Uncommonlaw by Karl
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Title: EPISODE182 - Uncommonlaw by Karl

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03/21/2015 06:09 PM EDT
EPISODE182 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
03/16/2015 12:01 PM EDT
EPISODE181 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
03/14/2015 07:00 PM EDT
EPISODE 180 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
03/07/2015 06:00 PM EST
EPISODE179 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
02/28/2015 04:45 PM EST
EPISODE178 - Un-common-law in accordance to Karl
02/21/2015 07:00 PM EST
EPISODE177 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
02/21/2015 04:40 PM EST
EPISODE176 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
02/14/2015 07:00 PM EST
EPISODE175 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
02/14/2015 06:00 PM EST
EPISODE173 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
02/14/2015 04:51 PM EST
EPISODE174 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
02/07/2015 06:00 PM EST
EPISODE 172 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
01/31/2015 07:00 PM EST
EPISODE 171 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
01/24/2015 05:00 PM EST
EPISODE 169 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
01/17/2015 11:45 PM EST
EPISODE168 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
01/17/2015 05:45 PM EST
EPISODE 167 - Uncommonlaw by Karl -- Lady Guyana vs. CPS


transcripts - Reviewer: robroy61 02/25/15 03:37 PM EST
Full Comment: Karl's EARLYCALLS scribed uclscourtofrecord.freeforums.org/transcripts-t32.html copy.com/WSbD4Nzlh6CR Misc Transcripts from Audios and E-mails myprivateaudio.com/Karl-Lentz.html [Karl's case is here also BUT his stylized court filings have been greatly streamlined since. i believe his shortest claim is; Trespass; administrating property without right] talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/talkCast.jsp?masterId=127469&cmd=tc [episode 81, 9-28-13, 44 min. gets kids back] like Karl says he dont tell all, and, he aint said anything new, he did however powerfully remind us that man has right and authority which trumps the authority we loaned government, and can take back any time we want [and hope Batman is mistaken]

are you a (wo)man or person - Reviewer: clintos 01/29/15 04:20 AM EST
Full Comment: how to become a (wo)man and get rid of the person. helps you right back to reality instead of living in the fiction. great info karl and bali and friends.

Common Sense - Reviewer: Skitto 01/13/15 12:24 AM EST
Full Comment: Karl's material is just common sense, it makes sense to me and i'm a young-un by comparison with a lot of his audience, it seems. I have something worrying me and can't wait to get my courage up to file my claim, but am confident in my right as a man and duty as a man, and feel safe for the future even though I have a case in pseudo-limbo. 5 stars, the dude is awesome, and i wish your case good luck in its future, man!

Merry Christmas Karl - Reviewer: Mohuskerton 01/05/15 09:24 AM EST
Full Comment: Just wanted to pop in and say HI Karl, I've been listening to your videos on the youboob consistently for the last couple weeks and wanted to thank you so much for what you are doing. After studying the so called freeman movement for a couple years I've finally discovered how to truly grasp this thru your simple approach, its absolutely cognitive and amazing:) Imma hit up your website and donate some dough so you can keep moving forward with your projects, GOD BLESS YOU KARL:)

Karl has found the missing pieces to this puzzle - Reviewer: The Uncle Hammy 11/14/14 11:48 AM EST
Full Comment: I have only been listening to Karl for a couple of weeks,,,,but i already realize he has found the missing piece to all of this. We have all been racking our brains to win as the defendant, or to prevent joinder to the legal person/corporation/citizen.... Struggling in their 2 dimensional world of paper nonsense,,,all the while the answer was hidden in plain sight. Thanks a lot Karl.. It's just amazing that no lawyers, judges, former politicians that obviously know this information have never come forward or even anonymously shared this. They have to see what this is doing to the people and the big picture. I know it benefits them short term,,but it destroys all of us long term...

