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Category: SciFi & Fantasy
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Hosted by: Justy Ueki
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 12174
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Title: RDFUG 247 - The Future Is Now

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Past Episodes (200)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
05/27/2008 09:30 PM EDT
RDFUG 247 - The Future Is Now
05/24/2008 08:00 PM EDT
RDFUG 246 - Checkmate
05/22/2008 09:30 PM EDT
05/08/2008 11:30 AM EDT
Anime Central Room Party Update
04/28/2008 09:00 PM EDT
RDFUG 244 - Fanboys
04/01/2008 10:00 PM EDT
RDFUG 243 - The Rabbit Hole
03/06/2008 01:00 PM EST
RDFUG 242 - Clockwork Planet
02/28/2008 09:00 PM EST
RDFUG 241 - War Crimes and Pig Latin
02/27/2008 09:00 PM EST
RDFUG 240 - Liberation of Haydon IV and Edward's Invid Pact
02/18/2008 09:00 PM EST
RDFUG 239 - Cthulhu Brings A Smile To My Face
02/15/2008 09:00 PM EST
RDFUG 238 - Saved by Science/The Future Is Now
02/14/2008 09:00 PM EST
RDFUG 237 - A Portion For Foxes
02/13/2008 09:00 PM EST
RDFUG 235 - Dream A Little Dream
02/12/2008 09:30 PM EST
RDFUG 235 - Garuda
02/11/2008 09:00 PM EST
RDFUG 234 - Trixie


RDF Underground Underground RObotech defense force! - Reviewer: FernandoGonzales 05/30/08 02:58 AM EDT
Full Comment: moving out make way! I've been listening to the podcast since 2006 and it's still my favourite podcast... Also it happens to be the 1st podcast I've stumbled when I typed out of curiousity the name "RObotech" on itunes and havent stopped listening to the show. A very informative show and I like to consider it "the cnn" of robotech fandom...as in providing news around the robotech community... it's the 1st robotech podcast (as far as i know) and a lot of effort was put into this. great job!

The only online Robotech show in the net - Reviewer: MedMapGuy 03/01/08 10:44 AM EST
Full Comment: Which is why it's the best. Of course the show has other merits too! It's a great place to hear people talk about my favorite show.

Robotech, The good and the bad. - Reviewer: GREL!! 06/24/07 01:21 AM EDT
Full Comment: This podcast covers it all, the good and the bad aspects of the robotech universe. No sugar coating here. knowlegable and unbiased, Justy knows robotech!

The RDF Underground, the premier fan robotech talkcast. - Reviewer: MaverickLSC 04/19/07 01:25 AM EDT
Full Comment: There is no need for any introduction... Where to start; The RDF Underground is the very first robotech audio podcast on the internet, and with 100+ episodes its still going strong!!! For those who need to get their robotech fix, you can't go wrong with the RDF Underground. With a wealth of news wherever and whenever robotech takes us, the RDF Underground is there. Justy Ueki, puts on a show that everyone can feel confortable with, his deep understanding of the robotech fandom and with the recent resurgence of robotech in the public eye. Justy has put a welcome face to all the fans of this amazing oddessy. His smart talk and witty humor has placed this robotech podcast above all others. There are many imitators and as are many duplicators, but there is only one, that is the first and original robotech podcast. Let's wish Justy Ueki continued success on this wildly successful robotech podcast.

insightful - Reviewer: Fereshte 03/19/07 01:42 PM EDT
Full Comment: really get a hands on first person point of veiw on the whole animie scene. From movies to music this guy knows whats what. I hope to join him on his show again to add some female perspective or just my opinion XOXOXOXO