Pro-se Winners
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Hosted by: Luis Ewing
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 120418
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Title: EPISODE187 - Pro-se Winners

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Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
05/25/2018 09:25 PM EDT
EPISODE210 - Pro-se Winners
05/18/2018 09:54 PM EDT
EPISODE209 - Pro-se Winners
05/11/2018 10:05 PM EDT
EPISODE208 - Pro-se Winners
04/28/2018 09:48 PM EDT
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03/31/2018 05:32 PM EDT
EPISODE206 - Pro-se Winners
06/23/2017 08:53 PM EDT
EPISODE205 - Pro-se Winners
04/29/2017 08:53 PM EDT
EPISODE204 - Pro-se Winners
02/24/2017 02:59 AM EST
EPISODE203 - Pro-se Winners
11/15/2016 09:12 PM EST
EPISODE202 - Pro-se Winners
05/21/2016 03:58 PM EDT
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03/30/2016 07:13 PM EDT
EPISODE200 - Pro-se Winners
03/26/2016 08:23 PM EDT
EPISODE199 - Pro-se Winners
12/25/2015 01:48 PM EST
EPISODE198 - Pro-se Winners
12/04/2015 09:25 PM EST
EPISODE197 - Pro-se Winners
08/17/2015 07:15 PM EDT
EPISODE196 - Pro-se Winners


- Reviewer: Jack Bauer 04/25/15 06:41 PM EDT

hghuyi - Reviewer: genart 02/01/13 04:28 PM EST
Full Comment: ovvovougvouvouv

Luis is a bit pushy.....but he has good info - Reviewer: KennyWally 01/05/13 05:47 PM EST
Full Comment: He sent me what I thought was spam, but it was my bad, he does have good info, and I'm looking forward to eventually contributing to the show, and others who are trying to figure things out. We can't afford to sit on the couch and stare at the boob tube and solve our problems, we have to study, comprehend and participate by claiming what is ours and taking legal action, in the public or thru pvt administration to get whatever remedy we are seeking. Anyone thinking a regular lawyer will help them is simply not informed.

- Reviewer: fulldisclosure 01/04/13 08:02 PM EST

Pr0-Se Winners - Reviewer: Terian 12/10/12 02:26 PM EST
Full Comment: No where else in the law study Talkshoe shows do you get usable red meat like this show. Not only is there a knowledgeable round-table of legal experts, but they also shoot straight and provide case law, brief and documentation to back up what they are saying. An awesome tag team

beat them at their game - Reviewer: avatarwayne 10/26/12 11:41 AM EDT
Full Comment: This is the man to teach evryone how to beat the court system

Sounds like you have a lot of very good researchers! - Reviewer: traderash 08/20/12 01:18 AM EDT
Full Comment: It's a refreshing change to listen to intelligent people discussing these topics with open minds and no power trips. They are supplying a lot of very useful information and answering peoples questions in a positive and friendly way. I'm really tired of these negative, arrogant know it all's that when asked a question, even when there are no other people asking questions refuse to answer and just say, "it's all in the work book, so buy my book for $50, take a chance." That's why they call them donations, because they don't want you to expect to get a book with any benefit and they might have to return your money. Nice to hear from real patriots who are working hard to take our country's courts back and put them in the hands of the people! I agree, putting one member of The British Accredited Regency out of work and clogging up these corrupt court's is the way we can slow start to take our country back. We are doing it in CA. The governor slashed the annual budget $530,000,000 per year. We all thought that the financial melt down was such a horrible thing, however it is a blessing in disguise! It is giving us the opportunity to all pro se's to hit them while they are weak and scrambling. This is the best time in history to be in on the ground floor of the "pro se business/movement."

- Reviewer: saliet2 07/23/12 12:01 AM EDT

- Reviewer: MelsBarAndGrill 07/23/12 12:00 AM EDT

Michael James Chimes In - Reviewer: MichaelJamesAnthony 07/07/12 02:16 AM EDT
Full Comment: Thanx to everyone for listening. Tell your friends about us! Our aim is to educate. Comments on comments: Saliet2 - You're an idiot. And I'm being kind. Learn to spell. The sheer amount of "Free" substantive information and legal material that Luis circulates regularly on the calls and in his emails is proof that you are an imbecile. Your hearsay from others is worthless, meaningless drivel. Go away and leave us alone. *** TO Nukeweldor: I can tell you EXACTLY how to find parallel cases for your state and others: SHEPERDIZE THEM! And, I can show you precisely how to use the Full Faith and Credit Clause to have cases from any sister state recognized as valid law in your state. Email me at for the details and specific authority and instructions. Thanx again to all and to Luis, Kurt, Lloyd and Matt! Peace. * M *

Knowledgable facts about the law for Washington, Colorado, Idaho & Michigan - Reviewer: Nukeweldor 06/18/12 04:58 PM EDT
Full Comment: For anyone living in the four states mentioned, there is a lot to learn about the law and how it can work for you there. However, I wish that one of the hosts would elaborate in detail on the process of converting the information presented so that we may use in it other states. This would be of great benfit to those of us who are trying to save ourselves as Sui Juris criminal defendants, such as myself.

Valuable Information provided - Reviewer: califas 06/07/12 07:31 PM EDT
Full Comment: The host Luis may act like an a$$ at times when speaking of/about paytriot idiots. He does provide substantial legal information that may prove usefull to anyone. He understands the law and his free flyers can prove that to you. Send him an email and he will provide you with lots of valuable information. Those that speak negative of him are simply HATERS.