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Hosted by: Rantologist LIve
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Title: Hyper Talk:Slave Planet,Transhumanism,Nephilism,Fake Satanism,Flat Minds+AI

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05/23/2017 01:22 AM EDT
Hyper Talk:Slave Planet,Transhumanism,Nephilism,Fake Satanism,Flat Minds+AI
05/21/2017 12:09 AM EDT
Pastor World:501C3,Church Coffers,Marriage Scam & Genetics w/Pastor Charles
05/06/2017 09:59 PM EDT
Hoax Buster:Elohim,Nero,Rachel,JW's,Fornication,911,Muzak & Agents
04/30/2017 09:15 PM EDT
Mental Cult:Academia,Ages,Emanation,Henotheism,Gnosticism & Adam w/Chris M
04/29/2017 11:20 PM EDT
May Day:The Revelation Of The Method In A Manufactured Reality
04/22/2017 10:02 PM EDT
Dark City:Targeted Citizens,Truth Zone,Gender PsyOps,Alt. Health & Alchemy
04/11/2017 11:15 PM EDT
PreMillennial Propaganda,Angels,Scribes,Mormonism,Bogus Skies & Easter
04/08/2017 10:13 PM EDT
Prophet PsyOp,Syria,World War 4,Transformation,Eden & The Seventy
04/01/2017 09:11 PM EDT
Mark Sargent On Dave Eager and The Cloud Behind The Moon w/Daniel Ott
03/29/2017 09:00 PM EDT
Rewire Your Reality With Contrarious On The Edge Television Show
03/25/2017 08:59 PM EDT
Dystopia Now:Money System,Debt Ceiling Doom,Salvation & Angel Talk
03/18/2017 09:13 PM EDT
Everything Is Under Control:Targeted Individuals & Electronic Harassment
03/11/2017 10:23 PM EST
Rethinking Dave:Flatology,Masonry,Vegas PsyOp,Stargods,Skywatch & eTools
03/04/2017 10:03 PM EST
Paranormal Tour:Spirit Cleaning,Demons,Orbs,Energy & 411
02/28/2017 10:55 PM EST
Targeted Mankind:Flat Wrong,Masturbation Nation,Medallions & Techno Serfs


To Dave - Reviewer: Ronald_Newman 04/18/17 09:57 PM EDT
Full Comment: First of all I enjoy everyone's meaningful discussions here, the level of intellect is refreshing.. I've yet to be disappointed. Which ever way things go (they don't usually slump into mediocrity for too long/because as I learn, or as we learn the truth in these times, how could we?). And you all, I assume, are held together by a truer Christian ethos that is truer than the few I have known that I can even consider truer (from my past/nothing recent). This being a basic Christian guidance of morality (rare even among so called Christians..).. This opens up a whole other direction I will not enter now.. Anyway what I want to get across is our (or anyone's) understanding of this Christianity does always seem to leave me.. ... hanging. And I think this is for good reason being that regardless of how close anyone gets to a literal interpretation of this document, mainly, the KJV New Testament - no one ever seems to quite make any head way - or bring enough enduring clarity to it - you give a damn good attempt though Dave/maybe the best I've ever heard. But I believe this is simply due to your intellect and tenacity. On the other spectrum there are those that we do not consider fundamentalist Christians.. which by default, by not taking the bible literally, their declarations are thus not taken no more serious than any other book review and book reviewer would be. Again this opens more I'll avoid at this time. Now in my opinion, the current best interpreter of these things, of this bible, especially the new testament (of course) is Clint Richards (see: The Corporation Nation https://corporationnationradioarchives.wordpress.com http://www.strawmanstory.info/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheCorporationNation/videos). I've only listened to his recent podcasts in about the last year or so and feel this is the revealing of the mystery of the biblical delusion (monopoly) we have all been looking for and been under for far too long.. Now don't get me wrong I do not seek an escape from the goodness, even with the current ... as skewed as it is ... I prefer any to some antithesis or lesser morality --- as many are currently falling into. Please consider what Clint is postulating and give address to this in your podcasts (or interview/discuss invite him on) - I believe his work is and will be important regardless of your thoughts on it. It explains so much and surely it is too much to consider for the average heavily invested fundamentalist out there --- who will no doubt quickly dismiss it. Even if they are unselfishly motivated as I pray some can be --- and I lean towards you being one of these unselfish prospectors of truth Dave, as well as your appreciated guests. Thank you.

Dave Eager the next moses and davidic king - Reviewer: accountnamesweetness 02/18/17 10:36 PM EST
Full Comment: chucks angel informed me that dave eager is a not an agent. chucks angel loves to talk to me when he isnt talking to chuck. chucks angel told me that dave eager is the new moses and the davidic king. before god lets him become a public figure and introduce himself as the messiah he needs to recruit some groupies to pay for him to not have a job. he needs a new computer also says chucks angel so someone please buy him one. we need these great podcasts to continue where else is an internet christian going to find the truth if dave goes away? chucks angel told me that dave has a condition he inherited from birth where he asks people around him if they hear anyone talking about what he is talking about. he is that ahead of the curve according to chucks angel. also chucks angel told me that dave is going to eventually meet up with people in person and he would prefer some young females in his cult perhaps emily. also there is cloud behind the moon. let us pray.

