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Title: #40: Gratefulness

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Past Episodes (41)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
02/23/2013 06:00 PM EST
#40: Gratefulness
02/22/2013 12:00 AM EST
#39: Seeds of Our Future
02/21/2013 01:11 AM EST
#38: The Sacred Nature Within Us
02/19/2013 07:00 PM EST
#37: Bodies of Light
02/18/2013 10:00 PM EST
#36: Creation of Joy
02/17/2013 11:00 PM EST
#35: Radiate Compassion
02/16/2013 05:00 PM EST
#34- Finding Happiness
02/16/2013 12:00 AM EST
#33: Tree Meditation
02/15/2013 12:00 AM EST
#32: Getting Into Your Body
02/13/2013 05:00 PM EST
#31: Breathe with Purpose
02/12/2013 04:50 PM EST
#30: Uncovering the Infinite
02/12/2013 12:00 AM EST
#29: Ancestral Breath
02/10/2013 11:00 PM EST
#28: Expanding Our Sphere of Consciousness
02/09/2013 08:00 PM EST
#27: Activate and Raise your Energy
02/09/2013 12:00 AM EST
#26: Energy of the Wind


God Bless David Less! - Reviewer: Lesliemink 02/24/13 03:15 PM EST
Full Comment: Thank you for 40 wonderful mornings. I think I can continue with meditation now that I've gone through these with you. Thank you so much.

Thank you - Reviewer: KerryBernal 02/15/13 01:24 AM EST
Full Comment: David, now 2 weeks later I am growing so much with your meditations techniques and using them through the day too. Thank you

2013 Winter Soul Feast Meditations - Reviewer: BDAdams 01/24/13 10:20 AM EST
Full Comment: I have been overwhelmingly blessed and healed through these meditations and am completely awestruck at the results = calming, healing release and refilling with much better stuff. Bless you all for doing this, Bless Mr. David Less in particular. This is just getting better and better - I've sent the link for this to friends and family and hope they are inspired to indulge, got the horse to the water though.

Looking forward to your return - Reviewer: winterfeast2013 01/23/13 01:03 PM EST
Full Comment: Thank you David Less for your beautiful contributions to this Winter Feast. I know that you are traveling in India. We look forward to you return and to the richness that you will bring with you.

Powerful! - Reviewer: davidslynch 01/23/13 11:03 AM EST
Full Comment: I have followed a few other meditation guides through the Winter Feast but David is so far my favorite. Meditations #5 and #6 were especially powerful and cathartic for me. I look forward to the rest!

winter feast for the soul meditations - Reviewer: marymarvel 01/21/13 07:06 PM EST
Full Comment: I too am finding these meditations to be very healing, I am very grateful to you Shehabuddin.

what a privilege - Reviewer: marloes 01/21/13 01:18 PM EST
Full Comment: deeply felt gratitude for all who made this possible and ofcourse David Less, what a daily joy sirkar and athena from the netherlands

Deeply greatful! - Reviewer: Alima 01/19/13 12:06 PM EST
Full Comment: Thank you so very much for these wonderful freeing meditations and your exceptional guidance, it is a blessing! With All Love, Alima

Excellent meditation series - Reviewer: WaliyahGrandison 01/19/13 10:29 AM EST
Full Comment: All blessings to you Shahabuddin and much gratitude for creating this wonderful way to connect us. I like that we can do it without traveling a distance and can do it at a time convenient for us. All love, Waliyah

Gratitude - Reviewer: Linda3OM 01/17/13 10:12 PM EST
Full Comment: David, thank you for being here again to share your knowledge with everyone. I really enjoyed your clear and detailed instruction on meditation techniques. Looking forward to your daily offerings throughout the Feast. Namaste

Great meditations - Reviewer: FeDay49 01/17/13 02:06 PM EST
Full Comment: Enjoying these very much all the way from summertime at Sharda Centre in New Zealand!