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Title: Call with Missouri Supremem Court

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- Reviewer: Shadow_Knows 11/18/12 01:29 AM EST

- Reviewer: jindal_is_hitler 11/18/12 01:29 AM EST

Iconoclast Radio - Internet SNITCH - Reviewer: BrianWright 09/10/10 12:10 AM EDT
Full Comment: Iconoclast AKA Paul Ironshore Real name: Paul Ebanks History: He created an drug empire and forced weak, poor people to work for him by threatening and beating them, then he ratted them all out in order? to get a lighter federal prison sentence. Goal: To apply his snitching skills to the conspiracy researchers. Fun facts: His father is a freemason, is addicted to Valium, was forced into prison prostitution.

if we are adveertising, pls let me do so as well. Join - Reviewer: MODERATOR3 09/09/10 08:31 PM EDT
Full Comment: to stop government abuse, use the People's power, lawfully. Tues eve at 9pm central hear us as well.

For actual and factual remedies attend TS-24353, Remedies in Commerce - Reviewer: Greg Gentry 09/08/10 08:55 PM EDT
Full Comment: For actual and factual remedies attend TS-24353, Remedies in Commerce.

TRUTH IN LENDING 5 HOUR WEBINAR SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 2010 1PM (MT) - Reviewer: unitedonestates 09/03/10 06:56 PM EDT
Full Comment: Are you ready for a REMEDY? Are you tired of dealing with clowns who do nothing to confuse you further? Are you ready for a real â??PERRY MASONâ?? Join us on Sunday, September 12 at 1:00pm (Mountain Time) for a 5 HOUR LIVE Webinar on how you might unravel the foreclosure mystery with the Truth in Lending Act (TILA). Letâ??s Study it together in a way that is comfortable for you and NOT CONFUSING! 1. If your loan is a re-finance with a different lender than the original purchaseâ?¦ 2. If you have or can obtain your closing documentsâ?¦ 3. If you are willing to get a forensic loan auditâ?¦. 4. If you want to handle the case yourself without an expensive attorney 5. If you are not looking to re-invent the wheel, but are ready to learn from what other people have already done successfullyâ?¦.. 6. If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and study some basic fundamentals without hype, snake oil, or false promises 7. If the possibility of keeping your home is a priorityâ?¦. YOU NEED TO ATTEND THIS WEBINAR SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 12, 2010 Please contact to sign up for this webinar and/or for more information - Reviewer: OpenWhiteMan 08/18/10 03:50 PM EDT
Full Comment: QUESTION: Why didn't Louie Bee mention the recent revelation about his friend and guest on his show, Lenny Bruce (Evstratios Moraites)? ANSWER: He couldn't out a fellow AGENT. People, add 1 + 1 and see it = 2. Louie Bee won't name the Jew, attacks We Are Change, has the ability to hack into radio station's phone lines to hijack shows using CIA + NSA + MI6 + MOSSAD technology, and spreads New Age, look at his logo and see it's Kabbalah. Luis Bonilla "Louie Bee" of Brooklyn works for the JEW! Michael Hutchinson (the PedoTruther's best buddy) just did a show where he distanced himself from the PedoTruther.

worked with a communist youth group JimStach deported after being accused of orallysodomizing3y boy - Reviewer: getOUTofARM 04/28/10 10:59 AM EDT
Full Comment: Hosted by: IconoclastRadio Title: Iconoclast Radio - Jim Stachowiak the Zionist Child Predator Time: 04/16/2010 09:01 PM EDT Episode Notes: Iconoclast Radio 302-566-1943 Jim Stachowiak the Zionist Drug Addict Child Predator Gets a call from Iconoclast, and leave Jim the child predator out cold on his own show. Lots of documentation. His criminal record. Internet search to see if he has registered as a Sexual Predator. Covered is how this jewish cop takes advantage of under age Goy girls, as the talmud tells them they can do. Also TJ talks about how Jim Stachowiak has a sexual addiction, and Louie B tells how Jim Stachowiak told Loiue he could butt fuck him if he wanted. Watch the Child Predator run when confronted by Iconoclast Radio, and more.

Kudos TruthBrigade! - Reviewer: TexasMM 12/24/09 10:09 PM EST
Full Comment: Once again, Christie takes us where other talkshow hosts fear to tread! Christie always makes us think outside the box, and make informed decisions for ourselves. Thank God for Christie bringing us the untold, and unapproved truth behind the story. If I see you on 'th street, Ryan-- your ass is kicked!!! By the way, I'd like to join the Truth Brigade goon squad. I'd make a great goon! I'm a good fighter and naturally ugly to boot!!

