, mirico October15,2012 Please if you read this post do not spam my e-mail.

Thanks Scripts - Reviewer: mickeg 10/07/12 08:13 AM EDT
Full Comment: The mail dident work..Got it back

Now we have same other expert on Due Diligence. - Reviewer: Chess500 09/29/12 01:32 PM EDT
Full Comment: Here is a little bed time story for the experts. Twenty five years ago I was introduced to a program 401k. Every year for twenty five years I put away money. These programs had all the possible Due Diligence, Guarantee, Addresses, Phone Numbers all the Expert from Berkeley and Harvard University and what happened in 2010 I received a statement that 401k LOSS 43% of my money and we are not taking same $300 or $400 THE LOSS is in the THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of dollars, so my dear as far I am concerned you can take your Due Diligence and shove it where the sun does not shine. Time has come in my live for me take my own destiny in my own hand, the hell with the expert there are just Zombies with a diploma. They do not have the guts to make it on there own so they have to discourage others.

Two projects: ZEEK Rewards and JBP have been paying people for years !! - Reviewer: factdig 09/24/12 03:04 PM EDT
Full Comment: Two projects: ZEEK and JBP have been paying people for years !! here are their replacements: â??Funky Sharkâ?? - Probably the best ZEEK Rewards replacement + limited Prelauch founder positions: Get a cheap share in the lucrative: Penny Auction market ! The organizers come forward with name and Videos: Kevin deBellefeuille, Haydn Stevenson, and Scott Walker They do not hide behind secret LR accounts like the RPP projects my sponsor have know of them for 10 years ! And then: JustBeenPaid is NOW:

GLOBAL ONE. 100% of All Members EARN. Comissions Paid EVERY 3 Days - Reviewer: mtorres 08/28/12 06:45 PM EDT
Full Comment: Launch in September 2012. Rock Solid business. - It is made for 100% of ALL members to gain from the first month! - Without referring to win. - Without putting daily announcements. - You receive your earnings every 72 hours. FREE REGISTER NOW.

HCI25- Why are they not asking for our signatures?? - Reviewer: tomm777 07/17/12 05:39 PM EDT
Full Comment: Wayne, could you please ask HCI25 how they are going to issue us all with all these payment without obtaining any signatures from us? I mean how exactly have they managed to secure PP in our names without our signature. What about the bank accounts?? I have send email several times with no response and the emails come back undeliverable? Could you please ask this question on our behalf next time you are able to communicate with them, as I have not had any luck It seems that HCI25 have only answered the questions that suited them and ignored the rest. I agree with Roberta9, lately their updates are becoming more regular and centered around asking for more funds, it reminds me of Imperia Invest as that is exactly what they did just before they dissappeared. I am tired of them treating us like we are all stupid, and continuing to avoid any real questions that members are asking. I mean are we expected to believe that we are going to receive several 1000's of dollars without even a signature on any document?? Do you not question that?? ****UPDATE: I have heard back from HCI and was told that information about signing documents will be in the 17th July newsletter! Roll on Tuesday the 17th *******UPDATE: yes as promised they have put up newsletter and answered the question. So basically they are saying that we are going to get 1000's in a bank account FIRST, then the bank will send me 4 documents to sign! Seriously. If I can't get an account at any bank in the high street WITHOUT a signature, regardless of how much money I have, then HOW IN THE HELL is a consortium of banks going to set up and create account for me, fund it and send it to me without a signature?? HOW IN THE HELL can I have pension policies, endownment policies or any other policies in my name WITHOUT a signature????? HCI forgot to mention anything about signing the policies, maybe because there are NON! There is being positive, and there is being down right stupid, we are desperate for funds, who isn't. But we are being taken advantage of. Everyone keeps asking the same stupid questions - when are we getting paid??? Why don't you seem to question that some guys who can't spell are telling you that they are going to send loads of money without you needing to sign anything. Wayne keeps repeating whatever HCI says in their newsletter, yes we can read Wayne, we are not stupid, you are not helping anyone. Except you seem to keep helping innocent people part with the little money they do have. Surely you are intelligent to know that things just don't seem right and certainly do not add up??? Here is what to do with your $52 folks. 1. Buy JSS TRIPER positions. 2. Buy more groceries 3. Treat your kids to something!

Join me at Just Been Paid, Get 10 USD fpr free! - Reviewer: Bluesman 07/02/12 08:40 PM EDT
Full Comment: Here is a good chance to earn som money! How much depends on you! You get 10 USD fpr free to start up! Learn the basics and your in! Welcome to a great chance!

It will come ...just we have to live now to !! 2% per day!!! - Reviewer: funy55 05/30/12 03:17 AM EDT
Full Comment: I want to thank you so much for all the incredible things you have done by making this wonderful system called JustBeenPaid!/JSS-Tripler/JBP's JSS! I have been doing Internet marketing and different programs since 1997-98. And I have seen alot of programs come and go. And I have lost thousands of dollars along the way. I actually almost gave up, just before I found JBP. But I kept going because I knew there had to be an answer to making good money on the Internet. And in May 2011 I was introduced to JBP by Tom Haley. I joined JBP and upgraded,and over the course of a few days, I read everything Frederick had written and saw the videos he and Carl made for YouTube. And WOW, did my eyes get opened up! I almost couldn't believe how Frederick had figured out all the drawbacks of the other programs. But Frederick has done it! He has been able to implement a totally new profitable system that could work indefinitely! And since then I have started to make some really good money with JSS-Tripler and JBP's JSS... So thank you Frederick for not giving up, and by your perseverance, you found the "The Answer" to what all Internet marketers have been waiting for. A system that really can give us a consistent income that will keep coming every day, every week, every month, and hopefully even every single year!

All Reverse Pension Plans Scam Remedy - Reviewer: ctfalcon 05/26/12 03:01 PM EDT
Full Comment: If you want a remedy for WPP and other reverse Pension Scams here is my e-mail, send me your e-mail (US & Canadian Citizens only)

Information - Reviewer: tractman1 05/21/12 08:59 PM EDT
Full Comment: I want to thank Wayne for the great information he is getting for us. I wish I understood some of the programs a little better, I'm very new at this. Is there a site where Wayne posts infromation and/or talks with people on a daily or weekly basis.

2% daily earnings - Reviewer: snoes 05/09/12 11:11 AM EDT
Full Comment: 2% aday? 7 days a week? signup free? 10 dollar free? look and see with your own eyes much regards snoes

- Reviewer: linda_liar_mclean_2 05/01/12 10:36 PM EDT

- Reviewer: gppbeliver 05/01/12 10:06 PM EDT

- Reviewer: drmeda 05/01/12 10:00 PM EDT

- Reviewer: LifesgreatUK 05/01/12 09:57 PM EDT

- Reviewer: BadBrad 05/01/12 09:57 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Maggie61 05/01/12 09:56 PM EDT

- Reviewer: daes44 05/01/12 09:54 PM EDT

- Reviewer: godisjust 05/01/12 09:51 PM EDT

- Reviewer: pgpg 05/01/12 09:28 PM EDT

- Reviewer: madkira 05/01/12 09:26 PM EDT

Just be patient (copyhat7) - Reviewer: copyhat7 04/14/12 09:24 PM EDT
Full Comment: All you people that are complaining about wayne should be shame of yourself, you act like children, just wait see what happen, wayne does not have to inform us, if he was not around, we wouldn't have anyone, if i was wayne I wouldn't tell you guys anything, if wayne is being dishonest God will take care of him, we all are having a hard times so I think that we should be patient and act like adults and don't make unnecessary comments because it doesn't help the situation, BE PATIENT, YOUR REWARD WILL COME.

gpp silence - Reviewer: smurfgeneration 03/18/12 01:37 PM EDT
Full Comment: wayne, your reasoning is illogical, what hinder those that lost their payment from gpp to talk about it now, what do the have to lose ??

HCI payout. - Reviewer: success4all 03/08/12 06:52 AM EST
Full Comment: Well, after 5 years as a member of HCI, I think it's easier that the OMPP program to sell the 10,000 contracts missing, instead that HCI can complete only 1,000. Take a look (OMPP only need to sell 5,000 contracts, because they are doubling every purchase till complete the phase 1 of 50,000 contracts.)

Cashier, how in the world can there still be 1050 HCI25 policies left??? - Reviewer: Lizcanhelp 03/02/12 09:39 PM EST
Full Comment: HCI themselves told us that there were only 700 policies left months ago and about three weeks ago Wayne said that he knew for a fact that almost all 700 had been sold, so we should be near to closing. And that was three weeks ago, and now you're saying that HCI themselves told you there were now 1050 policies still left??? HOW CAN THIS BE???