i have court on 11-10-14 - Reviewer: standonit 11/07/14 11:20 PM EST
Full Comment: thou art a busy man i know. We spoke all of 10 seconds and lost reception as thou traveled through the mountains. When reconnecting we spoke just long enough for thou to tell me thou would call me back in a few minutes. i have court on Monday 11-10-14. I have been both physically and financially injured. Magistrate's office and hwy patrol office both have told me that the officer is the only one to prosecute the ticket, not a DA. That's not the only lie they have told. My car was towed, my arm had to be bandaged and the cop tried to hang more charges on me. I want and need to buy material you offer as well as your help and direction to properly learn and handle this situation. i do not want for my family and i to be damaged anymore. i do stand to be injured more if i mess this up. Please, i ask for your help. i was hoping you would have a saturday call, but none has been scheduled. Please forgive me using this method trying to contact you, as i have tried all i have found. Thou have both the house and cell #. Please call any time day or night. Any consideration given is greatly appreciated.

where do you file a claim, against who, children are property - Reviewer: melissa777 10/06/14 06:39 AM EDT
Full Comment: Where do you file a claim... to restore your property (child) from foster care? What exacty do you say on the claim? Do you take it to small claims court? Who do you address the claim to? It would be nice if this show was labled with titles. What is Karls email address? Does he help people who lost their child to cps?

A must listen for those who want to live as free men and women. - Reviewer: Myatding 10/04/14 06:14 PM EDT
Full Comment: Karl's teachings are a huge help to those wanting to know how to act in many situations as a free man or woman. It sounds complicated but the way of thinking becomes clear after listening to many episodes. Thank you Karl and Bali for your very helpful work here. Cheers, Mark Hoza in Australia

i want to call the show - Reviewer: tjpem72 08/18/14 11:00 AM EDT
Full Comment: can you tell me what is the number to call for the uk talk show with bolly or karl please.

Judas Goat - Reviewer: Batman2 08/13/14 01:00 AM EDT
Full Comment: The one who's been know to answer to Batman is lead to beleve by the proponderence of the evidence is that the one who claims the name Karl is a judas goat?

man outranks everybody - Reviewer: jackinthebox 08/08/14 11:17 PM EDT
Full Comment: hey there Batman, why does thee eschew the name Robert ? as for the Judas goat, i can say i was lead...lead to discover that man outranks everybody. and that once i began to act like a man, i had a completely different outcome than previously when communicating with the public service. i really encourage "you" to spend a little open-minded time embracing the concepts put forth by the man; Karl. write a frikkin letter as a man to a man and be surprised. dont be afraid of what you do not know. and i aint defending Karl, only adding a counter-balance to your comment based on first-hand knowledge and experience. merci, et au revoir, & au Québec too

..."this treasure in earthen vessels"... - Reviewer: lpreacher911 06/28/14 02:45 PM EDT
Full Comment: Finally a man who fears God and still has enough salt to not care, except for the message. Your message is true and you will empower many as we become the Wo(Man) we were created to be.I am praying for you and all the men that joined you. My call is to get this Christianity thing straight. Brothers, we have a lot of work to do. I will supply your need for funds as I am lead. Remember, the people are druged, dumbed down and totally unaware of the Matrix. God Speed!!

great show karl - Reviewer: aquila1dixon 05/24/14 09:29 PM EDT
Full Comment: keep up the good work may god trull bless you and keep you in his will, you and yours are in my prayer , may god bee with you always ,peace to you and all sister aquila

i a woman - Reviewer: Amy a woman 03/22/14 04:36 PM EDT
Full Comment: Hey Karl I am trying to call Ur talk show but it will not allow me please I need to speak to u about my property I have court soon

Freedom delivered gratis - Reviewer: Boing_Snap 02/22/14 10:01 PM EST
Full Comment: Having a means to remove the legal parasites from our lives is a gift, many thanks Karl. Having seen you mention your handbook in the UK, is there any available here in Canada? Cheers,