Will you know that truth when you hear it? - Reviewer: johndoereport 10/25/09 08:59 PM EDT
Full Comment: I have checked out Christies story and she is telling the truth. She has some idiots on Talkshoe who are jealous of her. You can learn someone from the shows that Christie dsoes and that is more than you get from the three major TV networks.

I'm a Targetted Individual and do not take that lightly - Reviewer: Arch Bishop 08/11/09 09:28 PM EDT
Full Comment: Hi Christie, I like most of the work that you do!!! I am very much in favor of it. Although I do see you doing a lot of things that the DOD uses to dumb down America, such as the ghost theroies and mystisicsm that you advocate on your show. I do appreciate greatly the work done for TI's and the truth that you put out, but the supersticious takes that you advocate put me off a bit. Also your people came to my own show tellling me that I am mirroring your story, which to me is a lie. I have told few people my entire story and have a hard time believing that a lot of people have suffered the same fate as myself. Most would not know enough about me to make an eduacated statement about me. So any slander about myslef is disregarded and looked at as slander at its off-set. Sooo...that being said, I appreciate anybody who can relate to what I've been through, but anyone who has yet to have met me and still feel the necessity to doubt me leave me wondering. I hope any truthers will continue to do good work, and will not be part of problem instead of being part of the sollution.

She's been there and done that - Reviewer: Dr Kimberli 07/27/09 07:39 PM EDT
Full Comment: Thanks for having the strenght to bring the truth to centerstage night after night. I am very blessed to know you as a friend! LOVE LOVE LOVE to you and all that you do!

Excellent !! - Reviewer: Keith_EE 06/27/09 12:44 AM EDT
Full Comment: Keep up the great work Christie, you are much appreciated!

Ryan, see a doctor! STOP STALKING ME!!!! 3rd request 6/12/09 7PM - Reviewer: TruthBrigade 06/12/09 07:58 PM EDT
Full Comment: Despite your bipolar disorder you brag about and use as an excuse for your mental abuse upon others who don't follow your psychotic demands, you are definitely one funny fellow. You change your opinion about all those you supposedly support more often than you change your underwear. You have zero evidence of your claims that me or anyone I know is talking about you. Frankly, sorry to burst your delusional bubble, but I know I have better things to do with my life. Recently a clinical psyche diagnosed you on our show. Apparently your doctor was wrong, you are not just a bipolar sex offender who lies about his name and location, it is much more severe. You make up stories about having conversations with me and call in to shows here to interrupt them, record shows engaged only in slandering anyone you happen to be mad at for the moment and pretend that I have blogs about you. Still wiating for the link. You outed yourself. You exposed yourself as a liar and that is why I and no one else I know wants anything to do with you. Call it a cult all you want. All we want is for you to leave us alone!!! GROW UP!!! GO SUCK ON A KOOLAID NIPPLE LACED WITH PROZAC and do us all a favor and disappear like you write every other day. Please. I care not about you, anything abot you and your life. Your creepy shenanigans show you are completely obsessed with me. PLEASE SEEK HELP!!! Oh, and for one who talks about slander, would you mind posting evidnece of your disgusting lcaims about me? TruthBrigade is not a group, not a PAC, not a religious group or cult. we are a radio show that talks about the topics no one else will. why"? Because we have open minds are are not cowards. We don't lie about our names, we are not sex offenders slandering innocent sex crime victims like Ryan here. We are just regular people being abused, stalked, and harassed by mentally disturbed individuals. Thanks to this last post here Ryan, I have decided to post your file in my forum with your psychotic rants about how obsessed you are with me. So, run along Ryan, you got what you wanted...a show, your audios will be posted for easy access for law enforcement and talkshoe employees. Shall I send you a shovel for your birthday?

Truth Brigade Goon Squad - Reviewer: Internettoughguy 06/11/09 10:02 PM EDT
Full Comment: Goon #10 checking in! if anyone messes with christie i will talk shit about you on my blog and on any forum and ruin you on the internet. You think your a troll? man im a mega super troll boom boom your cyber dead.

Truth Brigade Goon Squad - Reviewer: latinfighter 06/11/09 06:45 PM EDT
Full Comment: Yo soy Goon Numero 9 I search for Stalkers I find the stalkers i beat the stalkers that is my yab gracias mi amor Christie!