Three strikes and you are out. - Reviewer: WalterEgon 02/03/12 01:56 PM EST
Full Comment: AngelSanchez, you wrote "Two years have passed since anyone has heard a word from gpp ..." . Ok? Two years ago would most surely place us in February of 2010, don't you agree? Are you aware of that most of us got an email from GPP in the beginning of July 2010? That was 1 year and 7 months ago. And there were another mail from GPP that arrived at least in MY inbox on June 14. I would say that quite a lot of members have heard from GPP during the past two years. That is your FIRST apparent lie in your post. ------------- Here is your SECOND lie: You wrote "... Walter still say members are being paid ...". When did I say that? On January 16 I wrote "No reports heard and no packages seen probably means no shippings going out at the time." How on EARTH can you turn that into "... Walter still say members are being paid ..." ?! If I say something and you then tell people I said something quite the opposite (this exact situation), then you sir/madame are turning yourself into a LIAR. ------------- Your THIRD disputable comment was "... So, after two years of 'tens of thousands' of gpp members being paid ...". Where did that come from? I wrote in my post "... and that was confirmed reports in large number on a global scale. Tens of thousands of packages. This was before they shortly thereafter suddenly stopped the deliveries as they were forced to switch from ordinary mail delivery to delivery by courier. " From where did you get that GPP has being paying out for two years? My source for the quote "tens of thousands" is TalkShoe on April 15, 2010. (Download from and fast forward to 8:14) Where is your source? Your poorly founded accusations and overall negative minded comments is really quite shameful to see here. Share your opinion but for Heaven's sake base it on facts and proper arguments! And stop lying! If you feel that you can't stop lying then at least leave ME out of them. ---------------- You ended your post with "It sounds like a load of crap to me" and I can honestly not tell in what way YOUR post raised the bar from that level. I will include your post here below for future reference. Sincerely / Walter Egon +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++ This "Secrecy" and "Trust" business is a smokescreen to hide the truth. - Reviewer: AngelSanchez 02/03/12 07:02 AM EST------------Full Comment: Two years have passed since anyone has heard a word from gpp and yet Wayne and Walter still say members are being paid, but want to keep their payout a secret. Secret from what? From who? Us? The Government? They keep saying that "loose lips sink ships." What do any of us really know about gpp or any of these rpp's to tell anyone? NOTHING! Why would gpp or any other rpp care who knows they paid you? In reality it is a business cost, an overhead expenditure that they certainly would want to claim on their taxes, so this "secret" crap is just an excuse to hide the truth that no one has been paid. Walter said "tens of thousands" have been paid. When, where, how and by whom? There is no confirmation of that ever taking place. There are thousands of members on this forum from all over the world and not one of us have been paid or know anyone that's been paid by anyone. What about wpp, irsi, or whoever they are having everyone's background checked before paying us. They obviously aren't trying to keep their payout a secret from anyone or any Government. But again, why has not even one person here been paid out of all those testimonials? Okay, you still want to believe all those excuses, fine. What about HCI? They have contended that they have been paying out members since October 16th, 2011 and all is going smoothly. Has anyone here on this forum been paid by them yet? I still want to believe one of these may come through, but they are telling us they are paying out when the fact remains that no members here have been paid yet. Someone explain that please. Oh, yes, on the gpp scare tactic of members being afraid of gpp taking back their money if they tell anyone they've been paid by a "legitimate investment"... does that really make any sense to you? And once you put your money in your own bank account, does it seem likely that gpp can come steal it out of your personal bank account? So, after two years of "tens of thousands" of gpp members being paid, not one has put their money where gpp can't steal it back from them? Does that really sound realistic and logical to you? It sounds like a load of crap to me.

GPP_Shipping Fees - Reviewer: freedom808 02/01/12 04:31 PM EST
Full Comment: I was just wondering if anyone has sent in USD instead of EURO to assist with the shipping fees and received their package. I know of someone besides me that did just that back in the middle of June. We have not received anything yet. Wayne...........can you assure me that what we did was okay and that you know of individuals who have done just what we did (sending USD) and received their package? Thank you so much. Maybe you could bring it up on the next call or post here? Thanks!

toni69, its over now whit GPP - Reviewer: Peace61 01/30/12 01:32 PM EST
Full Comment: toni69 Here is the answers for your questions. You dont have to ask them again. Here are the latest news on GPP. They are no longer, they have now closed the webside, and cessation of pension programs is over. They dont have to open it up again. There will not be any new webside. No more cards will be send out. No repayment will be done. It will not be any more updates. They have no more to tell us. Not even a thanks. It's over, they are gone, they are missing, disappeared. Please, accept that, and move on whit your life and try to find some peace in your soul.

They fixed the site of home to 2013.. - Reviewer: Scammer_online 01/30/12 09:33 AM EST
Full Comment: No I´m only waiting for the payout. Hope it will go faster than GPP.

A warning to all Members and some information RPP's are scams - Reviewer: truthful 01/25/12 05:38 AM EST
Full Comment: Hello Fellow members this information is just informing members so they don't lose any money or get scammed you are right researcher18 is a scam . This is a warning to all those who might invest in these RPP's and investment scams run by Mike Poulos who ran the endowment65 scam. Do not invest in these programs as they are scams you have been told. They are all connected by the same websever and domain details here is what to look at Just cut and paste the domain names into domaintools web bar and they are all the same registrant details listed below for Domain Name: Registrant: PrivacyProtect.orgDomain Admin ( ) ID#10760, PO Box 16 Note - All Postal Mails Rejected, visit Nobby Beach null,QLD 4218 AU Tel. +45.36946676 Here is a list of some of these latest scam programs run by Mike Poulos a Professional Scammer. which has changed domain details now. It has now been removed. All money has been stolen from the members. It was ran by Mike Poulos. l. 2. 4 7. 8. 13 changed domain nane to .To deceive people into believing that is real but it is a scam smart on their part with this domain change however we found out you Scammers. The documents may be real however they are only out to deceive people into think the program is real but it is not only a scam These are just the tip of the iceberg as there are probably numerous other scams run by Mike Poulos on the internet here is the main scam at present makes him a lot of money. The best sight to use is to keep up to date with Mike Poulos and his scam programs as listed by elhombre and Jeremy88 Also all these emails concerning the purchase of debt cards from fake emails GPPTrustee,Global Connect Pension Plan and now Imperia Invest are scams run by Mike Poulos and his staff. And have no connection to GPP,GCPP or Imperia in any way shape or form only a unscrupulous individual like Mike Poulos who takes advantage of desperate and vulnerable people would make up the purchase of debt cards and fake LR Accounts to channel money and keep it for himself .Do not transfer any money to the LR accounts in the emails from them and do not give them your email address either or contact details too. They are scammimg you There is differently a connection with these scam programs and debt card purchases to fake LR Accounts ran by the Professional Scammer Mike Poulos. Interesting news that some people are being investigated for fraud being connected with GPP as all package landings were faked which most members now know to be true. As stated by Finnpartner 09/29/11 06:43 AM EDT It would not surprise us if GPP has a connection to Mike Poulos a Professional Scammer GPP has always been a scam despite what Wayne and a few other people say. However, it seems that WPP and International Retirement Services and HCI are playing us for fools. Also Pancuratus and Beank are taking their time they may be scams also Excelprestige International have seem to have shut up shop for now with no updates. All RPP 's are scams with no one getting paid a cent as all landings and debt cards Wayne's says all the time are fake and misleading information on his part. The Iraqi Dinar is properly a scam as the only people making money is the Dinar Dealers selling unsuspected people Iraqi Dinars with the notes that will be worthless soon anyway.

An international program of mutual aid - Reviewer: tatwin 01/21/12 07:19 PM EST
Full Comment: Just pretend. Each and every human being on the Earth give you per 1 dollar... Quite easy for them and you turns into a billionaire....

TheGoldProject - Reviewer: nordman 01/18/12 05:10 AM EST
Full Comment: The Gold Project is a Worldwide Opportunity made possible of a co-operation of several different business entities operating in different business fields including a Private Equity, Trust Partners representing a group of individual and corporate investors, an insurance company and several banks. We, Administration of The Gold Project, are the intermediaries between you and the Trust Partners. The payout, upon completion of the gold project, is US$75,000 in Gold Certificates per contract. If you are not familiar with the Gold Certificates, please conduct a quick research about it and you will know that it is a highly profitable investment product.

Latest WPP/IRSi email - Reviewer: Peaches12 01/16/12 12:34 PM EST
Full Comment: PLEASE can someone help!! I received an email from WPP/IRSi yesterday and managed stupidly to delete it before I had even read the first line! Could someone please advise me what it was about by either pasting the details here or forwarding it on to me at Many thanks

Is there anyone who can help me? - Reviewer: SunnyGirl 01/04/12 06:40 AM EST
Full Comment: I am 35 dollars short in my Liberty Reserve account to pay for my fee. I do not have an account on any webpage that can transfer my money in my bank to LR. Is there anyone who has money in their LR to send to me? I need 35 dollars but I can send you 5 dollars extra for your time and effort. I will also pay for the transfer fee from your LR to mine. I live in Sweden and have a Swedish bank. I need the money as soon as possible, but on the 5th of January at the latest. Can anybody help me? My e-mail address is:

ALL SCAMS - Reviewer: Arjuna88 12/30/11 12:08 AM EST

Smart hackers out there should hunt down the GPP-scammers and put them down - Reviewer: MAMAMIA54 12/29/11 03:57 PM EST
Full Comment: Please think before you post a comment on this forum. Many comments are so jumbled with unimportant comments on other peoples comments instead of being focused on the subject. I would like to know how Wayne gets these reports. How do these people get his telephone number? I don't see his number anywhere so I will not be able to call him when I get my package from GPP, if I get it. I hope and asume that Wayne ask these people exactly what the package contains, if they have been able to activate the card, get their funds and if they have been able to transfer larger sums (to pay loans etc). Or if the money is locked in that offshore bank and you can only make small withdrawals. That's what I would very much like to hear from Wayne next Tuesday.

