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Hosted by: Leela & John Jamieson
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Title: 146 - Living in Joy. Rememering it's all your own creation. (see note...)

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Past Episodes (146)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
08/23/2012 12:00 AM EDT
Sorry! Spirit Talk Radio is CURRENTLY ON HOLD - click the 'i' for more info
01/29/2012 11:00 AM EST
146 - Living in Joy. Rememering it's all your own creation. (see note...)
01/08/2012 11:00 AM EST
145 - Spirit Talk Radio
12/18/2011 11:00 AM EST
144 - Solstice Meditation. Give yourself the Gift you've always wanted!
12/11/2011 11:00 AM EST
143 Using Dark to take you into Light. Dealing with negativity.
12/04/2011 11:00 AM EST
142 Dealing with others' views. Tiredness vs Resistance. What's Depression?
11/27/2011 11:00 AM EST
141 Connecting with yr own light, love & beauty. Channeling yr higher Self
11/20/2011 11:00 AM EST
140 Find your Inspiration &Creative Expression. Loving negative events!
11/13/2011 11:00 AM EST
139 - Realising your Dream & Creating your new World. Quantum Forgiveness
11/06/2011 11:00 AM EST
138 - Finding your own Guide. Leela meets a Unicorn! Crop Circles & Lights
10/30/2011 12:00 PM EDT
137- How to use the shifting energies, Margarita embracing her inner Dragon
10/23/2011 12:00 PM EDT
136 - Choosing your preferred reality. Margarita's Open to Channel update
10/16/2011 12:00 PM EDT
135 - Enchanted Forest meditation. Opening to channel with Leela
10/09/2011 12:00 PM EDT
134 Loving your world. Dealing with fears of being a 'Social Outcast'
10/02/2011 12:00 PM EDT
133 - Vast Love from a Sirian Blue - releasing negativity releases toxins!


this is my favorite talk show EVER - Reviewer: Alice Love 08/17/11 09:35 PM EDT
Full Comment: always sweet always intriguing always exactly what I needed to hear Bless you, Alice Love

Latest juicy contributions - Reviewer: Margarita7 10/24/10 11:42 PM EDT
Full Comment: Hard to imagine a free resource with so much juice, so many treasures, so much unconditional love. I wouldn't miss it for the world... for it IS my world here and it grows and grows as Leela allows herself to grow and leads us all into more and more of our Light. Wow. Thank you Leela! Thank you John! What an amazingly beautiful couple you are, a masterful dynamic duo just burting with goodness.

helping others - Reviewer: GeorgiL 05/09/10 01:50 PM EDT
Full Comment: Leela and John were just perfect today,in their sharing their thoughts and light of how to best help other people. I felt the truth of their expressions, and had a healing, of sorts, during Leela's channeling. They are amazing in blending thoughts and feelings that speak directly to the heart/soul.

Raw & Pure Inspiration! - Reviewer: gideon11 02/07/10 02:22 PM EST
Full Comment: I so look foward to the weekly shows, the subject matter is always something I need to hear in that moment. Leela's toning speaks to my soul, a heartsong that resonates within each cell of my body. Her ability to tap into the group consciousness, remove all the mind chatter and clutter, and get right to the core issue is simply astounding. I feel so blessed that spirit led me to Spirt Talk, it was the tonic my soul truly needed at this time on my journey.

Spirit Talk Radio is an absolutely AWESOME Show! - Reviewer: Positive777 10/11/09 10:15 AM EDT
Full Comment: Each time I listen to your Sunday show something new and different is illuminated and "felt" deep within me that helps me discover more of who I really and truly am in this amazing adventure of LIFE. Leela and John are absolutely AWESOME! I don't think I know another couple who, while very different in many aspects, flow together in as much perfect harmony as they both do!

Complementing my world view - Reviewer: moorelife 08/30/09 11:34 AM EDT
Full Comment: In the few episodes I've heard sofar, Leela and John have succeeded in thoroughly enhancing my world view. It is a pleasurable way to spend my Sunday evening, since in my timezone it falls right after dinner time. Leela for dessert, can't wait (just 30 minutes)

wowsers! - Reviewer: Redsquirrel 02/13/09 04:08 PM EST
Full Comment: All your shows are mind openers but this (18th) had me glued to my speakers espeshially! What brave guests!( I can really identify with the latter.) Leela & John you are such proto types and I dont think I have met more loving individuals in lifetimes! You both really are something else! Gosh, I cant even put it in words. Thank you for your patience and endless unconditional Love and your persistant & gentle (and not so gentle! :-) nudges of rememberence! Exaltations Friends, in love, laughter and adventurous (re-) disvovery xxx RedSquirrel

A breath of fresh air - Reviewer: yallatia 01/17/09 07:49 PM EST
Full Comment: Hello sunlight sister Inspiring like the wind, warming and clarifying like sun and soul light. I love that you are sharing your perspective. It appeals to my vision of truth too and it is nice to hear such a creative discourse! Let's all amplify our peace, love and sharing dreams...

SPOT ON!!! - Reviewer: margarita2 01/11/09 12:25 PM EST
Full Comment: Leela, that was just what I needed! I love your take on my recurring dream, thank you so much. Amazing, indeed. Love to you, Margarita xoxoxox

Success!!! - Reviewer: HeatherRemembers 09/21/08 01:25 PM EDT
Full Comment: What a great success!!!!! :) I really enjoyed the show, thank you both so much, such love and generocity. I very much look forward to your next show. Lots of Love. XXX

Fabulous! - Reviewer: francesca1 09/21/08 01:19 PM EDT
Full Comment: Great show Leela and John! I enjoyed the energy of the show and received very helpful insights. Can't wait to join you again.