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Title: Starting 2 New calls: Old religion Dystopia & The Best of Nothing But the

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Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
10/22/2014 09:50 PM EDT
Organized Religion=spiritual death, Illuminiti Jesuit reduction PR.
10/22/2014 01:00 PM EDT
Conversation with Joggler66: Episode 2
10/19/2014 11:00 AM EDT
Jesuits, Reduction camps, Illuminati, Albert pike, Mormonism & More
10/18/2014 09:30 PM EDT
"The Doctrine Of The Nicolaitanes & Baalam"
10/17/2014 10:00 PM EDT
"Why is it important to know anti-christ?" With Walt Stickel
10/16/2014 10:00 PM EDT
Romanism & The Reformation: ep.2 "Sodomy: Divine Recompense for idolatry"
10/15/2014 08:40 PM EDT
"Jesuits Helped Start Two World Wars" By: Bobby G. Limeta
10/13/2014 05:35 PM EDT
F. Tupper Saussy's book "Rulers of Evil", Chapter 1. Subliminal Rome
10/13/2014 01:00 PM EDT
Coversation with Joggler66: episode 1 From "Truther" to "Disciple"
10/10/2014 11:00 PM EDT
Romanism and The Reformation: Episode 1 Protestantism


looks like someone missed the bigger picture - Reviewer: Jericanman 03/06/17 04:39 PM EST
Full Comment: ive not listened to the podcast for about 6 months.. looks like this has gone the way of many others and cant see the wood for the trees.... missing the grand picture.... yeh dude the bible is messed up.... yeh secret society's have their hand in things...yeh history is sketchy i think you might have realized the obvious fact that everything the world is telling us is opposite from the truth.. organized religious organizations included. guess what the world is never selling true Christianity... and yeah every christian you come across will suck balls ... duh.... they are fucked up humans. you cant know anything... go read job and see how his quest for knowledge went... guess what he sucked at it as well and he was apparently godly.... seems like you have done the old classic.... not disproved god just decided you don't like him.... waaaa..waaa the god of the old testament is mean and bad..... suck it up... you dont expect lesser beings in your life to understand your actions.. even if they are in their ultimate benefit. personally my chorkie dog was not pleased when i poured salt down his neck after he ate his body weight in chocolate as a puppy... he even bit me....then puked it up.... if i didn't do that he would be dead now... he will never understand that horrible action by his reasoning was actually for his benefit because i love him... he still dislikes me opening his mouth. but regardless i saved his life that day.... as a lesser intelligence i don't expect him to understand. but i love him regardless.. guess what he is probably closer to my intelligence than you are to god, by a long fucking shot...and he cant understand my actions but you apparently have the audacity to ...... guess what he still loves you too but just like my dog you feel bitter about what you cant understand

- Reviewer: Aussie Luke 01/16/16 10:47 PM EST

- Reviewer: LiquidSmooth 06/30/15 01:36 PM EDT

RE: The Soul 11/9/2014 show - Reviewer: InquisitionNews 11/10/14 04:09 AM EST
Full Comment: A soul is the combination of the spirit and the body. When someone dies the spirit goes back to God that gave it, while the body remains in the grave waiting for the resurrection.