KARL_LENTZ_conman's Community Call
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Hosted by: KARL_LENTZ_conman
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Title: EPISODE2 - KARL_LENTZ_conman's Community Call

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12/31/2014 12:45 PM EST
EPISODE1 - KARL_LENTZ_conman's Community Call
12/28/2014 05:46 PM EST
EPISODE2 - KARL_LENTZ_conman's Community Call


karl lentz common law speaker - Reviewer: Portzfamily 02/11/15 05:36 PM EST
Full Comment: Don't send money, send your appreciation for all his effort in educating all mankind to the law and processes that most are unfamiliar with, that without this knowledge, the negative impact can be overwhelming. Or spend your own labors and dedicate your time to learn on your own.. best of luck

he is a con-man - Reviewer: KARL_LENTZ_conman 12/31/14 12:56 PM EST
Full Comment: magic bean selling conman do not send him any money