Come Out of Her My People
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Title: "Babbling Brown Sugar"

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02/13/2018 06:01 PM EST
"Babbling Brown Sugar"
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12/07/2016 06:22 PM EST
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11/15/2016 09:12 PM EST
Executive Power
10/31/2016 07:46 PM EDT
Should Truth Seekers Practice Halloween
10/19/2016 04:49 PM EDT
EPISODE303 - Come Out of Her My People


Thank you brothers and sisters - Reviewer: yahruth1 11/26/15 08:34 PM EST
Full Comment: I thank the Most High for brothers and sisters that are not afraid to speak the truth. It is truly rare to hear young souls with so much knowledge and not be selfish. In this society and particularly in this world, there are not many souls that have been given the opportunity to know and express the laws of the Most High and apply with diligence so that others may have the same chance of becoming free, not only in Spirit but in Truth and Life. Keep it coming brothers! Shalom XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX NOVEMBER 26 2015 SHALAM NATION: The recording for NOVBEMVER 19 2015 is a must to hear. This conversation is an example of how our people think they know but don't know that they don't know anything about anything. It appears that we as a people are led in a direction of which we have been hurt, conditioned and brainwashed by those who only seek financial gain for perceived knowledge of being free or "sovereign," when it is majority of lies and deception, cast upon our people causing harm. Our Brother, Priest of whom I have a deep appreciation for because of his knowledge and his peaceful nature and a spirit of understanding, as well as lawfully inclined to truth and structure of who we are as a people and what we must do as individuals to join together as a nation. This other brother who thought he was in a position of accusing us of something he knew not, believed through his conditioning of experiences and teachings felt he should be judge and jury over our nation, was made aware through the truth and the word of the Most High through our Brother Priest to admit and apologize and hopefully retract his statements of false accusation with sincerity and a new found understanding. The brother's understanding is typify by bits and pieces of teachings and resources that he has been enunciated by with no positive results of observation through others teachings and sufferings. This recording proves to me the beliefs of others is damaged and tossed in a whirlwind of confusion that cause our people to turn against each other and make false statements without researching, seeking out and justifying those very beliefs that they may have. I know that we are in the right place and we are doing the right thing under the Most High, through his appointed son Brother Priest and that he, Brother Priest has that blessing to continue in his mission to let the people know "Come Out of Her My People." Praise Yah. Ima Yahruth

shalom - Reviewer: Raphaelishealed7 10/16/13 02:29 PM EDT
Full Comment: I wanted to say that, this information is saving lives, not by impact only but in knowing that someone cares enough to make an impact on a suffering people who the most High is calling home. I just want to say thank you for the light that you have given to me and my family(immediate& extensive by bloodline) because we now know the truth about Natures revelation of our fate. you are so blessed dear brother an I want to say that the most High is really utilizing his elements through you. may the most High continue to bless you, Shalom