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Title: Lost Series Finale Talk

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05/25/2010 08:00 PM EDT
Lost Series Finale Talk
05/18/2010 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE100 - Cranky Fanatic
05/11/2010 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE99 - Cranky Fanatic
05/04/2010 09:00 PM EDT
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02/16/2010 09:00 PM EST
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02/09/2010 09:00 PM EST
Cranky Fanatic Lost Podcast - What Kate Does


- Reviewer: Itsgrover 02/03/10 08:49 AM EST

Gotta love the realism! - Reviewer: Keys To Lost - Matt 05/26/09 05:36 PM EDT
Full Comment: Thank goodness there's a podcast for LOST fans that pulls no punches! Love this show!

Thanks for the podcast Big-O! - Reviewer: DawnOwar 01/28/09 08:16 PM EST
Full Comment: I love having a place to go to chat after the show to discuss all the details my real-life friends don't care about ;)

Too many talking at one time!!! - Reviewer: Major_Nelson 04/25/08 03:37 PM EDT
Full Comment: Big O your amazing, but your guest are not considerate to your high quality standard. Tell them to either have a good mic or not call in. And that girl who either talks to low or doesnt shut up, stop letting her call in all the time damn. Some really needs to be honest and say something. I hate people who talk over others. If she lifes to talk that much then Big O show her how to make her own podcast... yours truely Major Nelson : Director of Xbox Live

Worthwhile but often frustrating - Reviewer: rumli 02/26/08 08:14 AM EST
Full Comment: The Good - This is one of the few podcasts that truly includes its guests in the discussion. Most guests provide good insight and theories, and Big-O generally does a good job of moderating (with the exception of one particular guest) and keeping the discussion going. - Big-O is not afraid to criticize. Many other shows tend to be very forgiving, but Big-O calls it like it is. He does a good job of pointing out issues that require too much suspension of disbelief. The Bad: - I agree a previous reviewer about a certain regular guest who keeps interrupting and often dominates the conversation way too much. - Big-O has a tendency to reply, "Oh yeah, I thought of that too!" when a guest mentions a theory. Even if he did think of the idea too, he's rarely gracious enough to let it slide. I find this a bit off-putting. Overall, it's a worthwhile Lost podcast that occasionally makes your blood boil!

Caller #9 Annoying - Reviewer: Frediemac 02/08/08 11:54 AM EST
Full Comment: Whoever the girl was that continued to laugh and scream and would not shut up was very annoying. Somebody needed to mute her microphone. Normally I love Cranky Fanatic Podcast but tonight was the exception to that. Was she drunk? or is she 9 years old? God that was hard to listen to. Sorry but somebody needs to be honest about this. Big O is the man and thank god for him.

Great Podcast - Reviewer: Beep 01/31/08 09:01 PM EST
Full Comment: Excellent, thanks.

Great Podcast - Reviewer: cdogg6705 06/13/07 08:41 PM EDT
Full Comment: This is a great podcast. I listen to alot of lost podcasts and to me this one is the most listener oriented podcast. Big-O is a great host with a great podcast. You should give this one a listen.

The Best Lost Podcast Out There! - Reviewer: Tyler H. 05/30/07 11:48 PM EDT
Full Comment: This is a great podcast that you should defiantly check out! There are great in-deap theories and it is funny and entertaining too!

Fantastic Podcast! - Reviewer: Lawdoc 05/17/07 12:25 AM EDT
Full Comment: Big-O is at the cutting edge of podcast technology and content. His LOST and Heroes podcasts are well conceived, well produced and fun to listen to. I really recommend these podcasts for an intelligent commentary on the mythology, character development and plot points in the exciting shows LOST and Heroes. I think you will be glad you did.

Great show! - Reviewer: Whatsup 04/19/07 05:12 PM EDT
Full Comment: keep up the good work Big O!!!

Not very good - Reviewer: Ihatelost 04/19/07 03:33 PM EDT
Full Comment: The audio in itunes is not good. sometimes the audio in the live show isnt either. talks off topic sometimes.

Great Show - Reviewer: Uncle_Igmar 04/17/07 07:14 PM EDT
Full Comment: Because of its immediacy - coming right after the airing of every episode of LOST - Big O and his cast of regulars give great instant insight into just what the heck is going on on the island. Nuff said. Just listen.

Great LOST Podcast! - Reviewer: the JoshMeister 04/15/07 03:59 PM EDT
Full Comment: Big-O is very knowledgeable about LOST and has lots of great insights into the show. His live post-LOST podcasts on Wednesday nights are lots of fun for those fortunate enough to get to watch the show when it airs on the east coast. Big-O also has some great interviews, including musician Bare Naked Hurley, "Sayid" (a hilarious parody interview), and the *real* Jorge Garcia (very cool). "O" keeps it clean, too, which I really appreciate.

Probably the coolest guy in podcasting... - Reviewer: heartsanadminds 04/12/07 02:54 AM EDT
Full Comment: ...and his live shows are SO much fun! Defnitely the second best part of my week (guess what the best part is...) Everyone in the chat is great , and O has great theories and he asks the best questions that make me think for days on end. Plus the WLST radio? He's even interviewed a slew of people. including Jorge "Hurley" Garcia. I think that alone would prove he's doing something right. I only wish I had more time in my week to listen to all his amazing stuff! In my opinion, there are a ton of Lost podcasts worth listening to, and this is definitely one of them.

LOVE THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!! - Reviewer: Pheretic 04/07/07 11:50 PM EDT
Full Comment: Its great, might go of topic but it gives the best Lost aftershock of Lost. The reactions of the latest episode of Lost are discuss just as you are trying to process it through your mind. Great show for lost fans from, Pheretic

Cranky Fanatic, Not So Cranky - Reviewer: Bleu Caldwell 03/21/07 09:59 PM EDT
Full Comment: Big-O's live talkcast is a lot of fun! The Lost hiatus trivia is a great idea!

OMG FIRST! - Reviewer: congested 02/14/07 07:57 PM EST
Full Comment: This is a good lost podcast, as opposed to those other Lost podcasts that aren't even on Jacob's List.