Category: Hobbies
Description: n/a
Hosted by: CrashHancock
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 126280
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Awesome Show - Reviewer: Damage 05/19/13 08:38 PM EDT
Full Comment: Listening to this show is like hanging out down at the flying field with a great group of guys. They cover all the latest news but also get into all the wacky silly off the wall antics. The hosts are very accessible to the listeners, always available to answer a question or offer an opinion.

The Crashcast - Reviewer: BigD61 05/12/13 08:11 PM EDT
Full Comment: A great podcast with a knowledgable crew that's fun and inviting. What more could you ask for?:)

My favorite RC Podcast - Reviewer: DuffusMonkey 05/05/13 08:37 PM EDT
Full Comment: My favorite RC Podcast and VERY high on my complete list of podcast, This podcast actually got me back into flying after a 25 year break