Interesting - Reviewer: James (Blogger) 02/09/14 03:18 AM EST
Full Comment: Karl Lentz, You are doing a great job at explaining common law Thank You

top notch - Reviewer: Northampton, Northampton. 01/18/14 03:55 PM EST
Full Comment: nothing more needs to be said

i a man: NAMED valiant_man: Request Karl and Others to Read my Weird Anchorman 2 Interpretation... - Reviewer: valiant_man 12/27/13 12:38 AM EST
Full Comment: i believe: the Movie 'Anchorman 2': is Symbolically: about Thee, Karl! i: jest ye not bout this and have listened to Most [not All] Thy Publicly Upload Shows [and Angela Stark's] on TALKSHOE. i am: just a Joe Schmoe like Every man or woman who Listens to Karl's UnKommon Law Show, and For my Holiday [or Wholly-day] spirit, i Present my mindful Symbolically Written Gift to [Foremostly] Karl and Others for their Ever Preserving and Enduring Time and Energy to be Lawful men and women. i opinion: U.S. Government Agencies and Agents are Watching and Listening to Thy [Karl] Show: for i can sincerely [and Honorably: i hope] Explain Myself bout this Interpretive opinion of mine, that the Movie Anchorman 2, may yet Prove to Be Bout Karl Lentz... Ron Burgandy: is Thee [Karl Lentz?!]: for Ron, has a Mustache [like Karl: a inch or two taller: i believe], His Wife Leaves Him and Keeps His Property [Son: More About Him later], Hosts another News [Allusion to 'Law'?] Show at New York City [After Losing His Legal Battle with Harrison Ford's Character AKA JUDGE for His Legal Status At His San Diego ANCHORMAN Job?], Cross-Examines and Requests Top New York ANCHORMAN [Prosecutor?] Jack Lime [Later Jack Lame: lol!] Who Is Presumed [By Ron's New Employer: Head JUDGE at ALABAMA COURT Karl Went to Court to Restore his property] to Be Better At NEWS [Allusion to Legalities?] Than Burgandy, Ron Then Makes a Claim to Jack That He Is No Push-Over and Begins A News Trend [UnKommon Law?] that Captures the Attention of All Who Do or Practices NEWS [Allusion to Legal] and People [which Leads Him to Neglect His Son from Fame and Fortune (Allusion to the Truth that Karl and his Wife never Signed a Contract For Government Benefits, thus LEGALLY ASSUMING, that Mr. and Mrs. Lentz Will Neglect their son's Best Welfare and Interest(s); which Thee and They Wife went to Court For +- 8 Years to Get Property Restored)], Then Jack Lame [Envious of His LOSS With the NEWS Bet (Complaint) Lime [Afterwards 'Lame'] Tried Against Ron (Karl)] Sabotages Ron's Victorious Claim [Ice Skating Celebration: Allusion to 'Treading on Lawful Thin Ice' Against U.S. Government] to Being Top NEWS ANCHORMAN [Allusion to Karl's property (son) being restored] by Using a Cable [Seizure to Ron's NEWS Trend] to Cause Burgandy to Fall [Allusion to Leaving Karl Blind to LEGALESE?], His Son Walter and Ron Finds a Shark [Allusion to Karl's Person?] that Helps to Humble [Lawfully and Legally?] Burgandy's Mind, Ron Later Finds Out That Veronica [Ron's Wife] Had Erased His Doctor's [Allusion to God? Common Law? Or Something Else?] Messages Bout Medical Procedure That Can Fix His Blindness and He Does So Against His Wife's Wishes, He Is Then Confronted by Wife to See Walter's Recital [Honoring Ron: Karl, Thee has Mentioned thee has not seen thy wife and children for years, because of thy dictionary work with Common Law?]: but at the Same Time, Ron Decides to Do a EXCLUSIVE NEWS STORY [Angela Stark's TalkShoe Episode 187?] and Sincerely Explains that All the NEWS He Has Done in the Past was Shit [Allusion to the Legal nonsense of UCC Filings, Soveriegns, Freeman on the Land, etc.?], but Amends Himself by Ranting At All the Other NEWS and Claims He Shall Do Real News [Common Law?] Hence Forth From That Day, Ron Leaves Afterwards to See Walter's Recital and Is Met By All the NEWS Anchors [Karl: Thee Possibly Know the Equity People i'm Alluding to here? :P] but Manages to Escape Only After His 3rd Impartial Witness [Vince Vaughn and Ron's Other Movie Friends; U.S. Marshalls that Met Thee and Other Lawful Men and Women?] Verifies to Jack Lame [Verily Fitting Name Change and Allusion to Pro Se Persons: in my opinion] that Back At Burgandy's Home City of San Diego [Karl, thy home at Virginia?] He Is the News Man!, Burgandy Then Attends Brick [Bali?] and Chani's Wedding and See's Doby Swimming At The Ocean, Ron Swims to Meet Doby [Despite Friends Advices] and The Shark Attacks [Passport?] Him but Is Saved by Baxter [This Part of the Movie freaked my out the most! Karl: Didn't You Returned with a dog from England Recently? Anchorman 2 Was Released on December 18th, 2013! Weird...] and Returns Safely Back to the Beach [Home?], Ending the Movie. Also: Walter [Ron's Son] Spoke One Word Phrases THROUGHOUT the Movie; which i opinion [without Prejudice]; Was Direct Allusions to the Truth and Fact that thee [Karl?] living son and property, has, Down's Syndrome! this is all my opinion(s) and i Refer People to Read the Anchorman Synopsis [Summary: IMDB or Wikipedia] or See the Movie Yourselves [especially Karl: i hope] and Compare What Your Opinions Are Bout my Interpretive opinions Here. Thank Youse [Past, Present, and Future] All! valiant_man