HCI25 was always a scam,WPP and IRS are faking their notice board to deceive Members - Reviewer: elhombre 12/29/11 10:21 AM EST
Full Comment: When it comes to all the RPP's not a single one has ever paid out before.Even as far back as 1999 with Endowment65 run by Mike Poulos which was a scam anyway have a look at .And now we wait for GPP,WPPand HCI to pay out. The only proof we have on GPP paying is unsubstantiated claims of a few people saying members have received their packages. If any members have received their packages and have accessed their funds then wouldn't you think that at least someone would say something to the coterie that hey I got paid millions of dollars as gloating is part of our brain structure. And there is no mention in any forums that any one has got paid. Also wouldn't you think that if someone did get paid millions of dollars that they would buy out the rest of the policies available in all the RPP's and close them for good. The non-disclosure part is not true only a trick. It still does not sit right with a lot of members that other members of GPP have got paid as there is no evidence of that anywhere in any of the hundreds of down lines that I have contacts with around the world with. Most members to this day now believe and trust their instincts that GPP and all RPP's are one big elaborate scams created by Charlatans, Phonies, Swindlers, Scammers and Unscrupulous Individuals call them what you like. And that these Charlatans, Phonies, Swindlers, Scammers and Unscrupulous Individuals made off with our money.Now WPP and HCI now say Members have been paid but this is false and misleading information as they is no evidence anyway of payment only a board with fake names .Also the GPP Trustee is a fraud and fake do not give them any money as even Wayne said they are fake. As for the rest of these RPP's scams like Liberator One, Limited Fund Plan, Global Connect, Quartro and Coopers, Thermco, PWW4YOU,Royal Axima and few other RPP's not one has ever paid out to best of our knowledge and are definitely scams. UAE and ROYAL PENSION FUND which are the same are scams and now they have created two more of these scams Global Pension Fund Co and Freedom Pension Invest they use the same Domain Registrant ID#10760.Do not give them any money they are fake you have been warned. Imperia Invest which was a scam anyway shut down by the SEC . Mega Pension plan was a scam too. And now we wait for others like HCI25,Excel Prestige and Pancuratus to close and pay out but they will never pay out as they keep coming up with lame excuses all the time to prevent closure they are most likely scams now. Even now there is more elaborate RPP's like Selfind and Beank which trick you into thinking that they are real with only wire transfers aloud to their fake bank accounts more sophisticated scams. With fake addresses too. How far will these RPP's scams go to keep stealing money from us. If you want keep giving them money than do so at your on risk but always remember to do your own due diligence. And to date no RPP has ever paid out that should ring alarm bells saying that hey if that not one of these RPP's has ever paid out before even as far back as 1999 with E65 and now GPP then it is too good to be true than it properly is. And stay right away from these fraudulent programs.Wayne has so much self-confidence and self-belief in these so called RPP programs.And never talks negative about them. Wayne seems to have a very strong mindset and would never admit that these RPP programs are scams to bold and proud to reveal the truth. But remember that not a single one has ever paid out to best of our knowledge and are probably 80%-90% are Cyber scams. If Wayne wants to keep promoting these programs with no real facts just rumors and hype on that they are real and will payout. A lot of risk on his part. If it is found out that some or all of these RPP programs are Cyber scams and there is an investigation into these RPP's for fraudulent activities by a Government Agency like SEC and finds they are Cyber scams then Wayne would be accessory to fraudulent activities that would mean jail time. Would not want to be in Wayne's position if he is indicted for an accessory to fraudulent activities.So Wayne should be very careful now in-light of the information concerning Mr Jody Dunn defrauding deaf investors out of money Wayne may be indicted for fraud if it turns out that the programs Wayne has helped members invest in are scams. Ref: and Also Wayne keeps on reiterating that members will be positioning themselves to buy out the rest of the remaining policies in these RPP programs that they are connected to.Funny that Wayne. Where are these payouts you keep mentioning from all the other RPP's like GPP to buy these policies. Like all these other RPP's not one has ever pay out and never will.Only scams period.

seriously? - Reviewer: muzhino 12/28/11 06:21 AM EST
Full Comment: irsi have claimed that many wpp members have been paid, and now the say its a long process and people must wait? wake up folks!!!!! - Reviewer: rjatal9 12/24/11 03:40 AM EST
Full Comment: Very good idea, thanks to the composer. Wayne perhaps you can tell us who is getting paid; based on the testimonials: 441 members / 27,966 policies / total=$2,237,280 I have yet had any us members who have paid their fees gotten paid. Please respond.

To FERRY, you agree with Abdel, yet he is calling IRS a scam... - Reviewer: SusanNeedsHelp 12/20/11 08:36 AM EST
Full Comment: Then you criticize those IRS members that have asked IRS for an extension on the fee date, which seems a little contradictory. First, the IRS update this morning only extends the deadline to January 5th, which is still not enough time for those who may have to pay $500 to $1000 for their fee's, especially since everyone is tapped out for Christmas. But the main point you seem to be missing is the fact that according to the IRS testimonial list members are already being paid out, so extending the fee deadline is not effecting you at all, so what are you complaining about????? Just one more little point that Abdel made... not one person has proven that they've actually been paid by IRS, so that's not real encouraging for those that would have to sell their car to pay for their IRS fee's. Again, the request to extend the deadline was so those of us that do get paid will be able to HELP other members with their fee's. Since none of us have even received an email from IRS about our payout, I certainly don't think Jan.5th is going to be enough time to help anyone.

agree with ARJUNA88 - Reviewer: Nomitomi 12/16/11 07:45 AM EST
Full Comment: What you said about documentation appears correct. Maybe we get that paperwork from IRS when they respond to us. Same goes for GPP and Imeria.But, it seems a bit strange to get it at the last stage of the proceedings rather than near to the begginning.!!! Just keeping my fingers crossed.

i still think WPP/IRS is a scam - Reviewer: Panderon 12/15/11 02:59 PM EST
Full Comment: I see a lot of comments here. I am from Europe, paid all my fees, but even from tickets or emails i wrote i never got any response. And this makes me really pissing off. Why is it to hard to transfer my money to my LR account. I paid my fees, so wheere is my money. That has nothing to do with US or European banking. I take care of that by myself.

Hey Nomitomi, supposedly IRS has been paying for months now!!! - Reviewer: GoogleMan 12/15/11 07:40 AM EST
Full Comment: What do you think all those names on the Testimonial list are? Those of us that can't afford to pay our processing fee's right now don't seem to be affecting their payouts, so it certainly won't effect yours if we ask them not to confiscate our policies that we paid for. That's HCI that is holding everyone's money until all fee's are paid. I paid mine in HCI already. We're talking about WPP/IRS that seems to be in a hurry to get everyone's fee's, which in my opinion is just an excuse to keep our money, which I don't think is legal. I bought a truck load of policies and I should be appreciated by IRS for that, not have them keep my money because I'm tapped out right now and can't afford to send them more. To clarify... asking IRS to extend the fee date has absolutely nothing to do with you or your payout! If you don't think you're getting paid fast enough, you can blame IRS, not me or any other member!!!

Survey - Reviewer: woron 12/09/11 07:27 AM EST
Full Comment: FREE 50$ every day by doing survey:

WPP - HCI - GPP - Reviewer: Skydiver70 12/07/11 08:51 AM EST
Full Comment: Chat on Skype in Russian and French interested contact me.

I'm afraid I have to agree with Angel about IRSi's new update. - Reviewer: KingRichard 12/04/11 06:18 PM EST
Full Comment: Most of us that bought several policies or contracts can't afford to pay our processing fee's right now. IRSi is now saying that they will charge us more money for processing if we don't pay by Dec.15th. I would gladly sign an ageement to pay IRSi $5,000 AFTER they pay me, but I simply can't afford to send them more money now. Most of us bought into this program because we need financial help, not because we have endless money to throw away. Punishing us because we're broke doesn't sound very compassionate on their behalf. Are they acting legitimate to you???

A reminder - Reviewer: OliverIQ 12/04/11 11:25 AM EST
Full Comment: Most of the financial system shuts down in Europe between 15th of December and 15th of January every year. Realistically nothing gets done in January.

WPP/IRS Testimonials - people getting paid for 568 contracts??? RU Kidding??? - Reviewer: DragonStalker 11/24/11 10:07 PM EST
Full Comment: I just looked at today's first page on the testimonials and several people have supposedly been paid for hundreds of contracts. At first there were people supposedly getting paid for one contract or two, maybe three, but now there are people getting paid for HUNDREDS of policies? Does anyone else find this just a bit hard to believe? The one person that supposedly bought 568 contracts would have paid $31,000 to purchase those from WPP in the first place at $55.00 each. Who in the world has $31,000 to invest in something this risky? And now IRS is trying to say that they paid that person $45,445,000... which is what 568 times $80,000 would equal. I could believe that it was perhaps possible for them to pay us for a contract or two, but 45 MILLION DOLLARS to just one person when there are 20,000 members. Are we really supposed to believe this? Yet, there is not one word on the internet, facebook, Internal Revenue or Homeland Security. Not even a rumor in our downlines or uplines about anyone receiving a dollar. How would you keep that kind of money a secret? I'll believe this is real when I hear from someone I know personally that's paid! (I'm having a bad case of GPP DeJaVu right now...smells of SCAM to me.)

Yarfin site: "Cannot be found" - Reviewer: coachdaddy 11/19/11 08:43 PM EST
Full Comment: I got on the yarfin site about 1 PM today. At 6 PM today I attempted to login again, and I got the above message: cannot be found. Anyone else had the same problem? coachdaddy

Paid $10 per requirement and still waiting for email... - Reviewer: susan55 11/15/11 10:32 PM EST
Full Comment: If this has happened to you it could be that even tho you followed thru and got confirmation on the Yardas site that the payment was received it may not have recorded properly on the site. That happened to me and I paid on Oct. 18th. Based upon the most recent update you should login and check your profile. If it still shows that you owe the funds and you have paid then you'll find that there is a new support ticket optin. Go and get that filled out with the correct info. I wasn't sure if Wayne was aware of this as I heard no mention of it on tonight's call. I filled mine out and about 12 hours later I got confirmation and my profile reflected that change. Will post in the forum when I get paid.

