Christian Contemplative Prayer:
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Title: Contemplative #40: All the Fullness of God

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Past Episodes (41)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
02/22/2013 11:00 PM EST
Contemplative #40: All the Fullness of God
02/21/2013 11:00 PM EST
Contemplative #39: Praise with Spirit and Mind
02/20/2013 10:00 PM EST
Contemplative #38: The Same Mind
02/19/2013 11:00 PM EST
Contemplative #37: Wait for God
02/18/2013 11:00 PM EST
Contemplative #36: Keep awake
02/17/2013 11:00 PM EST
Contemplative #35: Nothing known to the senses
02/16/2013 11:00 PM EST
Contemplative #34: Christ lives in me
02/15/2013 10:00 PM EST
Contemplative #33: Partakers of the Divine Nature
02/14/2013 11:00 PM EST
Contemplative #32: Mindful of Divine Presence
02/13/2013 10:00 PM EST
Contemplative #31: Hearts full of love
02/12/2013 10:00 PM EST
Contemplative #30: A Mother's Comfort
02/11/2013 10:00 PM EST
Contemplative #29: Peace and Joy
02/10/2013 10:00 PM EST
Contemplative #28: What Cannot Be Seen
02/09/2013 09:00 PM EST
Contemplative #27: One in Christ, One in God
02/08/2013 10:00 PM EST
Contemplative #26: Gaze at the Splendor


In Gratitude - Reviewer: winterfeast2013 02/15/13 11:08 AM EST
Full Comment: Thank you Carl for bringing such beautiful depth to the Christian Contemplative Prayer Meditations. I especially liked the music this morning. I felt as though we were entering a sanctuary. Please...more...even as you close. Then I will sit even longer.

Heartfelt gratitude - Reviewer: barblb 01/26/13 09:04 AM EST
Full Comment: I can't thank you enough, Carl. After a lifetime (82 years old) of seeking I feel as if I have come home. I look forward with excitement to my time with your message each morning.

The secret life of silence - Reviewer: NancyCrewdson 01/23/13 08:11 AM EST
Full Comment: I have practiced Centering Prayer for several years, with a wonderful small group. I recently (and very suddenly) moved across the country to care for my elderly parents, so they can stay in their home. My first day here was on Jan 15, and I welcomed another year of winter feast. Carl's scripture choices, and his short talks, have literally open a whole new horizon of delight and joy. Blessings to you, Carl, and all other participants in this journey. Nancy

In great appreciation - Reviewer: anncknopf 01/22/13 01:22 AM EST
Full Comment: Thank you for your meditations for this Feast. I specially like the addition of chant.

Thank you! - Reviewer: NancyJune 01/19/13 07:11 AM EST
Full Comment: Thank you, Carl, for these wonderful meditations. I'm really enjoying your introductions to the silence during the Winterfeast for the Soul. I sit in silence with God each morning, and it's so nice to have a companion during these 40 days to remind me of scripture and to frame my favorite beginning to day. -- Nancy in Ohio