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Title: Day 1 - with davidji

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01/01/2013 01:00 AM EST
Day 1 - with davidji
12/31/2012 04:20 AM EST


Day 5, Day 23 - Reviewer: jampam 02/27/13 03:24 PM EST
Full Comment: Meeting my spirit guide was such a profound experience. Thank you and blessings :) I love the message of "slowing down" on day 23. Plus the breathing exercises taught me, interestingly enough, that I felt more fear when I was empty of breath than when I was full of breath.

Thank you & please come back in 2014 - Reviewer: KarenDeEtte 02/23/13 02:46 PM EST
Full Comment: Thank you Davidji. Your voice is so comforting, your insights are so timely, your presence assists me in attaining the "quiet" necessary for my stillness. I experimented with several of the teachers and when I came upon your voice I knew I was at the correct place. I have also found you on YouTube. Keep up the wonderful work. You have shared with me the impetus to continue my daily quiet time. Namaste, Karen

Very innovative - Reviewer: michellev 02/17/13 11:19 AM EST
Full Comment: I love how you take us in such fascinating and expansive directions Davidji and then ground us with Meta Moment. Brilliant. Thank you! Namaste.

Day 32 - Reviewer: johnb2 02/15/13 09:19 PM EST
Full Comment: Thanks, for sending the link here for your weekend post! I did 32 again, thanks!

Thank You!! - Reviewer: dpcssn 02/10/13 02:20 PM EST
Full Comment: Thank you for sharing this with everyone. I am grateful for the opportunity to have a series of mediations from which to learn. Please keep up the kind and giving work that you are doing. Peace to all involved. Namaste

Day 24 - Reviewer: chrispcritter1 02/07/13 08:55 AM EST
Full Comment: Dear Dear Davidji, What a magnificently "tweet" gift was today's meditation with the birds! We are in the depths of winter here when we retreat inside to our quiet warm sanctuaries. Very quiet, very lovely but I SO miss the healing sounds of the birds singing! Thank you :o)

Thank you for providing this wonderful series again. - Reviewer: CarolLynn 02/04/13 07:33 AM EST
Full Comment: Just finished Day 1 as I only saw your post on Facebook today. Sending you one of my big hugs. Namaste Day 15 has been my most favorite day so far. Forgiveness!! Another good mantra would have been to repeat the Ho' Opono Pono: I am sorry, Please forgive me, I thank you . and I love you Namaste

Beautiful! - Reviewer: VickyG 02/02/13 11:02 PM EST
Full Comment: Love your wisdom Dj! Thanks for sharing.:)

Best part of my day... - Reviewer: bbarrett3 01/31/13 11:37 AM EST
Full Comment: Waking up to set my intentions, surrendering to the wonderful experience of daily meditations, and closing the day with gratitude. Thank you David Ji for all you've shared with us.

Anticipation - Reviewer: isis2013 01/28/13 06:50 AM EST
Full Comment: I wish you offered this every day beyond the Winterfeast because I would make it a point to be present. I look forward to waking up each morning now with a new meditation from you. Thank you.

Day 2 of Winter Feast for the Soul Davidji Namaste . - Reviewer: gogogranny 01/27/13 03:26 PM EST
Full Comment: Thank you for a beautiful guided meditation on creating a blissful day...and harvest.

Gratitude - Reviewer: Linda3OM 01/26/13 09:11 AM EST
Full Comment: Thank you for bringing us another 40 days of stillness and silence, davidji. Namaste

Blustering :-) - Reviewer: iTransform 01/24/13 06:01 AM EST
Full Comment: Thanks to your meditations my days have been having lots o' bluster in them :-) Deepest Gratitude and Appreciation for all you do

Day 3 - Reviewer: winterfeast2013 01/23/13 01:43 PM EST
Full Comment: Some of you asked about the exact words for the Tryambakam chant offered on Day 3. I was able to find them on YouTube. The results of my search are given in the latest newsletter. I agree that these meditations are amazing and a beautiful way to start one's day.

DAY 3 - Reviewer: AlannaJane 01/18/13 03:20 AM EST
Full Comment: David ji, I am so grateful (as always) for your beautiful, kind, thought-provoking and heart-opening teachings and meditation primers. Thank you so much for being a part of the Winter Feast again this year. Days 1&2 were serendipitously in-step with my current path and just fabulous. And Day 3 - WOW! What an amazing mantra! I would like to look into it a bit more.... could you please help me get started by spelling it out for me? Much gratitude, love and light to you - as well as all participating in this Winter Feast meditation series. Namaste.

something diferent - Reviewer: LadyKom6 01/17/13 12:29 PM EST
Full Comment: This was my first silent meditation and also one of the longest. (I normally do the challenges and not more than 15 min usually and usually like background music. ) The first 10 in I was happy with myself I made it...the last 10 min, weird I found myself smiling and giggling within the last 2! LOL My mind did wander alot but I brought myself back. Felt myself in the gap a few short times. Look forward to see what day 2 brings!

- Reviewer: imahawkeye1990 01/17/13 10:20 AM EST

Thank you. - Reviewer: heidireeves 01/17/13 10:07 AM EST
Full Comment: Thank you, thank you, thank you for your light filled meditation.

- Reviewer: cindyf74 01/17/13 08:56 AM EST

Gratitude for the Feast - Reviewer: iamspirit 01/16/13 05:29 AM EST
Full Comment: Deeply grateful to be participating in this year's feast.

Love and Metta Moments - Reviewer: JoanneE 01/15/13 08:28 PM EST
Full Comment: Thank you David Ji for this wonderful Heart Opening meditation on Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Acceptance, and Patience. The Universe is starving for Love. In gratitude, sending you Metta, Joanne

Welcome back Davidji! RPM 4 Life :-) - Reviewer: BrendaM 01/15/13 10:20 AM EST
Full Comment: And welcome to all teachers, first timers, long each of us! See ya tomorrow (and the next day, and the next day...)