The Political Jungle
Category: Politics
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Hosted by: Jenn of the Jungle
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 13177
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Title: Trump This!

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Past Episodes (96)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
07/19/2015 10:00 PM EDT
Trump This!
05/17/2015 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE242 - The Political Jungle
11/05/2012 09:04 PM EST
Election Eve Party!
10/16/2012 10:53 PM EDT
EPISODE236 - The Political Jungle
06/24/2012 02:03 AM EDT
EPISODE233 - The Political Jungle
04/26/2012 10:05 PM EDT
How Do You Solve A Problem Like Obama?
01/24/2012 10:05 PM EST
12/04/2011 10:36 PM EST
EPISODE222 - The Political Jungle
11/26/2011 09:05 PM EST
The One About The GOP
10/15/2011 09:03 PM EDT
Occupy THIS!
09/28/2011 11:08 PM EDT
EPISODE217 - The Political Jungle
09/28/2011 01:58 AM EDT
EPISODE216 - The Political Jungle
09/24/2011 09:33 PM EDT
Whine and Cheese Special
09/05/2011 08:39 PM EDT
EPISODE214 - The Political Jungle
08/28/2011 06:40 PM EDT
EPISODE213 - The Political Jungle


- Reviewer: Infidel News Hour 03/01/11 11:46 PM EST

Great show - Reviewer: dj1997 02/27/11 01:00 PM EST
Full Comment: Love hanging out with Jenn!

Reince Priebus - Reviewer: iconoclast 01/22/11 06:52 PM EST
Full Comment: If you take the vowels out, it's RNC PR BS

- Reviewer: getOUTofARM 01/16/11 07:12 PM EST

In Response To Louie Bee - Reviewer: Jenn of the Jungle 01/15/10 02:21 PM EST
Full Comment: All right Louie, I'll check it out. Thanks for coming by. I like Talkshoe.

Jenn rocks - Reviewer: Neo Khan 09/24/09 03:39 PM EDT
Full Comment: Jenn Rocks! Awesome shows as always! Jenn I finally took your suggestion and will be coming to Talk Shoe.

- Reviewer: johndoereport 09/19/09 07:36 PM EDT

Jenn rawks - Reviewer: Annieflies 06/17/09 01:09 AM EDT
Full Comment: Jenn of the Jungle is a raw brutally honest host, who is not afraid to talk about anything or anyone. She garners an audience of intelligent listeners, and many callers, sincerely interested in letting them have their say, and giving the bad ones plenty of rope to hang themselves with. Spend an hour with Jenn and her friends and become one with the RANT! Can I have my money now?

Fun show with insightful commentary... - Reviewer: Larry ( 05/17/09 01:14 AM EDT
Full Comment: Jenn of the Jungle is a STAR !!! An absolutely politically incorrect STAR, that is. You'll agree with half of what she says and if you're sane, not understand the rest.

How to describe her... - Reviewer: DrPete 04/25/09 06:39 PM EDT
Full Comment: Jenn is, in a word, awesome. She says what Conservatives around the world are thinking & has no filter. She really is the layman Ann Coulter!

Poor Delusional Pooper Scooper - Reviewer: HOLA 04/02/09 11:56 AM EDT
Full Comment: Yes she does use words well doesn't she. The fact that she thinks you are a flaming leftist moron shouldn't make you so mad. The idea that suddenly we are all just going to "get along" and the world will sing a collective Kumbaya is a vat of shat and somewhere in your vast cavernous empty head of your Scoops, even you know that. You must have a very large brain to hold such a vast amount of sheer ignorance. You are a bore, and a very dull one at that. Darwin would NOT be pleased to see how inefficiently evolution sometimes works. I am reminded of something relevant that Benjamin Disraeli said: "He was distinguished for ignorance - for he had only one idea and that was wrong." Run along now Scoopy.

AMAZING! - Reviewer: Scoops! 04/02/09 12:18 AM EDT
Full Comment: She is a vault of shat. A sad and honest example of how words can be used so well by someone so dumb; without a clue; savant like, and yet be so fucking dumb. She yearns for Galt's Gulch yet has no idea what that is. AMAZINGLY DUMB. But so much fun I can't stand it! I'm a fan!! You will be too!!!

To John Doe - Reviewer: TruthersSuck 03/23/09 10:55 PM EDT
Full Comment: Hey moron....Jenn of the Jungle is STILL ON BTR. She was NOT kicked off. LOL. Never has been kicked off. In fact she has a show tomorrow. Spin This. Go back to your freak show now, run along.

triple agent - Reviewer: SNKris 02/25/09 02:49 AM EST
Full Comment: I confirm Jenn is from the Government and you are all busted.

I Can't Believe I Have Become a Jenn Groupie..... - Reviewer: RSassy 01/29/09 12:06 AM EST
Full Comment: but hell, she's good. She says everything we want to say, with extra rounds added. Libtards best be up to the challenge should they enter here.

Love your show - Reviewer: DesertRose 01/22/09 03:09 AM EST
Full Comment: Always enjoy your talkshoe shows.

Even though you muted me - Reviewer: Louie Bee 01/11/09 03:30 AM EST
Full Comment: your great my show isnt all about me saying the n word in fact it has been a while listen to my show i have calmed down a lot check me out someday saturdays and sundays at 7pm