Converting Website Visitors To Customers
Category: Computers
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Hosted by: jciarallo
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 12907
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no way in - Reviewer: mdooley 01/24/08 03:01 PM EST
Full Comment: Followed the link in the daily email and tried on two different computers running windows and only got a 1 minute running time with someone saying "hello". Both computers were Windows - XP and Vista. Did I do something wrong?

No working with Linux? - Reviewer: Lyceum1776 01/24/08 02:21 PM EST
Full Comment: I am sitting at home, trying to listen to the show. But I don't think I could access to the show due to the operating system. I look forward to listen to the show later on. All the Best, Martin Lindeskog