Is Talka mistaken or lying? - Reviewer: Waiting 11/06/11 04:20 PM EST
Full Comment: Since Wayne didn't confirm in any subsequent mclean101's Community Call, your below shown review posted 08/09/11 11:16 AM EDT, we take that to mean that the report is simply not true, especially since September is long gone now. GPP Payout - Reviewer: talka 08/09/11 11:16 AM EDT Full Comment: I spoke to Wanye. He say that GPP will send off the rest of packets by mid AUGUST thru SEPTEMBER 2011. I'm crossing my fingers on it!!! I really hope he's right. IF I DON'T RECEIVE MINE THIS YEAR-- I AM GIVING UP ON GPP!

Liberty Reserve.....would they advise if WPP is paying or not? - Reviewer: AngieB1 11/03/11 08:10 PM EDT
Full Comment: I did pose the question to them. No answer yet. Just for account protection though. Not sure if that's considered private information.

Personal Knowledge - Reviewer: raider1952 11/01/11 01:24 PM EDT
Full Comment: I can tell you from personal knowledge that this man is a thief. I am compiling a dossier on him now and that's what I do for a living - investigator. I'm not telling you what I THINK. I am telling you what I KNOW. I have already compiled his past scams and frauds and we are working on this one right now. Want to know WHy you can't contact Wayne?? His numbers are disconnected, his addresses are no good and now he hides - from most people. Wayne, we are coming for you. Keep that in mind.

Get a life! - Reviewer: ruffi 10/24/11 11:59 AM EDT
Full Comment: I have followed this site for a few years now since i bought in to GPP, I,ve gone into the most pension plans, one never knows, the thing is I see it as the same as a lottery, my number will one day come up! how many of you unhappy, complaining beings have bought lottery tickets? have you writen loads of e-mails, on forums and literaly bin a pain in the but about not winning? Get a life! its a gamble this pension thing if it come,s it does if it dont so what? I,ve even gone in Pancuratus. who knows!!

ROBBERYCLUB.................... SHOW ME THE.....MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!! - Reviewer: vloorc 10/23/11 02:56 PM EDT

To emmelin - Reviewer: sergion 10/22/11 07:31 PM EDT
Full Comment: Hello emmelin i just read about how i become a member of this club,if you have a chance can you please send me more info please,thank you.

IRS contact for Bluerider - Reviewer: dinero 10/21/11 05:14 AM EDT
Full Comment: Ask for a new password. The header of this mail offers you a "reply-to" email acct.

Missing contracts since Merger - Reviewer: piniongear25 10/20/11 08:12 AM EDT
Full Comment: I am missing 16 contracts since the merger and my girlfriend is missing 194 contracts since the merger. I have been emailing wpp and yarfin trying to get this rectified. Still nothing rectified, but they had time to get the payout forum into place instead making sure all the members contracts were correct before moving on.

Lizcanhelp - Reviewer: wallyzcap 10/15/11 07:17 PM EDT
Full Comment: You make the mistake of taking what Wayne says as gospel, he has made several mistakes over time. He gets his info from the same place that we get ours. Read the up date for yourself. Hey, I hope that they do payout HCI25 in October. Point is that they never said that they would.

Thetrueone GPP - Reviewer: Thetrueone 10/07/11 02:01 AM EDT
Full Comment: First let me say that this is my first and only comment. I hope I will not be blackballed for what I say on this comment board. I see that most people are disenchanted with GPP and most of these programs. I have been in this program for many years and I am now pennyless and would like to be able to believe this program is real. A close friend of mine is a famous psychic and for all these years has felt that GPP was real but has recently expressed to me that she felt we would be paid between August 21st and September 21st but if we were not paid by then, then we will NEVER be paid. I also noticed that the last up-date was a recording of the previous update. I was introduced to this program by the same person that introduced me to several other programs that all turned out to be scams and I lost money I could not afford to lose. I did not consider this a gamble since the home page told us that we would at least get our money back if this investment did not work. The other programs said the same thing. I hope the rest of you have something else to fall back on if this is not real. I do NOT but I am looking........If this turns out to be a scam then I am through with ALL of these programs!!

- Reviewer: ajkpty 09/29/11 10:29 PM EDT
Full Comment: I need $100 of LR by 9-30-2011, but will buy $50 if that is all you have. I can pay via PayPal or MoneyGram. Contact me via Skype at redpillinc or email at for further details. URGENT!! I wish to thank Wayne and Joan for all the hard work in keeping us all up to date with all of the programs and assisting those who need help in funding their e-currency accounts. Great job!

Imperia Help - Reviewer: AlanPTY 09/29/11 09:21 PM EDT
Full Comment: If you still need to purchase an Imperia bank account/card, I can transfer the necessary funds from my depot account to yours. Your cost is 20% less than the transferred amount to my LR or PM account. For further details, please send a request to .

Hi again dear fellow GPP members - Reviewer: Finnpartner 09/29/11 06:43 AM EDT
Full Comment: I am sorry to inform you all that there is a 3 day trial going on in Turku Finland starting September 27th regarding the fraud called GPP. There are 8 persons accused for selling so called pension insurancies and criminally have collected money worth 800 000-1 000 000 â?¬. The money has been transferred to the currency -accounts in the tax- paradise coyntries. For the main villon the authorities want to put in jail. The rest 7 persons may get away with fines. It has been cleared that the GPP (Global Pension Plan) has never even existed. So, our friend Wayne Mclean, as well as we others, can stop waiting for the parcels to arrive. Nobody has so far recieved anything from the non-existing GPP and we never will. I just waned to share this with you.

???Imperia??? - update - Reviewer: Germany2011 09/27/11 02:21 PM EDT
Full Comment: Account Number U0257608 Account Name Imperia Debit Account Created On 10/27/2010 05:21 This cannot be the original Imperia-account ! There was NO special account for banking solution - Scam - not one $ to this fakers !

Can't have your cake & eat it too - Reviewer: beliefinKarma 09/19/11 05:50 PM EDT
Full Comment: Wayne, there is a blatant contradiction in your repeatedly claimed position re GPP. (a) You claim to be no more than a member just like the rest of us, with no direct contact (or conflict of interest) with the organizers of the program. You repeatedly protest your innocence, and claim you were not profiting by encouraging members to spend their hard earned money, for this that & the other reason. (b) You claim to know things (eg. package landings, for more than a year now) that your listners don't, as if you are in the inner-circle, that inspite of your information not being corroborated anonomously/publicly by anyone else, that we should believe you. You ignore the hard questions asked by your listeners.

Give your self a bit of action and money!!! - Reviewer: goodluck 09/14/11 08:42 AM EDT
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GPP Trustee - Reviewer: punter 09/13/11 05:45 PM EDT
Full Comment: MIKE POULOS BLACKBERRY : 255a53c6 +62831 83684500 PHONE NUMBERS : +62831 84565656 +62831 83704500 +62812 70036076 +62 778326401 +65 96392848 +65 81617676 all number starts with +628xx are handphones the other +62 number is most likely to his house. The +65 numbers are to Singapore Mike & Becky Poulos Jalan Mars number 69 Tiban 3 Blok B3 Batam Island Indonesia With regards to astonmartin's review 09/12/11 04:19 AM EDT. As for the questions, if this is good information & if it means they are legitimate, check here for referees Perhaps you would like to confirm now for yourself, if they are contactable?

This "Secret NDA" is a Smoke Screen. - Reviewer: JenonFire 09/11/11 05:14 AM EDT
Full Comment: Wayne seems to be using the Non-Disclosure-Agreement as an excuse for why there is no proof of anyone being paid by GPP. Let's ask ourselves a simple question. Does it really make sense to you that GPP originally asked us to go out and tell every human being we know on this planet about this great opportunity, but now threatens to take our money away if we tell anyone we got paid? If GPP is a legal business opportunity that is really paying their members, thus helping the world economy, they should be proud of that fact instead of hiding it. Makes you wonder if the rumors about people being paid are based in fact or fiction. The rumors about GPP coming to your house and taking the money back sounds a bit far-fetched too. I'm not one of these people saying that all these RPP's are scams just to be negative. I would like Wayne to tell us the truth, because it's been well over a year now with no proof of payout, and Wayne's excuses don't make any sense. Are any of these going to pay? We'll know the answer if WPP doesn't pay us by November 1st. 2011

Message to all you negative folks - Reviewer: nativeamerican15 09/06/11 12:52 AM EDT
Full Comment: All these negative post are written by a couple of people using different names...please go away...if you do not believe in RPPs and think they are a scam then go the hell away...why must you stay on here day after day saying the same old crap???? We do not need for you to save us...we all know what we are SHUT UP.

September Forecast 2011 - Reviewer: GPPcurious 09/02/11 10:49 PM EDT
Full Comment: Kicking & screaming doesn't seem to have been very effective.

Can You Hear Me Now ? The truth shall set you free Wayne is the major culprit here - Reviewer: fredrick123 08/28/11 02:57 PM EDT
Full Comment: Hello Some people say they have exclusive info on gpp etc. Well I say not!!!! These folks that say they have info only say this to keep you on the hook !!! They have said so many lies and nonsense now they believe this nonsense so he who say it he therefore believe it. This does not mean its a fact ok just an opinion. How come 1 or 2 or 3 people on the planet are the only ones who have seen these packages ? Well have you ever thought that nope they do not exist ? These ones who say these so called tales what do they have to gain ? Well are they taking funds from members maybe to purchase more policies or shipping fees are they gaining financially ? Sure they are so why would they stop a good thing money coming in every day into there liberty reserve accounts ? Think about it people get your brains working get off the couch and open your eyes !!!

UAE Pension Fund - Reviewer: hemant71 08/15/11 02:32 PM EDT
Full Comment: Does anyone know what has happened with the UAE website?

