Talkcasting Tips and Tricks
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Title: #2 - Elizabeth Day's Top 10 Podcast Tips

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06/08/2006 04:00 PM EDT
#2 - Elizabeth Day's Top 10 Podcast Tips
06/01/2006 03:00 PM EDT
#1 - Talkcasting Tips and Tricks


Solid advice for first talkcasters! - Reviewer: Lilith K 07/06/09 10:42 AM EDT
Full Comment: I'm glad I gave a listen here before my first TC goes down! Thanks.

Demystifying the mic - Reviewer: An80sNut 01/09/07 04:38 PM EST
Full Comment: This is essential information from a professional broadcaster for those entering talkcasting. Yes, know your subject matter but also prepare enough material to tide you over. Great to hear someone assert the need for letting your personality out as many can sound stiff and cold. Starting out with TalkShoe? Don't miss this!

Great tips of the trade - Reviewer: Mark Juliano 06/16/06 01:13 AM EDT
Full Comment: Excellent advice whether creating your own Talkcast or podcast

Great Idea - Reviewer: wolf 06/07/06 12:43 PM EDT
Full Comment: I like the fact that an actual radio show host took time out of his busy schedule to give his advice on interviewing. I learned a great deal about how to interview someone on the air.