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Title: EPISODE82 - Meet Author Tia Petty- Rodgers

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Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
09/13/2007 07:00 PM EDT
EPISODE35 - Dr. Lisa Price Stevens -Listen to one of your favorite shows
09/06/2007 07:00 PM EDT
EPISODE34 - Want to become a Millionaire? Find out how
08/30/2007 07:00 PM EDT
EPISODE33 - Linda and Guest author Vanessa Miller
08/23/2007 07:00 PM EDT
EPISODE32 - Money Matters with Jaynee Sasso
08/16/2007 07:00 PM EDT
EPISODE31 - Book Proposals 101: Writing a proposal that can land you a deal
08/09/2007 07:00 PM EDT
EPISODE30 - Dr. Lisa Price Steven's is In. What is depression?
08/02/2007 07:00 PM EDT
EPISODE29 - How to Market your self-published book
07/26/2007 07:00 PM EDT
EPISODE28 - Money Matters with Jaynee Sasso
07/19/2007 07:00 PM EDT
EPISODE27 - Let's Talk Writing With Stacy
07/12/2007 07:00 PM EDT
EPISODE26 - Please download a previous episode of "The Doctor Is In"
07/05/2007 07:00 PM EDT
EPISODE25 - The Balancing Act
06/28/2007 07:00 PM EDT
EPISODE24 - Money Matters with Jaynee Sasso
06/21/2007 07:00 PM EDT
EPISODE23 - Let's Talk Writing With Stacy
06/14/2007 07:00 PM EDT
EPISODE22 - What You Want To Know About Your Skin/Dr. Lisa Stevens
06/07/2007 07:00 PM EDT
EPISODE20 - Are you a Servant Leader?


kimmie book club - Reviewer: prophetpate 02/08/07 10:43 PM EST
Full Comment: Very good ,i relly enjoyed the hour listening to the book review. It good to know our young people is taking a intrest in the world of reading . to the book review .

The Talking Book Show - Reviewer: Jaynee Sasso 01/25/07 08:47 PM EST
Full Comment: Thanks PM Book Cafe for inspiring me to write and giving me further insight into the literary world. Your show is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful !!! Anyone interested in becoming a better writer this talkcast is a must for you.

The Talking Show - Reviewer: sylkerr 01/25/07 07:59 PM EST
Full Comment: I have enjoyed all of your shows .They have been educational, inspiring, and entertaining.To night was a winner!! May God continue to bless and keep you because your ministry is magnificent.