WE THE WPP CLOWNS - Reviewer: showmethemoney 08/12/11 12:50 AM EDT
Full Comment: i wonder how many of you noticed that in the last email we received from WPP that the admin cannont even get the company name right, that are involved with our payout. instead of calling it INTERNATIONAL RETIREMENT SERVICES she called it INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL SERVICES. WPP is not professionaly managed. this is not a small or mior mistake, how should they handle the bigger issues, like the payouts (if there will be any)? i still hope for us to get payed by WPP but i truthfully have to say, i have big douts. look at the financial markets. big giant companies are losing daily, currancies dont look good, and who the hell is MIRA, WAYNE, JOAN, AND THE OTHER SMURF THAT ALWAYS ASSISTS THEM ON EVERY CALL? and who the f..k is INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL SERVICES? they are doing nothing BUT fooling, stealing and lieing to us CLOWNS.

PWW4U - Reviewer: banny12 07/16/11 06:23 AM EDT
Full Comment: I think pww4u is good and worth a punt, support is good also. how many contracts they need is quite a few since no more bonuses, does this make them more real? anyway i think am going to buy a couple more just in case it does get gong more strongly this year

Wayne, I look forward to hearing some positive news on your call tonight. - Reviewer: AngelsOnFire 07/05/11 07:42 AM EDT
Full Comment: Wayne, you probably don't feel appreciated for all the effort you put into the Talkshoe calls, but many of us wait patiently each week to hear your words of encouragement. It's quite obvious that many members are frustrated with how long GPP is taking to pay us. Do you know if GPP has any kind of deadline in which they have to finish this project and get all members paid in full? I had read on the WPP site that they were hoping to close their program by end of July and pay out before this years end. Do you know any more details about whether or not that may happen? Also, I believe that HCI had made a similar statement in reference to HCI25. Again, there are many members that appreciate your hard work and effort to bring us accurate and positive information about these programs. Mucho Thanks Wayne.

GPP NEWS!!! - Reviewer: GLOBAL_Packages_411 06/15/11 10:19 AM EDT
Full Comment: From Oct. 2010 PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL GPP REPORT (DELETED) Members of Gxx, I am signing off for good. I do NOT want to risk losing my funds from this source! For those who still have their doubts, there is NO TRUSTEE! He is a thief, a crook, a scam artist. You have been WARNED! Please NOTE: If you paid the 20 EUROS for shipping, then you will get better access to your funds along with a DC. AND, you will have the option to participate in Gxx2 and Gxx3. When your turn comes, remember one thing, keep your lips zipped cause loose lips sink ships. SERIOUSLY, NOT a joke! So, hang in there just a little bit longer. Good Luck to everyone. PEACE! OUT.

!!!THIS MAY HELP ALL OF US!!! - Reviewer: akbagaria 06/14/11 09:33 PM EDT
Full Comment: THIS IS FREE that's why I am posting it here- I have just joined an exciting new internet program. It is poised to become the premiere advertising portal of the 21st Century and has the potential to become the most generous "pay to read" advertising program ever! That means MORE earnings for you. They also have a fantastic affiliate program that is 5 levels deep and unlimited width. It's FREE to join and there is NO cost ever! You will even get $20.00 FREE if you do. Why read advertising for nothing when you can earn cash, prizes, vacations, and even cars? It's easy to understand and they answer all of your questions. You can check it out here: Hope to share some of the great benefits with you!

What do we know? - Reviewer: Gilgaloth 06/12/11 09:24 PM EDT
Full Comment: That we don't know anything, for sure

What now? - Reviewer: GPPMember 06/11/11 08:24 PM EDT
Full Comment: Live in Harmony with the Way Things Are.

This is the rumor that Wayne would not confirm 06.07.2011 - Reviewer: MadisonLee 06/08/11 06:26 PM EDT
Full Comment: A. The law suit, in Switzerland, against GPP is fanly ower GPP was equated of any wrongdoing. B.The paperwork (non-disclosure and proc. instructions) will be accelerated in the end July to the Members. C. The process will be slow and painful, money is in the banks position and they will do everything in there power to keep it as long as possible. D. There are over 450.000 members in the GPP. E. Package: delivery be FdEx, Burn envelope 9X12 ,Three page documenl in side. We lost over 12 month because of the lawsuit

GIVE YOUR MONEY TO THIS GPP MAIL AND LOST IT - Reviewer: angi276 06/08/11 02:57 PM EDT

about GCPP - Reviewer: zoneagent 06/06/11 07:32 PM EDT
Full Comment: two years ago I became a member of GCPP. paid for 2 policies (plus 1 free) and received an email from gcpp's admin (Jeremy Wilkinson) confirming my payment. a couple of weeks ago, I sent $60 for my debit card to them and received another email from GCPP's admin confirming payment, again. to me, one thing is for sure. this last email from GCPP asking for money to pay for debit cards is really from GCPP (the same admin, the same LR account, the same response). the one-million-dollar question is: is GCPP for real? are they going to really pay out? or is it just the same "smart" person asking for more money after 2 years of silence? I hope Wayne has something new to tell us about it tomorrow night.

Playing with numbers re: GPP - Reviewer: gppbeliever 06/01/11 01:39 PM EDT
Full Comment: 18 months working duration to date equal 72 weeks for processing estimated 100,000 packets for processing at 100 per week, would take 28 years. At 1000 per week there would be 72,000 delivered, 72%. If at 1500/week, they would be near done at 108,000 deliveries. Seems to me that it is likely to be some quantity between 1000 to 1500 per week mailed. I can take heart from these numbers. I want their staff to be exquisitely careful that only my documents are in that packet, not somebody else' documents! Conversely, I do not want any of my documents to be in someone else's! This is my current speculation!

WPP update and Selfind Remember 100% money back guarantee - Reviewer: interconnecto 05/28/11 01:26 PM EDT
Full Comment: Please login to WPP back office and see latest update. Selfind is coming along very well know.Selfind has provided very good information about themselves with the new Prospectus in the form of PDF format to download and read in the back office for only members to read good positive information and professionally outlined and detailed information If Selfind is a scam then it must be a very good one especially with the professionalism shown in the new Prospectus. The Program is set to close by June 1st 2011 so not much time left to sign up this program looks pretty good with the new information available to members only.Please read below if interested in signing up. Here is a great program which offers 100% money back guarantee most investments.And be financially independent without risk or obligation and will pay out very soon.So many people have signed up to this program and feel it is legitimate and will pay out most updates are found on Facebook. A lot of People have done due diligence on this program and all have come back very positive.Selfind have issued a new update which is very positive news nothing like I have seen before this program is closing so fast. If you want to be financially free then Selfind may be for you.Selfind has a lot of positive incentives. If you are frustrated with all the other RPP's then Selfind may be the answer as it is very different from the other RPP's and has a good chance of paying out. And see what Selfind is all about over 1600 people have already joined since Selfind started in early October 2010 and the membership number grows faster every day.Have a look at Unlike the other RPP's out there Selfind is taking off in a very fast pace. Which is very positive Also Selfind will provide to all members new documentation which will include every necessary information about the program.Have a look at and see what it offers for you.

WPP policies - Reviewer: Eleni 05/21/11 03:29 PM EDT
Full Comment: How do I buy WPP policies?

LIFE IS A GAMBLE - Reviewer: SoLeRaPeR 05/19/11 09:37 PM EDT
Full Comment: Maybe instead of spending your money on these rpp's you should have spent it on Lottery Tickets because you would have gotten the same results. Are you going to turn the lottery commission into the authorities too because you didn't win? Everytime you buy a lottery ticket its a gamble, just like rpp's some pay some don't.It is a gamble when you join. Maybe some people shouldn't have gotten into these if they couldn't afford the gamble. When you get into the stock market and it crashes or General Motors goes bankrupt and you loose $6000.00 am I suppose to call the authorities because I lost the money in the stock market? When you invest into something, nothing is safe and guaranteed of a good return.

GCPP is alive? - Reviewer: zoneagent2011 05/18/11 01:52 PM EDT
Full Comment: Wayne or Joan, last night you told us that global-connect pension plan is back. some of us, GCPP members, need assistance in buying the debit card required. how do we contact you? please send me instructions to:

UAE Debit Cards - Reviewer: Howard71 05/13/11 08:29 PM EDT
Full Comment: Can anyone who have received their UAE Debit Card, please post it here? You don't have to use your real name. We need proof that UAE is really sincere Also I sent them a few cents by Liberty Reserve to tell them that I have moved and provided them my current address. But how sure are we that they wont run like Imperia or GPP for that matter? Is it safe to buy more units, do you think?

GENERAL CONFIRMATION & 'FOOD FOR THOUGHT' query! - Reviewer: Mindmelder 05/05/11 12:51 PM EDT
Full Comment: European monitoring cell confirms Episodes 377,378,379 which had buffering problems are now available to listen too....In the meantime.. Can we fix our attention to this situation. Do we know, or can we be told, if, on completion of ALL relevant paperwork and acquiring the CC card for the GPP payout, does the successful applicant then get his/her back office DE-ACTIVATED. Surely to find out from the hosts 'clients' around the world it would not infringe the ND [non disclosure] agreement just to say "successful & deactivated"...if this IS indeed the case.

UAE PENSION FUNF - Reviewer: UAEpension 04/24/11 10:46 AM EDT
Full Comment: FOLKS, IF ANYONE OF YOU ARE IN THIS PENSION FUND, PLEASE GO TO THEIR SITE AND RAD THE LATEST. You have only a week left to buy your Debit Card Dear members of the U.A.E. Pension Fund! There is no limit of available additional policies anymore. This means you can buy as many policies as you like to: 1 policy = 10 $ 5 policies = 50 $ + 1 policy for free = get 6 policies 10 policies = 100$ + 3 policies for free = get 13 policies 15 policies = 150 $ + 5 policies for free = get 20 policies The situation is really perfect: We have installed a test-account that works 100% correct and safe. As soon as the countdown will reach the goal, we immidiately will start sending your DEBIT CARD (prefunded with 8000 US$) and all ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS with DIRECT ACCES to your ONLINE-BANK-ACCOUNT. Please help your sponsored members to pay the 25 $ for SHIPPING COSTS. There are still a lot of missing. For every PAYMENT please ONLY use our LR-ACCOUNT U3246878 (UAE Pension Fund).

