Citizens Against Harmful Technology
Category: Education
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Hosted by: Strider22
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 134999
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Title: EPISODE 109 - Citizens Against Harmful Technology

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Title: EPISODE 107 - Citizens Against Harmful Technology

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Scheduled Episodes

Time: Duration: Title:
12/24/2017 08:27 PM EST
120 min
EPISODE 109 - Citizens Against Harmful Technology

Past Episodes (128)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
09/26/2016 01:48 AM EDT
EPISODE 42 B - Citizens Against Harmful Technology
09/25/2016 08:34 PM EDT
EPISODE 42 - Citizens Against Harmful Technology
09/19/2016 01:41 AM EDT
EPISODE 41B - Citizens Against Harmful Technology
09/18/2016 08:34 PM EDT
EPISODE 41 - Citizens Against Harmful Technology
09/12/2016 01:57 AM EDT
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09/11/2016 08:30 PM EDT
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09/05/2016 02:19 AM EDT
EPISODE 39B - Citizens Against Harmful Technology
09/04/2016 09:10 PM EDT
EPISODE 39 - Citizens Against Harmful Technology


THE END OF LEGITIMATE CALLS - Reviewer: DeerinSunshine 11/06/17 06:41 AM EST
Full Comment: IT'S TOO BAD the powers that be have opened the floodgates to our enemy. The welcoming of RyanInformer22 and his gang of retrobates into this group by whomever, will be the end of any meaningful calls and all those who seriously needed help. Thanx for your call Neal. It's too bad you go along to get along. It's just too bad for the group of needy people you have allowed to be drowned out by these perps.

HEPCtheLightPerp - Reviewer: FatassCindyFuckedSTL 10/11/17 12:07 AM EDT
Full Comment: *SeetheLight caught Hep C from Deerinheadlights, filthy rotten crotch Karen has admitted to having Hep C*

- Reviewer: SHUTDOWNNEILKAREN 09/26/17 01:59 AM EDT

- Reviewer: Deerinheadlights 09/26/17 01:58 AM EDT

- Reviewer: RyanInformer22 09/26/17 01:57 AM EDT

Best Calls out here - Reviewer: Huggybear 05/01/17 11:45 AM EDT
Full Comment: Neal's room is one of the best, next to Scott Hensler's. Of late, there are major issues in his posting chat area due to the recent smal lbatch of TIs. I have never seen so much stupidity conversing with all the perpetrators nicely, but talking badly about every TI on the calls. While they try to find support, certain others are in the room making fun of her/him while they're nice to the perps. This is unheard of. Neal, you have a great room but of late a really bad batch of Tis whom act extremely opinionated, controlling and very immature. If anyone wants to listen to Scott Hensler, whom sane made fun of and took off their youtube channel, Scott's calls are on Mon., Wed. and Fri. at Blogtalk - His webpage is at w/contact information. Hang in there Neal. Most know you're call is the best. Excellent calls Neal. Bad small batch of TIs who mingle w/perps.