The Walking Dead
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Title: Friday the 13th The Game Exclusive Interview

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Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
05/22/2017 11:14 PM EDT
Friday the 13th The Game Exclusive Interview
05/15/2017 10:21 PM EDT
The Walking Dead
05/08/2017 11:28 PM EDT
Discovery Channel Returns Naked and Afraid with a SURPRISE Celeb Guest
05/01/2017 10:46 PM EDT
Discovery Channel Naked and Afraid Jeremy McCaa
05/01/2017 10:37 PM EDT
Discovery Channel Naked and Afraid Jeremy Mcaa
04/24/2017 09:52 PM EDT
EP 248 The Walking Dead is over ,waiting on FEAR SUCKAZ!
04/10/2017 11:33 PM EDT
The Walking Dead Blues
04/05/2017 09:01 PM EDT
Season 7 Finale The Walking Dead -BAM BAM BAM!
03/27/2017 10:53 PM EDT
ZombieCast.NET ep 245 The Walking Dead
03/20/2017 10:45 PM EDT
1:49:30 244 The Walking Dead - THE OTHER SIDE
03/13/2017 11:34 PM EDT
Karen of CeneGence and The Walking Dead-
03/13/2017 11:22 PM EDT
Karen of CenGence and The Walking Dead
03/13/2017 11:14 PM EDT
Karen of CeneGence and The Walking Dead -- official ZRS SHOW
03/06/2017 09:45 PM EST
Zombie Cast - Official Zombie Research Society Radio
02/27/2017 10:03 PM EST
Zombie Cast Unofficial Guide to Zombies Official Zombie Research Society


Great Show! - Reviewer: Zombie Radio Network 09/07/14 07:38 PM EDT
Full Comment: Keep up the great work folks! Never miss an episode!

ZCAST - I LOVE These Guys! - Reviewer: Yogizilla 02/10/14 12:41 AM EST
Full Comment: Lately, I have been on a real horror kick and it saddens me that there is such a void. While horror films have been on a bit of a decline, we're fortunate that we are seeing more horror games, both tabletop and digital, on the rise. It's great to see my friends at ZCast get into some deep round-table discussions about these games and more. There's so much great indie content out there that it's hard to keep up! Zombie Cast covers everything from books to shows to games. It's not merely about zombies or even horror, either. The ZCast gang gets into stuff that any horror fan would dig. I would put this show up there with personal favorites Darkness Radio, Pseudopod, Staggering Stories, Ron's Amazing Stories, and Tales To Terrify. That said, what makes this show stand out is the more casual, fun approach to horror. It's just friends having a conversation. It does not feel rigid, scripted, or rehearsed like most podcasts do. Each cast member and guest brings awesome dynamics to the overall flow of the show. Rock on, zombies!

From Dead_Door - Reviewer: jbarker8 02/14/13 04:53 PM EST
Full Comment: Great show guys. very informative

Good stuff - Reviewer: zombieallen 05/17/12 12:37 PM EDT
Full Comment: I find myself talking at my laptop. Hahaha

luv you guys - Reviewer: Mrsharkattack 05/10/12 08:35 PM EDT
Full Comment: in a manly way. you have inspired the wife and i, lady starfish, to resume podcasting after a FOUR YEAR hiatus. We've come back to life, you might say.

Great Interview - Reviewer: AuthorCharity 03/15/12 07:07 PM EDT
Full Comment: I loved the interview and can't wait to read more. I've downloaded my copy of Aftereffects and have added to my TBR pile. Good luck, Zane. Harold, keep bringing us more awesome interviews!

Thanks for the shout out, Zane. Nice interview. - Reviewer: SinisterScott 03/15/12 01:23 PM EDT
Full Comment: Thanks for the shout out, Zane. Nice interview. South Bend Zombie Walk-September 8, 2012-Howard Park-Event starts at noon-Walk starts around 6:30 PM. Zombie Art Show Zombie Games Food and Drinks Wicked Jester Makeup Artists Music & More All ages welcome "If you're not with us, you're FOOD!!!"

Zombie Cast! - Reviewer: erato240 01/17/12 05:03 PM EST
Full Comment: I love Zombie Cast. Itâ??s a fun listen. I find myself agreeing or arguing out loud when I listen. I recommend you to all my friends! Who knows, your pod cast may the only thing that prepares us for the Zombie Apocalypse.