Citizens Against Harmful Technology
Category: Education
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Hosted by: Strider22
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 134999
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Title: EPISODE 138B - Citizens Against Harmful Technology

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Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
08/27/2017 08:28 PM EDT
EPISODE 92 - Citizens Against Harmful Technology
08/21/2017 01:35 AM EDT
EPISODE 91B Late Night Call - Citizens Against Harmful Technology
08/20/2017 08:28 PM EDT
EPISODE 91 - Citizens Against Harmful Technology
08/14/2017 01:19 AM EDT
EPISODE 90B - Citizens Against Harmful Technology
08/13/2017 08:27 PM EDT
EPISODE 90 - Citizens Against Harmful Technology
08/07/2017 01:41 AM EDT
EPISODE 89B - Citizens Against Harmful Technology
08/06/2017 08:27 PM EDT
EPISODE 89 Citizens Against Harmful Technology
07/31/2017 01:37 AM EDT
EPISODE 88B - Citizens Against Harmful Technology
07/30/2017 08:28 PM EDT
EPISODE 88 - Citizens Against Harmful Technology
07/24/2017 01:37 AM EDT
EPISODE 87B - Citizens Against Harmful Technology
07/23/2017 08:29 PM EDT
EPISODE 87 - Citizens Against Harmful Technology
07/17/2017 01:42 AM EDT
EPISODE 86B - Citizens Against Harmful Technology
07/16/2017 08:29 PM EDT
EPISODE 86 - Citizens Against Harmful Technology
07/10/2017 01:40 AM EDT
EPISODE 85B - Citizens Against Harmful Technology
07/09/2017 08:28 PM EDT
EPISODE 85 - Citizens Against Harmful Technology


Emergency: you must protect youre head crotch and back-lungs and heart - Reviewer: strainallurineboy 05/22/18 03:07 PM EDT
Full Comment: The death crews were sent out by halliburton of texas, darpa, raytheon corp the source of all unitedstatesareonauticalspaceagencyadministration 1955-1966 the human brain radio people full 1955+ illegal no humanrights agency of the usa. take a ballcap 2 emergencyspaceblankets fold them 3 layers cover head ears neck and to nose and jawbone, with those 2, add a 3rd down the back to the chair ruffled and folded in a curve to make a 3 layer spinal heart and lung protector from the back of the cap. take 2 emergency spaceblankets fold them in 1/2 pull them between underwear bellybutton to back and add 1 more again from lower front of crotch to hanging out the back leave 3/4 a foot handing out the front and back of underware. wrap feet 2x with 1 full space blanket and legs to knees. any and every time you go to sleep have 2 spare ones to cover chest belly button when sonic concussions start to your belly while sleeping and face.

- Reviewer: SHUTDOWNNEILKAREN 01/22/18 04:12 AM EST

- Reviewer: JiveryWong 01/22/18 04:11 AM EST

I look forward to Neal's weekly call - Reviewer: EllaFree 01/21/18 08:14 PM EST
Full Comment: Great call and entertaining as well! I always smile at some point, which is a welcome relief.

- Reviewer: DeerinSunshine 01/08/18 04:04 AM EST

- Reviewer: Deerinheadlights 09/26/17 01:58 AM EDT

- Reviewer: RyanInformer22 09/26/17 01:57 AM EDT

Best Calls out here - Reviewer: Huggybear 05/01/17 11:45 AM EDT
Full Comment: Neal's room is one of the best, next to Scott Hensler's. Of late, there are major issues in his posting chat area due to the recent smal lbatch of TIs. I have never seen so much stupidity conversing with all the perpetrators nicely, but talking badly about every TI on the calls. While they try to find support, certain others are in the room making fun of her/him while they're nice to the perps. This is unheard of. Neal, you have a great room but of late a really bad batch of Tis whom act extremely opinionated, controlling and very immature. If anyone wants to listen to Scott Hensler, whom sane made fun of and took off their youtube channel, Scott's calls are on Mon., Wed. and Fri. at Blogtalk - His webpage is at w/contact information. Hang in there Neal. Most know you're call is the best. Excellent calls Neal. Bad small batch of TIs who mingle w/perps.