New To This - Reviewer: davesmitte 12/19/13 05:27 PM EST
Full Comment: Just found Karl through the Uk Column. Rather than listed to 150hrs of talkshoe recordings. Is there anywhere, where I can get a condensed version of all the things Karl is advocating. ??

Karl pulls back the veil on BELIEFS; what do 'you' believe, what are 'you' LEAD to believe? - Reviewer: RealityAndPerception 10/22/13 04:50 PM EDT
Full Comment: http://1828.mshaffer.com/d/word/belief BELIE'F, n. 1. A persuasion of the truth, or an assent of mind to the truth of a declaration, proposition or alleged fact, on the ground of evidence, distinct from personal knowledge; Belief may also by founded on internal impressions, or arguments and reasons furnished by our own minds; as the belief of our senses; a train of reasoning may result in belief.

- Reviewer: ScotchSeminole 09/25/13 03:56 PM EDT

Good simple stuff no one knows! - Reviewer: DeveloperMCT (Central FL) 09/23/13 02:44 PM EDT
Full Comment: This is the #1 talk shoe I listen to. In episode #75, they speak of a video series. Does anyone know where one may download these? Thanks!!

WOW, Common Law Court of Record - Reviewer: Karl Lentz 08/29/13 06:39 PM EDT
Full Comment: Wow, what can i say? No more ... Endless CODE and Citations; just the Bare Basic of Minimalisms Ooh and i thank you all...

Conversational COMMON COURTESY CLAIM - Reviewer: jacqueceltic 08/05/13 11:08 AM EDT
Full Comment: Is it possible for the two gentle MEN who act as co-host(s) to use just a tiny bit of conversational COMMON COURTESY when Karl is speaking and when other callers are speaking? This would exponentially increase the quality of the calls because when everyone is talking over each other, which occurs unwelcomely quite frequently on these calls, the listeners of the recorded audios find it impossible to hear, decipher and understand the words that are lost in the loud indecipherable noise of the co-host(s) when everyone is talking over each other. Just a tiny bit of conversational COMMON COURTESY would go a long way for producing quality recorded audios of quality COMMON LAW conversations. Thank you gentle MEN for your COMMON CONSIDERATION for this CLAIM for conversational COMMON COURTESY.

diamond in the rough - Reviewer: iamthedivinespirit 03/28/13 10:35 PM EDT
Full Comment: karl is a true gift to those who wish more simplicity in understanding their rights and how to enforce them; thanks for all you do karl, peace and love to you.