You Can Build It, Your Business
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Hosted by: Chuck Bartok
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 13372
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Title: EPISODE399 - You Can Build It, Your Business

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Past Episodes (391)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
02/11/2015 09:30 PM EST
EPISODE339 - You Can Build It, Your Business
01/28/2015 09:30 PM EST
EPISODE338 - You Can Build It, Your Business
01/14/2015 09:30 PM EST
EPISODE337 - You Can Build It, Your Business
01/07/2015 09:30 PM EST
EPISODE336 - You Can Build It, Your Business
12/17/2014 09:30 PM EST
EPISODE335 - You Can Build It, Your Business
12/10/2014 09:30 PM EST
EPISODE334 - You Can Build It, Your Business
12/03/2014 09:30 PM EST
EPISODE333 - You Can Build It, Your Business
11/26/2014 09:30 PM EST
EPISODE332 - You Can Build It, Your Business
11/19/2014 09:30 PM EST
EPISODE331 - You Can Build It, Your Business
11/12/2014 09:30 PM EST
EPISODE330 - You Can Build It, Your Business
11/05/2014 09:30 PM EST
EPISODE329 - You Can Build It, Your Business
10/29/2014 09:30 PM EDT
EPISODE328 - You Can Build It, Your Business
10/22/2014 09:30 PM EDT
EPISODE327 - You Can Build It, Your Business
10/15/2014 09:30 PM EDT
EPISODE326 - You Can Build It, Your Business
10/08/2014 09:30 PM EDT
EPISODE325 - You Can Build It, Your Business


hello - Reviewer: amina03 10/14/15 04:55 AM EDT
Full Comment: hello dear my name is amina please i will like us to know each other but am not often here on contact me with my email i will introduce myself to you and also tell you the reason why i contacted you ( please i will be waiting to hear from you

Just found Chuck Bartok - Reviewer: Tadpole 09/15/15 09:37 PM EDT
Full Comment: I am seeker of knowledge of all sorts. I found Chuck while trying to find some business advice. Chuck provides basic fundamentals of Marketing and Budgeting. He's a great conversationalist. He's taught that People buy from People, not companies. So market and sell yourself with Relationships. Great Stuff Chuck. I have been listening to all of your old calls and will try to join in on anymore current calls. Go Chuck!

Extremely Impressed - Reviewer: enterglobal 11/21/12 10:29 PM EST
Full Comment: I am extremely impressed with the knowledge & expertise shared from Chuck Bartok. His 50+ years of wisdom has enlightened me on several topics I've recently re-discovered. It impresses me even more that for 241+ weeks, he's hosted this call helping anyone at virtually no cost, other than your time/energy invested in the call. I'll definitely make this part of my ritual. Beau Carlisle Enterglobal, LLC "Got Problems? We Have Solutions!" Ask me how we can save your company an average of $600 per employee each year.

Master Marketer = Chuck Bartok - Reviewer: CedReynolds 09/20/10 01:03 PM EDT
Full Comment: If you've ever heard Chuck train, you know right away he speaks from experience. Chuck is not a man that teaches just the theories of marketing, he teaches how to apply the theory. Anybody wanting to learn how to become a Master Marketer would do good to listen to Chuck's podcasts here on Talkshoe. Thanks Chuck for all your encouragement and wisdom. Ced Reynolds, The Entrepreneurial Pastor Ced

Information every marketer should heed - Reviewer: Kooiii 08/13/10 12:03 AM EDT
Full Comment: Having just listened to a few episodes of Chucks Podcasts it is plainly evident here is a man who cares about others before self his information is easy to understand and well thought out, Chuck leads these podcasts with a gentleness and expertise few people possess, his shows are always well illustrated with links to the right kind of information you need to be a success.

Fantastic information and great people - Reviewer: steveffeo 02/27/09 06:41 PM EST
Full Comment: Great group of friendly people who not only know what they are doing but they follow through and help Non-profits at the same time. It is the best of all worlds.

A home run - Reviewer: jeffreydrhodes 12/28/08 03:06 PM EST
Full Comment: Chuck Bartock knocks this one out of the park. Practical ideas you can use immediately to take your business to the next level.

Impressed - Reviewer: What Am I Saying 09/06/08 01:15 AM EDT
Full Comment: Chuck this was my first participation in a live call in program and I was amazed at your level of knowledge! I thank you for bringing me into your community and follower of listeners. I look forward to hearing your next show!

Very Informative - Reviewer: FrankOlson 07/12/08 05:27 AM EDT
Full Comment: Wow! I was really impressed with the content and information covered in Episode 8. Even if you only plan on making a few dollars a month in a home based biz. on the side... I highly recommend Episode #8 among others. --- Frank Olson

Love the common sense - Reviewer: Denise McNerney 05/15/08 03:08 AM EDT
Full Comment: Hi Chuck and friends, I love the down to earth honesty and practicality of the way that you explain things. Get your finances in order, understand that you are running a business and learn how to do the bookwork. Thanks, keep up the good work!

BMC Call 1 - Reviewer: MoRambler 02/09/08 09:50 PM EST
Full Comment: Very Professional! Chuck and friends lay out a very smooth presentation.