Understanding D-S Christian Identity
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Hosted by: Pastor_M_Lindstedt
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Title: Episode 17 March 15 - Understanding D-S Christian Identity

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Past Episodes (118)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
03/17/2015 10:15 PM EDT
Episode 17 March 15 - Understanding D-S Christian Identity
03/10/2015 11:00 PM EDT
Episode 10 March 15 - Understanding D-S Christian Identity
03/04/2015 11:00 PM EST
Episode 4 March 15 - Understanding D-S Christian Identity
02/24/2015 10:40 PM EST
Episode 24Feb15 - Understanding D-S Christian Identity
02/17/2015 10:45 PM EST
Episode 17Feb15 - Understanding D-S Christian Identity
02/03/2015 11:00 PM EST
Episode 3Feb15 - Understanding D-S Christian Identity
01/21/2015 10:30 PM EST
Episode 21 Jan15 - Understanding D-S Christian Identity
01/14/2015 10:30 PM EST
Episode 4 Jan 15 - Understanding D-S Christian Identity
01/07/2015 10:30 PM EST
Episode 7 Jan 5 - Understanding D-S Christian Identity
12/31/2014 09:00 PM EST
Episode 31 Dec 14 - Understanding D-S Christian Identity
12/23/2014 10:30 PM EST
Episode 23Dec14 - Understanding D-S Christian Identity
12/16/2014 10:30 PM EST
Episode 16Dec14 - Understanding Dual-Seedline Christian Identity
12/10/2014 10:30 PM EST
Episode 10 Dec14 - Understanding D-S Christian Identity
12/02/2014 11:00 PM EST
Episode 2 Dec 14 - Understanding D-S Christian Identity
11/25/2014 11:00 PM EST
Episode 25 Nov 14 - Understanding D-S Christian Identity


Martin needs to be committed. - Reviewer: Pastor_Bill 01/03/15 06:38 AM EST
Full Comment: I called the social services in on him. He is a sick individual that is torturing Roxie. Roxie is not a bad person. This sick mental patient is basically leeching off of her.

Pastor Martin speaks the truth!!! - Reviewer: williamfinck.net 12/07/14 08:56 AM EST
Full Comment: Any show that has more listeners than me, God's second son sent to earth, deserves five stars! I wish I could teach like Lindstedt can!

I'm being generous with 2 stars - Reviewer: Fincks Foreskin 05/21/14 09:31 AM EDT
Full Comment: Hello, I'm two inches of foreskin. Come see me anytime you want. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V210-V17Bmc

Nice! - Reviewer: Sored Mamzer 05/20/14 09:56 PM EDT
Full Comment: Better than that bastard cop Bill Finck (Ashkenazi name) that claims the angels are all non-whites!

Excellent DSCI teachings - Reviewer: BruceHoward1483 05/07/14 01:41 PM EDT
Full Comment: Pastor Lindstedt is the most knowledgeable and smartest preacher of Dual Seedline Christian Identity that I have listened to. Perhaps Dewey Tucker has a similar level of knowledge but his "delivery" is rather dry whereas Pastor Lindstedt is hilarious. Morris Gulett, Pastor Visser, Pastor Eli James and Rabbi Finckelstein are not very good preachers. Morris Gulett means well I believe, but his drug addiction makes him look out of his mind in his "sword of truth" videos. Pastor Eli James allows mamzers such as Sword Brethren/Bryan Reo/Sored Mamzer on his show. but he knows a fair amount of DSCI. Rabbi Finckelstein sounds like a whiny Askhenazi Jew from New York city. Pastor Visser is an untrustworthy character without much knowledge. Just my opinion. Pastor Lindstedt is the best DSCI preacher, Eli James is probably the second best preacher, and crack addict Mo Gulett is probably the third best preacher.

Lindstedt is righteous among the goyim. - Reviewer: Rabbi_Samuelson 10/01/13 08:54 PM EDT
Full Comment: Pastor Lindstedt has a deep understanding of the holiest of holies as far as Talmudic doctrine understanding befits him. He brilliantly captures these teachings in his DSCI sermons. I will personally ensure that a stone is left for him when he is entombed on Mount Zion. He is a righteous man to the state of Israel.

How will you "understand" anything when the host can't stop breaking God's Law? - Reviewer: Amalie_Baldwin 08/19/13 09:15 AM EDT
Full Comment: Total garbage - violations of slander, gossip, false witness, etc - an OPEN contradiction for CI teachings, period.

- Reviewer: AmyRose88 05/28/13 05:44 PM EDT

Jolly good show. - Reviewer: CallMe770_228_9903 04/16/13 06:24 PM EDT
Full Comment: .

FINALLY!! - Reviewer: Poopy Dawg 11/02/12 06:28 AM EDT
Full Comment: It is great to finally hear Martin talking about the important things. There are no internet CI "teachers" who are actually Israelites and, therefore, they can neither be CI nor can they teach it. Finally a brother is discussing one of the best teachers there ever was, Bertrand Comparet. . . . . . . . . . . For any CI believers reading this here's a short test of whether or not you are a called Israelite: What do you say the three reviewers below this one are? A) Brethren or B) mamzers and jews . . . . . . . . . . . . (no answer provided, Yahweh knows what you are. But here's a hint: Jews use the word "tinkle")

Yeccch! - Reviewer: Obadiah 1:18 10/31/12 08:17 AM EDT
Full Comment: Can you smell tinkle?

Yahweh Bless! - Reviewer: Siegfried 10/27/12 01:12 PM EDT
Full Comment: Pastor Martin is the second coming of Christ!

Filthy mouths and twisting of scripture! - Reviewer: seedliner 10/26/12 10:32 AM EDT
Full Comment: Plagiarizer of our CI pastors - this show will go NOWHERE.