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Title: Pandemonium Radio: Max & Relax, 6/5/18

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Past Episodes (60)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
06/05/2018 10:00 PM EDT
Pandemonium Radio: Max & Relax, 6/5/18
05/29/2018 10:00 PM EDT
Pandemonium Radio: Max & Relax 5/29/2018
05/15/2018 10:45 PM EDT
Pandemonium Radio: Max & Relax, 5/15/18
05/01/2018 10:30 PM EDT
Pandemonium Radio: Max & Relax, 5/1/18
04/10/2018 10:00 PM EDT
Pandemonium Radio Max & Relax 04/10/2018
03/27/2018 10:15 PM EDT
pandemonium Radio: Max & Relax, 3/27/18
03/20/2018 10:15 PM EDT
Pandemonium Radio: Max & Relax 3/20/2018
02/27/2018 10:30 PM EST
Pandemonium Radio: Max & Relax Wakanda Style 2/27/2018
02/13/2018 10:30 PM EST
pandemonium Radio: Max & Relax, Aunt Yocheved 02/13/2018
02/06/2018 10:00 PM EST
pandemonium Radio: Max & Relax, C. Marie is our guess 2/6/2018
01/30/2018 10:00 PM EST
Pandemonium Radio: Max & Relax 1/30/2018
01/23/2018 10:15 PM EST
pandemonium Radio: Max & Relax,Vegas Hoterppers 1/23/2018
11/14/2017 09:00 PM EST
pandemonium Radio: Max & Relax,New York Lecture 11/14/17
11/07/2017 09:45 PM EST
Pandemonium Radio: FAFAA tonight. Join us Live
10/17/2017 10:05 PM EDT
pandemonium Radio: Max & Relax,Vegas Hoterp-pers 10/17/17


BP Oil spell lol - Reviewer: ITzNATURE 10/06/17 02:29 AM EDT
Full Comment: Ask alexa/amazon firestick if it works for the cia watch it turns off lol

Half Pan(demonium) Half Amazing - Reviewer: CoalhouseWalker 01/31/17 08:49 PM EST
Full Comment: Pan means universal, all, etc. On earth, that means hitting all 5 senses. Palo Oil: Smell & Touch Panic Pack: Taste (I drink) Panic Lectures: Sight Pandemonium Radio: Hear Thanks Brother

Fuck Panic - Reviewer: TheRealMuzzle 07/11/16 10:50 PM EDT
Full Comment: if it wasnt for panics (hip hop approach) to teaching id probably be stuck. i owe panic my life in many ways. some teachers slowly wake you up over time and let you hit the snooze button as long as you worship them. this nigga is the type to kick you off the top bunk to wake ya ass up. i always hated when i would help or teach ppl and over time it seemed as if they loved ME more that they loved WHAT taught or helped them with. that kinda builds up a responsibility that i didnt want of being that good person. recently it finally clicked in a friends head and she said "i asked myself why do i feel that what he says is right, fuck what he says" and i smiled and said EXACTLY. that is the most beautiful thing ive heard from a friend who turned student who now turned their own teacher. Panic has been saying for years to DO YOU. i hope you all are at the point where you appreciate panic enough to say fuck panic lol. theres like a million hrs of free info online and he is still blessing us with this radio show. and now he even got a TEAM!!! damn!! i respect you all enough to say fuck yall. i cant wait for the next episode. keep up the great work everybody!! - Muzz

this nigga is saving souls - Reviewer: marieamaya13 07/10/16 06:29 PM EDT
Full Comment: nuff said

The truth!!! - Reviewer: NyGa1 07/07/16 02:17 PM EDT
Full Comment: Absolutely love this program!! Panic drops many jewels in a way that it's easy to grab! Thanks for the great content. The team is doing a great job in facilitating the show! Looking forward to what's to come....

Nothing but knowledge that you can really use - Reviewer: docstrange 07/06/16 11:21 PM EDT
Full Comment: Panic drops nothing but fire. Get your yellow pad and pen out and get ready to take your knowledge to another level!

Panic -- Undilued - Reviewer: sayiddahbey 06/28/16 10:57 PM EDT
Full Comment: It was time for Brother Panic to do this....undiluted occult it!

Expert Teaching - Reviewer: bohurdle 06/07/16 09:11 PM EDT
Full Comment: No nonsense occult wisdom. A must for anyone trying to achieve higher spiritual knowledge! :-)