Nothing else like it. - Reviewer: Mercurious 01/08/17 12:47 PM EST
Full Comment: Truly a remarkable podcast with an equally gifted and remarkable host; at the very least definitely anointed with some kind of gifting, although the possibility is definitely open that there could be more- he could turn out to be a very special individual here because there truly is no one else more qualified from what I have observed.

10/8/2016 Show one of Dave's best - Reviewer: Ita the Anchoress 11/12/16 07:33 PM EST
Full Comment: Dave titled the show "Rantology," but don't be put off by this title. Dave Eager is one of the few people who can do an incredibly interesting monologue for four hours. Dave also reveals a good deal about the coming diaspora or the coming exodus. Dave is the new Moses BTW.

Interesting to say the least. - Reviewer: fueverythingwasroses 10/25/16 05:26 AM EDT
Full Comment: It's hard to find a podcast that can grab your attention for 2-4 hours. Yet this podcast, usually led by Dave Eager, seems to do just that. It's hard to tell if Dave is real or if this is some elaborate psy-op. Either way, it makes for a great show. I'm curious as to how Dave decides what parts of the bible are to be trusted and what parts are illuminati disinformation. There seem to be racial and sexist undertones to some to the talks. Yet this is exactly what the bible teaches? It seems almost impossible to find any truth in the world these days, but Dave & crew seem to deliver some truths every night. As soon as I find out how Talkshoe works, I will call in and talk to Dave. It seems like he's not afraid to talk to the public which makes me feel he is real. I just don't see the artificial night sky. I look at the sky almost every night, and I haven't seen anything to make me think it's artificial. I want some proof of the firmament.

- Reviewer: LambdaCore 08/25/16 09:54 AM EDT

- Reviewer: Iamcoldtoo 08/14/16 07:23 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Iamcold 08/14/16 07:20 PM EDT

FLAT EARTHER WARNING! - Reviewer: Keith57 08/09/16 07:26 PM EDT
Full Comment: Promotes the 'flat earth theory' which has been identified by innumerable sources to be a massive psy-op. These 'flat earthers' infiltrate truther movements and spread their discrediting poison via guilt by association. One of the 'younger' speakers seems sincere and has apparently succumbed to peer pressure in accepting the lie. I hope the Holy Spirit gives him a 3:00 AM visit some morning and he wakes up in sweat and chills screaming, WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING! ... Where I'm coming from: http://elijah1757.wordpress.com/

MOST UNDERRATED PODCAST IN THE WORLD - Reviewer: LostRealityRadio 08/02/16 11:51 PM EDT
Full Comment: Don't listen to the naysayers folks, the truth is RIGHT HERE in this podcast. The Artificial Sky, DEVOLUTION, Direct Revelation from GOD, you're going to have to listen to Sherry Shriner to find information this AWESOME! Who would dare compare Dave Eager to Sherry Shriner? Me. They're both amazing! And they're BOTH PROPHETS! Stay tuned to The Extreme Reality Puppet Show on YOUTUBE for the upcoming new series.....BATTLE OF THE PROPHETS 2016-2017 GET READY FOLKS!!!!! IT'S GONNA BE WILD!!!!!

- Reviewer: Rantologist LIve 06/12/16 03:25 AM EDT

The blue aurora is US Navy Aurora project with Zigbee automation - Reviewer: strainallurineboy 03/29/16 12:19 AM EDT
Full Comment: You have probably been filled with a drink able UV dye makes you bright yellow under heavy UV light - green eyepuples that glow and can be seen from 2 miles up with a fight uv scanner. they have that under my house as well whole neighborhood has it. depends i guess on if we eat the peanutbutter and stew foods with the dye in it. Can block left arm elbow up and down to wrist ground feet to bed frame to discharge it but long as they are across the street NNW or NNE of your house it will always be pulsing your house. you are not the devil. that is their voice to skull taking about you and others in their words of whos next. they dont turn off the Mics here either. started in 2007 after fake colonscopy in 2006 and dental spikes up jaw in 2005 for me.

Good But Be Warned - Reviewer: TheBigLie 03/09/16 09:30 PM EST
Full Comment: This podcast used to be pretty good overall, and still is when the focus is on biblical analysis. However, that all turned south when this "enlightened" female Mrs. Em steps up to the plate. I especially enjoyed her comment on "Dave's Not Here" about twenty minutes in about how the real "undiscussed evil" is white supremacy. I'm sure she's aware of how blacks make up only about twelve percent of the population yet account for over fifty percent of violent crime each year, yet I'm sure her emotions would compel her to say that's a racist conspiracy, despite it all being extensively documented on whitegirlbleedalot.com. If anything can be gleaned from her rambling incoherency though, it's a breath of understanding and vitality into the biblical endorsement of female subjugation and Paul's injunction that they remain silent amidst the assembly. Also, be warned as the show can drift into ad hoc speculation that frequently appeals to common fallacies, namely that of appeals to ignorance and arguments to moderation.

marriage - Reviewer: Searcher10 01/04/16 09:45 AM EST
Full Comment: Dave Eager says the Scriptures are unreliable concerning marriage. Were Adam and Eve then sinners? www.areyoumarried.wordpress.com

Praise YAHWAH The God and Father of our Lord Yahwasua Christ - Reviewer: Bruce Gorman 09/23/15 03:26 AM EDT