Pls help me to get in contact with Wayne og Joan - Reviewer: snuppis 04/14/11 07:04 AM EDT
Full Comment: I had one intruder in my computer, cant log in to my GPP account and I will buy some new polices. Can someone pls help me to get inn contact with Joan or Wayne. Send their contactinfo to

Dear Jeremy88 What you write seams really emotional only - Reviewer: helenmorgan 04/12/11 05:33 AM EDT
Full Comment: Don't you think that the authorities know by now, after all those years and would have stopped all acitivity with GPP and Imperia. You need to learn how to let go of your own feelings of frustration I believe. To create negative thinking and action around this will definitely not help. Wayne is doing an honest effort to keep us all informed, and what you add with this is not helpful for anyone. Have a nice day.

Beta testers needed to test new glasses that block billboards, TV commercials, and magazine ads - Reviewer: NoEscapeFromKarma 04/07/11 11:00 PM EDT
Full Comment:

Look on the Bright Side - Reviewer: GPPmark 04/07/11 10:05 PM EDT
Full Comment:

Stop this evil nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Reviewer: SOCJ23az 04/05/11 07:19 PM EDT
Full Comment: I am still in shock that anyone would make fun of someone who has died, let alone a Mother. That was an evil thing to write. Please get off this site and don't come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all knew when we signed up for this that we were taking a chance. All you negative people get off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will any of the RPP's payout? - Reviewer: Eurodus 04/05/11 12:14 AM EDT
Full Comment: Check out this new program Brilliant, the best I have ever seen. Special pre-launch terms! Compary to the other ones around!! Growing fast in the US and Europe. Please use the referral link:

HOORAY !!!! WAYNE'S MOTHER "MARIA AVEDICI SANTOYA" HAS DIED - Reviewer: wayne_is_evil_scum 03/31/11 01:42 PM EDT

I'm getting on with my life - Reviewer: john6208 03/25/11 07:32 PM EDT
Full Comment: GPP will happen when it happens. Let's get busy making money.

Wayseers - Reviewer: blindfolded 03/20/11 08:46 PM EDT
Full Comment: ATTENTION: All you rule-breakers, you misfits & troublemakers, all you free-spirits & pioneers... Everything the establishment has told you is wrong with you - is actually what's right with you...

Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street (R.I.P. january 4, 2011) - Reviewer: KingWithoutClothes 03/20/11 08:01 PM EDT
Full Comment: An amazing message in the lyrics

March 16, 2011 - Reviewer: GoldPeg9 03/16/11 03:31 PM EDT
Full Comment: Hello Dear Wayne; Please ignor any negative comments from these slimy dark energy people. 99% of us are totally grateful for all your uplifting calls and we KNOW you are doing the best you can. We KNOW you are not in charge of any of these programs and are a member just like the rest of us. Bless you unto eternity for your service to the Light. ZZ P.S. Any of you who crap on this sight are just crapping on yourselves. We are NOT listening to you.

Might This Comment Elicit a Sensible Reply? - Reviewer: online360 03/14/11 05:44 AM EDT
Full Comment: Photos of the 'Package', including the non disclosure component are posted on the internet: Looks like yet another money earning racket from GPP $25 or $75 a card x 100,000 desperate broke members is a great money earner and get your 'agents' to do all the work and, possibly accept the responsibilty for compensation if deemed, by so doing as acting as part of the scam.

HCI25 must be a shoddy and shady scam - Reviewer: HciWHAT 03/09/11 12:24 AM EST
Full Comment: The LDTP I bought long long ago has now matured but I cannot get HCi25 to give me my proceeds. Anyone know how its done? I have a banking account with them. I wrote to them but they don't reply, telling me to wait. Wait for what? I hope Euclid and Co will read this. HCI25 is jsut fooling us and collecting plenty of member's money. They don't do what they say they will do. No newsletter only at thier whims and fancies, NO NY TRIPS. The 1st one sounds very DUBIOUS like it never happened. They are not TRANSPARENT just leading us on for years and years. HCI25, you better pull up your socks before members complain to the Big Brothers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. GPP is never going to pay, have you all not realised it by now? Ask Terry Glider at Thxxo, he was one of GPP's consultants long ago. Stop dreaming and get on with life, at lest WPP is keeping in touch with us. Too late to join, they have closed. PWW4U?? Another scam, Wake up folks

question - Reviewer: davesd 03/03/11 07:57 PM EST
Full Comment: I just have a question for anybody who knows. Have any packages from Imperia or gpp been received in Canada?

murad31 GPP - Reviewer: Murad31 03/03/11 04:29 AM EST
Full Comment: Hello Finnpartner! Thanks about your informition ,Iam Gpp MEMBER to i stiil waiting and i beleive that will.

Financial Oppourtunity - Reviewer: buccaneers11 03/01/11 12:54 PM EST
Full Comment: If you don't know what's going on with this co., trust me, and don't overlook this. This company has EXTREME POTENTIAL to go viral, internationally, FAST. Please read through this info, and you will understand why... The window of timing for securing your position before they load the matrix, is small... but incredibly valuable. Join us on a Live Call Today and find out why!!! That Free Thing...Live Calls Today! Call 1: 12:00pm Pacific / 3:00pm Eastern Call 2: 3:00pm Pacific / 6:00pm Eastern Call 3: 6:30pm Pacific/ 9:30pm Eastern This is our Pre-Launch Call! Join the celebration! :) 712-432-0075 PIN: 775913# Also, you can go to: and listen to a recorded will see where this is going, and fast. My team is exploding. I have tons of leaders and one of the biggest and fastest growing teams in That Free Thing. You'll see me way up on the leader board in your back office. :) Important: if you already are connected with someone, upgrade with them! Your time date stamp is from when you first opted in. Your position is secured until 6pm eastern, tonight, march 1st! Just go: enter your email, and you can continue the uprgrade process, under your correct original sponsor. All the factors are in place. See for yourself. Once the matrix is loaded tonight, we (hopefully anyway, be prepared for anything, we know how pre-launches can go. :) will be LIVE!!! NOTHING is stopping you from realizing your dreams with That Free Thing. If you want to join, here is the link:

Cart before the horse - Reviewer: tport2 02/10/11 11:42 AM EST
Full Comment: The only important issue is receiving your packet in your mailbox. If we are fortunate enough to receive a packet then most of your questions will be answered. You will know the bank that has your account, etc. Once the enclosed forms are executed and received, then would be the appropriate time to talk with your bank about the funds you elect to transfer into your domestic account and their source. When the IRS and/or Homeland Security makes an inquiry, advise them how you obtained the funds. IRS is interested in the appropriate taxes being paid on funds in and outside the US and Homeland Security on whether or not the money relates to drugs or terrorism, which they don't. If it's a scam then we lost our investment in this risky venture, which it is. So the only pertinent question at this time, I guess for all of us since I don't know of anyone ever receiving a packet, would be "Did my packet come in the mail today."

Thank you to Wayne for his persistence and efforts to keeping us all informed. - Reviewer: tport 02/09/11 04:52 PM EST
Full Comment: Comments that are made like abdel states unfortunately provides no one with any valid information at all. Either these programs will pay out or they will not. If you believe they will not, then keep your comments to yourself. The reason is we don't know who you are and no one really cares who you are anyway. It takes the intellect of a 6 year old child to say this is a scam. We all know the situation of these programs as they are discussed by Wayne. If he is telling the truth, then great. If not, then it is no big deal other than Wayne will have to pay the piper at some point for mis-leading people on purpose. I don't believe this to be the case. But that is just my opinion and no one cares about my opinion either. Questions that are made are great. Hopefully, Wayne will answer them. The GPP program stated that the program provides clear title to the money in their program explanation. So it would be great if we all could just stop with the illegal/legal questions. There are no answers to these questions and if the program is valid and legal then you will have all that you need. The reason why Wayned suggests to be quiet on the subject is because you look like a fool going around saying "Here is everything I received, the bank names, countries involved, etc." That is not how things are handled in the international financial world. So, please act as though you have some semblence of understanding of the reverse pension program and keep the complaining to a minimum. We're all in the same boat and whining doesn't help the situation. If you really want to help, find out some information regarding the program. On that point, I know a person who got a few people involved in Germany and he is stating that the packages are really starting to come out again. That is from a direct email from him. It is a fact. I will not provide names, dates or anything else. Reason being, based on the comments I read, you will all go out and blab it to the world. No thanks. Just thank Wayne for the great work he does. I commend him and his group.

Illegal????? - Reviewer: HelloLife 02/08/11 03:41 AM EST
Full Comment: Has someone in this group bought something illegal that they want to hide????? I bought Reverse Pension Plan(s) which I believe are totally legitimate and legal. Why would I need to pretend it is something else? By the time I get the $ it's already in a bank in my name. Surely legitimacy is already established? It's only being transferred from a bank in my name to another bank in my name isn't it?

