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Title: TSS-014 Why Hiring A Book-Keeper Makes Sense

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03/20/2015 06:00 PM EDT
TSS-014 Why Hiring A Book-Keeper Makes Sense
03/06/2015 03:00 AM EST
TSS-013-What Does Testing A Product On Amazon Mean
02/27/2015 01:00 AM EST
TSS-012-How Can You Increase Amazon Income When You Are Limited On Time?
02/20/2015 12:00 PM EST
02/14/2015 02:00 PM EST
12/19/2014 02:00 AM EST
TSS-009 - Scooter Lofton - Negotiation in Retail Arbitrage Stores
12/12/2014 02:00 AM EST
TSS-008 - Deirdre Harter - Online Seller Success
12/05/2014 02:00 AM EST
TSS-007- Amazon FBA Seller Serise C. Lange
11/21/2014 01:00 AM EST
TSS-006-Cashing in on Cash Back Websites
11/14/2014 01:00 AM EST
TSS-005-Amazon Holiday Business Check Up
11/07/2014 04:18 PM EST
TSS-002-Angie Thompson Ritchey - FBA Journey
11/07/2014 02:00 PM EST
TSS-004 - Simple Profitable Business Math
10/31/2014 01:00 PM EDT
10/17/2014 02:00 PM EDT
TSS-001 - Stephen Smotherman - Profit From Selling Board Games
10/10/2014 02:00 PM EDT
094 - Tim Dailey - Amazon Seller Central Secrets


Late getting here but glad I found this valuable podcast - Reviewer: kelly loach 07/18/14 12:55 PM EDT
Full Comment: I just recently discovered this podcast recently and now I am slowly listening to the archives. (I thought everyone was on Spreecast). These are such knowledgeable ladies. I really enjoy the fact that they pack

great way to learn - Reviewer: jschwarz243 01/26/14 11:45 AM EST
Full Comment: Thank you for doing your show every week. I've been listening since almost your first show. I always learn something to help me source products to sell on Amazon. I love the different guests that you bring on your show. Duane Malek was especially timely as that is the direction we hope to take our business. All the best in 2014

Made $295 within 3 weeks of listening.. coincidence? Definitely not! - Reviewer: RMDtreasures 10/14/13 06:36 PM EDT
Full Comment: This show is worth more stars than I can give it. Stumbled across it just as my employer was cleaning out an old storage room. I found several data tapes new in package (several formats) that were destined for the dumpster, so I decided to give this FBA thing a whirl and sent them in. Two weeks later I sold 3 tapes for $65 each and a week after that 2 other tapes at $50 each. I'm hooked, and I owe it to these fine ladies for showing me the way!

Debra & Beth care about your success at Selling with FBA - Reviewer: Doug L 05/03/13 04:10 PM EDT
Full Comment: I personally know that these ladies always share from their heart about the triumphs & struggles they have in using FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon). They always have relevant topics & guests to help you succeed at whatever level you happen to be at. 5 star rated show every week, from 2 authentic sellers that treat everyone with respect & are always willing to praise you if you do good & encourage you to keep on trying when the journey seems tough.

The Most Fun You Can Have Making Money - Reviewer: nursehoney 03/22/13 03:12 PM EDT
Full Comment: It's impossible not to have fun following these ladies who quickly start feeling like friends. I enjoy the live shows so much I'm going back to the very beginning of their podcasts and listening to them all! I'm making money consistently now and it's because of Beth, Debra and Thrifting for Profit.

These ladies detail the most fun business model ever - Reviewer: LenyP 02/27/13 07:10 PM EST
Full Comment: I would like to give a HUGE thank you to Debra and Beth. If you hadn't decided to do a podcast on a topic I was mildly interested in, FBA, I probably never would have ventured down this avenue. I thought thrifting was for old women, LOL, but seeing the profit and the fun in it, I'm kicking myself for not finding this sooner. I sell on eBay, I buy stuff wholesale and at auctions and sell locally , I sell on my websites, I do affiliate marketing, with all of that, thrifting is the best!

Excellent information - Reviewer: Beth Cherkowsky 02/22/13 03:09 PM EST
Full Comment: Excellent info, explained in nitty gritty detail so even I can understand it.

Good Thrfiting Information - Reviewer: That Kat 12/21/12 03:06 PM EST
Full Comment: If you are looking for information about making money Thrifting for Amazon, THIS is the place to be. Great information from great guides who are living the show every day!