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Title: EPISODE 14 One World one Government

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Past Episodes (14)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
04/28/2015 08:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 14 One World one Government
03/24/2015 08:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 13 - Motive
02/17/2015 08:00 PM EST
EPISODE 12 - Wrapping it all up - The End
02/10/2015 08:00 PM EST
EPISODE 11 - Getting to the Bottom Line
02/03/2015 08:00 PM EST
EPISODE 10 I AM Master of My World
01/20/2015 08:00 PM EST
EPISODE 09 - Practice of Idolatry
01/13/2015 08:00 PM EST
EPISODE 08 - General chit chat - more on prepaid
01/06/2015 08:00 PM EST
EPISODE 07 Q & A - The Sacrifice
12/16/2014 08:00 PM EST
EPISODE 06 - Revealing the Deception, Heirs according to the Promise
12/09/2014 08:00 PM EST
EPISODE 05 - Money, credit - Who owns it?
12/02/2014 08:00 PM EST
EPISODE 04 - NOTICE and The Law
11/25/2014 08:00 PM EST
EPISODE 03 - Administration of the law/will
11/18/2014 08:00 PM EST
EPISODE02 - Ecclesiastes 12:13 - Duty of Man
11/12/2014 08:00 PM EST
EPISODE 01 - Laying the Foundation


who wrote the Bible? What is it? God, god? - Reviewer: truth3 04/07/16 12:43 PM EDT
Full Comment: If my documents include words I should not say because they are not true, what do that makes me? If Congress, MADE UP organization created by men says "the Bible is the World of God", what God are they naming? I recognized IN me, the Christ within for is true the Kingdom of Heaven, is within. The Bible is a book of Laws of all forms. Information passed from generation to generation. I studied in a college History class (I was lucky the professor have 2 doctorate degrees in Medieval History) and what they did to the scribes in the days when the pope wanted them to translate some information they got from the Greek, in Latin and then English. They were starved. Food and water deprivation. Appears that a few may have died. Those who survived, they had to write not what was written, but what others wanted them to write. A hint: Who has copyright of the Book? I will not be a parrot. I will not use words that are unclean for they fail to define the Great Mystery, The Most High Supreme Creator of ALL. To IT I bow for my heart is glad and full of thanks/gracias. For ITS promise is True. Truth does liberated my Divine Mind. I am thankful much for all the sisters and brothers who along the years help me get where I am today. Best loving regards to all and best sincere wishes of Plenty of what each may need to get to the Way, the other side, higher dimension. Peace.

thank you, Adam. - Reviewer: burfordvt 02/14/16 06:37 AM EST
Full Comment: Please never think your work is in Vain, As of this moment God working in and through you Has Just taking me to another Level, I now see God's plan, And I am more Empowered to help Free The Captives, THANKS TO GOD, WORKING IN AND THROUGH THE MAN NAME ADAM,

Listen Folks - Reviewer: Arval 03/04/15 11:24 AM EST
Full Comment: yes, listen. listen to Episode 3. again and again and again. I did. I thought I'd got the message so to speak, but man oh man, there were things I must have listened to, but had not heard. I had listened to all the episodes as they unfolded, and realize now, how poorly I pay attention. There is a LOT of meat here to digest, so it bears repeated chewing. Thank you, Adam for the wonderful gifts you have .

Thank this dear man of God! - Reviewer: HouseOfKings 11/18/14 11:52 PM EST
Full Comment: I would just like to thank Adam for setting all of this up for anyone interested in learning how to renew one's heart, mind and soul in their return back to God. The time, energy and love put into to each of these calls/classes are most appreciated! I sent a small "gift" your way just to help keep this going. Thank you again and be blessed!