Please don't believe public forums!!!! - Reviewer: LadyAston 02/01/11 03:26 PM EST
Full Comment: Hi to all, Just want to ventilate my opinion about public forums. All you read there are comments of people who are using the internet to bash other people. There are names up there who still write comments in response to others and call each other names, FOR LITTERALLY 4 YEARS NOW!!!!!! OMG who is calling who sad? Please stick to what you want to believe: 1) GPP and others programs are scams?? then move on with your life. 2) They are no scams and try to keep your patience for the payout. Oh and by the way, why would anyone want to believe some person claiming to have given Wayne info. What magic has gone on that such info must be "THE TRUTH" Wayne I bless you for giving me a weekly update on some positiveness in these darker days. Lovely days to all

As for the debit cards by the Trustees - Reviewer: uaviking 01/26/11 06:14 PM EST
Full Comment: It was said by a number of people in the know months ago that the Trustees asking for money for the debit cards was not legit. We have heard that recent landings have had the debit card in it. Only the paying for the shipping seems to have an impact. The agreement did not call for anything beyond the original payments.

Time To Lance The Boil! - Reviewer: richpeasant 01/21/11 05:30 AM EST
Full Comment: After a few years of he said she said, it's time the boil is lanced. Wayne appears to be well meaning, I believe NO money has ever been paid - nor will be paid from GPP or any of the other so called pension plans which wayne comments on.

GPP scammer - Reviewer: LemmingNot 01/08/11 11:49 PM EST
Full Comment: Wayne has a vested interest, in encouraging the naive to keep sending him money, to manage the LR transactions on the member's behalf. He is not going to say anything on mclean101's Community Call, that works against this agenda, from which he profits.

Wayne's nomination for his work on GPP - Reviewer: PopeBenedicXVI 01/08/11 11:45 PM EST
Full Comment: To become canonized as a saint, a perfect track record isn�¢??t required (or possible). Hence, being sinless isn�¢??t on the list. So, what is required for sainthood? Two verifiable postmortem miracles Note: Canonization (sainthood) requires two miracles, whereas beatification (blessed) requires only one. Evidence of having led an exemplary life of goodness and virtue worthy of imitation, having died a heroic death (martyrdom), or having undergone a major conversion of heart where a previous immoral life is abandoned and replaced by one of outstanding holiness Formally declared saints are chosen ultimately by the pope, but only after a thorough investigation of the life, writings, and legacy of the saint candidate. No stone is left unturned. Testimony from witnesses and experts, physical evidence, and the entire life of the person is examined with fine detail. Every skeleton in the closet is taken out, and all dirty laundry looked at �¢?? if any exists, that is.

PWW Seer - Reviewer: seekeroftruth2 01/07/11 01:11 PM EST
Full Comment: Guess the seer was looking into a clouded crystal because the update in no way leads anyone to believe they are backing off that 150K policies before payout.........

Imp. News - Reviewer: oiswirdscho 01/05/11 01:21 AM EST
Full Comment: This is a copy of an older posting: _________- .....// November 18th, 2010 at 12:36 am i told friend showed me his card that from imperia is achieve card. i saw it in my own eyes. everyone will get cards before dec 31. i know some of you doesnâ??t believe it.,admin very soon you will get more good news. ok good luck everyone. happy holidays!!!! ______ Now, there are some points inside this message which are not clear at the first reading. Therefore I will post another information given in a German forum today and explaining the above info in more detail. ____________________ Translation of the German text: In January there are further deliveries of 8000 cards expected in USA. An office in Washington is preparing necessary tax documents daily and every wednesday the prepared docs and cards will be send out by mail. In that content the name " Mastercard" had been mentioned and - surprisingly - the card provider " Achieve Debit Card" incl. their ADP (Access Data Processing) also has been named. And this is where the first posting now become clear. Moreover I receive daily information about arriving Imp. cards in Germany and as well as 100% confirmed landings from GPP and Imp. in Utah and Ohio ( in december ). So just keep your head up and wait.

GPP website is down as of this writing: 1/3/11 5:45pm PST: Update: 1/4/11 - Reviewer: Vivaviv 01/04/11 03:14 PM EST
Full Comment: Heads up. Also, our seer, has predicted that PWW has decided to close with the verified total over the holidays. This announcement is due shortly. So be prepared. GPP website is now back up as of 1/4/11 12:08pm PST. The site probably renewed the contract which is yearly. I just went in to make two address changes - all completed smoothly.

Madame Lucrecia - World Renown Psychic and Palm Reader at your service. - Reviewer: MadameLucrecia 12/29/10 04:19 PM EST
Full Comment: I would suggest that GPP members relax for awhile. It's not the snow that's delaying your packages. I believe that GPP has decided to put a hold on any more mailings for at least three months until the new 2011 banking rules are in place. Look forward to brighter days in April or May.

Here are my details if you want to contact me - Reviewer: wayne_h_mclean 12/29/10 11:33 AM EST
Full Comment: Wayne H Mclean 1475 Doe Valley Dr Lithonia, GA 30058-6203 (770) 482-5177 Age: 50-54 Household: Camelita/Carmelda C McLean DOB 10/24/1958 Wayne McLean 5472 Shirewick Ln Lithonia GA 30058 770 482 5177 Wayne Mclean GA 678-362-7654 678-522-9006

Faith In This Process - Reviewer: bigman427 12/26/10 07:32 PM EST
Full Comment: First off, I want to take the time to thank Wayne for all of his updates on this call. I, personally, really appreciate them. I know we have all been waiting on GPP, HCI, what-have-you, to pay out. Some of us MUCH longer than others. I know that ALL of us could use that money! But, I know, for me, the only thing I can do is wait WITH EXCITEMENT about how good it's going to feel when I get that money and have the FREEDOM to do what I want!! Regardless of the program, since there really is nothing we can logistically do to speed up the process, I think the best thing we can all do is concentrate and focus on sending out POSITIVE, HAPPY vibes toward these programs and the people involved in the technical aspects of making them a reality!! Some of you may not believe in doing that, and that's fine. To each his/her own. But, I've seen what happens in my own life when I start getting HAPPY and EXCITED about KNOWING that my desires are about to come true! And, to me, that's what it's really about! What are YOUR desires? What makes YOU tick? See and FEEL in your mind's eye the GENERAL FEELING of what you TRULY DESIRE, get uber-happy about it, and it will come rushing into your life!!! People, as individuals, you have to know that you truly do have the power to control your own destiny. In this specific case, you have the power, as an individual, to manifest this awesome financial gift into your life. But, let me plant another bug into your ear. If WE ALL got on the same frequency and SAW and FELT in our beings HOW GOOD it's going to feel to get this incredible sum of money, imagine how quickly we could make this thing manifest!!!! WHAT POWER THAT WOULD BE!!!!! Doesn't matter what's going on with the specifics of what the banks are doing, what's the hold-up, blah, blah, blah, BLAH! By FEELING GOOD, which means that you are HAPPY, your vibrational frequency will go beyond all the "facts" and bring those wonderful things into your life!! People, we really are THAT close! Don't give up now! None of us know, regardless of what your spiritual beliefs are, what's after this life, but we DO KNOW that you've only got ONE SHOT at THIS life!!!! I know that I am COMPLETELY DONE with BS in my life, so what's the harm in taking a leap of faith?! A chance at something incredibly beneficial?!?! It WILL all work out for the best!!!! See you all at the top!!!!

Where do we go from here! - Reviewer: barryevans 12/26/10 08:08 AM EST
Full Comment: First, let me say congrats to wayne for putting up with the crap that was spreading about him, personally (personally, I woudnt do it). That people seems to think he needs to provide proof of what he says. He doesnt owe anybody anything. He is just a member that has high placed sources through his business contacts thats share with him. He will not and should not divulge information of his friends any more than anybody else would. He does not want to lose his friends; if he divulge information about me, he wouldnt be my friend. But, as stated in my earlier post, I have confirmed through other webinars, information he has said was confirmed and if you dont believe me, then the hell with you, too. We do have some bright spots. Imperia and GPP have a history of payouts. The problem is that GPP and Imperia has two things in common. They dont communicate and they have arranged and open ended payout date which means they will payout when they want to.. I have purchased the Imperia platform of March 15th and GPP on June 28, so nobody can say I havent been patient. Now, I have heard in certain circles, that the payout is end end of the year. This may be true and I will be glad. I need it to buy the into the prestige program. However, in reality, until we hear from somebody officially, we really dont know. So where do we go from here? Have you ever heard of the expression, "information has dried up"? I feel this is happening and it isnt waynes fault! He cannot provide information that nobody can get and with the NDA involve he is further restricted. Therefore, I have decided to end my involvement in the conference calls. I will continue to try to access the websites and perhaps I can get back on if any changes, but I am going to concentrate on other things. I am expecting the Iraqi Dinars to revalue , I have stock issuance in the first quarter of next year and I will be launching my business. If there is anybody to balme it is GPP and Imperia for not communicating with us and this shindig has to stop at sometime and I think the 1st of the year is an appropriate time.

Please do not blame the Wayne - Reviewer: mgen 12/21/10 05:36 PM EST
Full Comment: I will stress again that Wayneâ??s conferences are an info oasis due to the lack of updates from GPP, so what I suggest is to calm down and be polite to him because he is also just an investor like us. Of course, it would greatly appreciated if he could provide some more specific info about the packages received, but we must also get into account the potential burdens of the NDA.

Legitimate - Reviewer: concernedcitizen1100 12/20/10 03:41 AM EST
Full Comment: Folks...I have sat back and watched these shenanigans go on for around the past 4 years, as a lot of the rest of you have, and at this point...right December 2010....there is nothing that can make me believe that there ever was a GPP that intended to payout. Even back in Stella times. I don't think they ever intended to payout and I think it was a scam from the start. All of the monies that have been collected on this misadventure have been off the backs of people being "referred" by list owners who profited from everyone elses' purchases. Ring a bell, Wayne???? A company that has billions of dollars in banks around the world is not going to try and hide the money from governments. You will do what is right to make the payout right as all of these banks have to go through a centralized wire transfer service. That was the craziest comment yet, when the Trustee said they would not be there to help with the handling of the monies. You know why??? Because there are not any monies to handle, or at least monies paying out to the investors. Sorry folks...all facts plain and simple. Watch the pattern...GPP did it, then Imperia did it, PWW is doing it, HCI did it...ALL OF THEM ARE THIEVES!!!!