TruthBrigade Goon Squad - Reviewer: celesteISshrek 06/11/09 06:42 PM EDT
Full Comment: Goon #8 I used to stalk Christie, but I seen the lite. I'm really sorry for threatening to poison her and her children too. She ran out of money so there was nothing left to steal, but after doing time for the fbi again I saw the light. I want to be a goon when I grow up and ryan and jims cult raped me. TruthBrigade doesn't rape me and she's not on the sex offender registry. I use to be a stalker but now I am on the goon squad cause i get a dental plan and shit...her army is the best and love being nestled against her in the foxholes ryan and jim have dug.

the Truth - Reviewer: truthinaction 06/11/09 06:37 PM EDT
Full Comment: goon #7 -- There is no one doing what TruthBrigade Radio is doing! Dissecting the lie we we were all raised in and exploring the real world the fullness of our creation grants us. I can see why some are so adamant about stopping TruthBrigade Radio from succeeding. To late by your actions you show that you have already lost and you know it. You are displaying no valid thought structure; enjoy your chaos and the world your handlers have planned for you--it will be short lived! Cheap seat entertainment - ROTFLMAO :)

Truth Brigade Goon Squad - Reviewer: bringiton 06/11/09 06:29 PM EDT
Full Comment: Goon #6 I am ready to roll on who ever coming to fuck with my gurl Christie! We gonna be Rolling 30 deep. We gonna fire rockets and shit. Truth Brigade Goon Squad aint no one to be sleeping on. we special forces and shit busting heads and cracking skulls. say what again i dare you i double dare you motherfucker say what i damn more time. (please listen to this lovely program in all seriousness

GOONS OR LOONS? - Reviewer: shootnfromdahip 06/11/09 06:25 PM EDT
Full Comment: Let's presume we are suing Brian Yates definition of a goon and a loon? I'm in! I'm with TruthBrigade all the way! I've been there to see what Brian, Jim and Celeste have tried to do to this woman and there is no excuse. I guess the psychologist that talked about them on the show is right! Can you say NARCISSISTIC SOCIOPATH?

Truth Brigade Goon Squad - Reviewer: NiggersBfighting 06/11/09 06:23 PM EDT
Full Comment: Goon #5 reporting for duty! La Chaim Christie! I am the Jewish superhero anyone who messes with my favorite schicksa will be getting a bris from me! That means i will cut your pee pee. So be a mensch and listen to the show.

Truth Brigade Goon Squad - Reviewer: brooklynboy 06/11/09 06:13 PM EDT
Full Comment: Goon #4 here I here for tactical support mess with Christie you mess with all of us. She doesn't tell us what to do or how to think. We love her cause she keeps it real. And those who dont keep it real and just attack cause of your delusions will be dealt with. And we don't get orders from head quarters.

It's not called an ARMY! - Reviewer: freedomattacks 06/11/09 06:09 PM EDT
Full Comment: It's called, RYAN IS WRONG AND CANT GET CHRISTIE OUT OF HIS HEAD! Stop stalking her and we would have to reason to put you in check! LOVE TO THE TRUTHBRIGADE!

Truth Brigade Goon Squad - Reviewer: EnemyCombatant 06/11/09 06:09 PM EDT
Full Comment: This is Goon #3 "Any problem on earth can be solved with the careful application of high explosives. The trick is to not be around when they go off." So watch your fucking mouth or a problem will be solved. (this is a joke but listen to this show its great)

Truth Brigade Goon Squad - Reviewer: Carlparr 06/11/09 06:02 PM EDT
Full Comment: Hello I'm Goon #2 I'm here to further inform yous of this here show. If you want to learn about MK-ultra and natural healing listen close to this show. If you are hating cause Christie wont let you see her naked then you defiantly need fucking help. And you can also email me and i will Breaka your facha. (this comment is also meant as a joke. But seriously keep and open mind and expand yours your not gonna agree with everything but she is a nice lady)

The people who hate christie - Reviewer: Anna Rodriquez 06/11/09 05:58 PM EDT
Full Comment: Are just sad that they cant get a girl as beautiful as her keep doing your thing gurrrrrrrrl

Truth Brigade Goon Squad - Reviewer: Louie Bee 06/11/09 05:54 PM EDT
Full Comment: Hello I'm Louie Bee AKA Goon #1. The Boss Informs us that there are people not liking boss' show. I must say this is an inconvenience. That can easily be rectified. Listen to a show and suspend all the bad stuff you been told about Christie. and if you still don't like it send us and email and we will break your legs!!! Truth Brigade aint no one to fuck with. (the following comment was ment as a joke. but seriously listen to the show its very informative. and i learn a lot)