GPP Pension Plan - Reviewer: leftyleo 12/16/10 08:21 AM EST
Full Comment: For some reason Wayne seems to feel we could be paid before the end of the year. Does he know something we don't?

Transform bad energy! - Reviewer: BoJangles 12/15/10 01:38 PM EST
Full Comment: Few days ago a friend of mine gave me the link: ! After short consideration I suggested my GXX and IXX downline to step in the project, register for free and wait for GXX and IXX payment. After that each of us' ll purchase few shares! In such a way we' re using bad energy for something good! If you cann't earn money today make moves today for revenue in future! Heads up dear coleagues! PM me for info about some other rpp forums!

WPP and HCi25 - Reviewer: manoj14 12/05/10 05:35 PM EST
Full Comment: I wonder why WPP does not update its sold units? Is it because they don't want us to know that they have reached their quota? So that they can sell more and more and delay the payout to us members? Is that why they hide things from us? Shame on them!!! As to HCi25 they seem to be doing the same thing too, not telling us what is really going on, we have to read between the lines most of the time. And the infamous LDTP where matured units cannot be cashed out. We buy and buy and buy more and more and yet HCi25 say they still have units left for sale. This is really ridiculous if I may say so. The NY trip that they promised too has not come to any thing. Month after month they hang this carrot infront of members and members to be. Has anyone attended this NY trip, I ask you? WHO are those who have earned this NY trip? The names are not announced any where? Its your guess is as good as mine. Our back offices are not updated and there are those who though HAVE referred others and have a down line have back offices which say "NO REFERRALS" tHIS IS VERY VERY FRUSTRATING TO MEMBERS WHO HAVE BENT BACK WARDS TO SPONSOR OTHERS. I wonder if we did not buy any more units in all these offers, whould it make WPP and HCi25 fianlly get the message and stop pulling the wool over our eyes? Joshua and Kira, pls answer us, we deserve better treatment that this shoddy careless silence you are disrespectful to us the members.

Using Liberty Reserve correctly. ***TO akbagaria - Reviewer: LibertyResTutor 11/25/10 12:34 PM EST
Full Comment: TO akbagaria... when you pay the 20 euros for Shipping, your GPP package will automatically come with a Platinum card included with your documents. It is not clear if the bank will charge a fee to activate the card but my guess is: NO. If you have NOT sent in your 20 euros, you will receive a Silver/Gold card instead along with your documents but the documents will contain other conditions. The Forum moderator could not go into the details, for obvious reasons. YES, it sounds similar to the TRUSTEE scam, but you are not paying for these cards. The Platinum card is a Bonus for those that sent in their 20 euros. If you need help with submitting your 20 euros or you do NOT have to pay it, it's your chioce, e-mail Wayne at: The word is, you will get your package either way but I would prefer the Platinum card with the online banking feature myself. HOW TO USE Liberty Reserve CORRECTLY: First, preview your purchase/order then Click: "Confirm Order". Then, scroll to the top of the LR page. Click: (BLUE) "Log Out" button at the top of the (LR) page. This is the KEY to having your purchase register in your back office and will take you back to your GPP web site. EASY as 1-2-3! Now that you're back to your GPP back office, Click: "My Additional Policies" to see that it has been registered instantly. Hope this is helps you out.

GPP packages - Reviewer: astro777 11/23/10 07:21 AM EST
Full Comment: GPP is sending these packages very slow - about 500 - 700 per month. But they are sending. It is confirmed also by member in my upline.

Shame on you GPP members/non-members! - Reviewer: GoodKarmaBadKarma 11/21/10 10:01 PM EST
Full Comment: GPP has been doing this for forty years now, since 1970. This is the first time this has been offered/available people in the USA. AND for the e-mail dated: June 13, 2010 - it states that the payment solution they had planned on was a costly and time consuming "Mistake"! Changes had to be made! Also, this e-mail said "nothing" aboutshipping out the packages immediately. Regarding the "Cheques", members in the USA that received their package containing a "Cheque" were NOT able to deposit or cash it even though it came with a Certificate or Letter of Authenticity. US banks were NOT accepting it. Thus, a change had to be made and fast! Regular mail = subsidiary of the US Gov. and FedEx + UPS are NOT! They cost more! Also, the US Gov. does NOT want this or any program like it, to payout and they do not want it's citizens to find out that GPP is legit! The issue of Wayne assisting members to buy additional policies, blah, blah, blah... - he is NOT forcing anyone to purchase extra policies through him! If you calculate all the exchanger and payment processor fees and personal time, he doesn't make a dime! If you have a problem with it, do it yourself and risk making a mistake! OR, just shut up! OR, go "complain" on your other forum, if that's all you do in your spare time! THANK YOU!

Time 2 Fess Up - Reviewer: KingWithNoClothes 11/21/10 04:21 PM EST
Full Comment: Hi Wayne, it is time to come clean or get off the pot. Respond to what the recent reviewers to mclean101's Community Call have had to say, or stop pretending & scamming the gullible. We have all heard you repeat yourself over & over, to no avail. Also, please tell us, other than the flawed reasons already stated, why you believe the 20 Euros is legit? Please tell us how & when in return for the just 20EUR for each member, the expectation changed from, to mail the payment cheques via courier, to receive (as you repeatedly state) banking solutions options via courier. If you are in on the 20EUR scam, then simply admit it & face the music.

More Info - Reviewer: moneynow247 11/12/10 01:05 PM EST
Full Comment: Hello Wayne, Can you give us more information on the people receiving their packets such as what is in it and how it is to be sent back to GPP or what the packet looks like and how it was delivered. Also, info on who has already received their money. No names need to be said just confirmation on info above would be great.

Wayne and his fuckbuddy Joan are still bullshitting !!!!!!!! - Reviewer: mclean_bullshitter 11/10/10 01:27 AM EST
Full Comment: How many more months/years can Wayne "Bullshitter" McLean, go on scamming people. For anybody who is new around here every program that Wayne "Bullshitter" McLean pimps on his calls is a scam.

How do I fund the 20 Euros? - Reviewer: billsutt 11/04/10 09:05 AM EDT
Full Comment: Hi, I want to send off my 20 Euros, but I have no luck at all with Liberty reserve. I don't know what I am doing wrong. Can someone help. I am in the UK.

Goodbye Wayne - Reviewer: AnotherFacelessGPPma 11/02/10 01:24 AM EDT
Full Comment: You gotta Love Wayne's recent accusations, that it is the members to blame for the failure of GPP. Sure thing, very convenient. Now that Wayne and the rest of the GPP scammers have been revealed for what they are, just take a look at who has our funds, to identify the perps. The usual scammer MO (method of operation) is to slink away quietly and crawl under a rock at this embarrassing stage, before the authorities arrive as per Imperia. We gave you every opportunity to fess up & you insulted our intelligence, by ignoring the member's questions and repeating the same drivel week after week. We didn't all just arrive from Mars this week. Looking forward thanks, to immediate fulfillment of your personal guarantee to reimburse our funds. Merry Christmas.

GPP Trustee Update - Reviewer: fromfaraway 11/01/10 10:21 AM EDT
Full Comment: Lady Aston, the reason that only some members are receiving the email updates from the trustee is because they have purchased the debit card. It's that simple. If you want to receive the emails direct from the trustee then you need to purchase a debit card. You too will then receive the update emails direct from the trustee when they send us an update. The initial contact from the trustee to the representives was not done by email but rather a fedex package was sent to the various appointed people (one per country) for them to send the information via email or personal contact, NOT by forum to let fellow members know. This has been stated many many times now. Why do you keep asking this question?

- Reviewer: pVzq7h49fs251uR8a 10/27/10 12:13 AM EDT

to Jeremy88 - Reviewer: TyQuishia 10/24/10 03:04 PM EDT
Full Comment: I am waiting just like everyone else. i said he was a liar because he said i stated something bad about him and i didn't i just said what he stated in his call week before last that if he did receive his package he and wouldn't said whats in it that's all and if you don't believe that listen to it again. like i said he lied on me which make him a liar i didn't say it was a scam i said i hope that these people on here who are saying it is, are not telling the truth because i put money in to GPP also. and if anyone have a problem with me calling him a liar because he lied on me then so be it

The King has no clothes - Reviewer: GPPreviewer 10/19/10 04:49 PM EDT
Full Comment: It is unfortunate that the members seem to be unable to communicate directly with the management of GPP, and as a result have little choice but to vent their frustrations on public forums such as this. It has been obvious to the majority of GPP member listeners for quite some time. that truth is not being shared by Wayne. mclean101's Community Call is a business (of sorts) that makes a profit on the side, by managing the LR payments on behalf of gullible members. His tunnel vision, suggests that he also 'in on' the 20 Euro to post a cheque scam. What other forum corroborates the myth that package landings are occurring globally in their thousands. Remember, that a major feature used to recruit members, was that GPP would never ask for money again, after the 'one time' membership fee, unlike previous RPPs. Perhaps Wayne would like to reveal on the call today, what programs as discussed on mclean101's Community Call, have paid out? More likely though, we will hear the same old predictable story, global landings in their thousands, buy more policies, pay for your package, bla bla bla

Be Honest - Reviewer: lion 10/14/10 01:43 AM EDT
Full Comment: Tell us what are the changes in the banking world which necessitate this delay. We can then do "due diligence" and see whet