In a Chemical Soup: Detox Your House
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Hosted by: Lynn in the PM
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
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Title: EP.24- Interview w/Stacy Malkan, The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry

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Past Episodes (13)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
06/09/2009 08:00 PM EDT
EP.24- Interview w/Stacy Malkan, The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry
04/02/2009 09:00 PM EDT
Ep.23 Talk with Dr. Tang Lee-Mold Prevention and Clean-up and Health
02/16/2009 08:00 PM EST
Ep. 22 Talk with Dr. Magda Havas about Electromagnetic Fields and Health
01/29/2009 09:00 PM EST
Ep. 21 Talk with Dr. Anne Steinemann about Toxins in Products and Home
11/11/2008 06:00 PM EST
EPISODE20 -Talk with Enviromental Inspector and Building Expert
05/02/2008 06:00 PM EDT
EPISODE19 - Special Guest, Stephen Collette from
04/25/2008 06:00 PM EDT
EPISODE17 - Earth Day Special with guest, Tim Penstone, Organic Lawn Care
04/11/2008 02:00 PM EDT
EPISODE15- Healthier Home Tour: Create a Less Toxic Yard, Lawn and Garage
04/04/2008 06:00 PM EDT
EPISODE14 - Healthier Home Tour: The Basement/Laundry Room
03/28/2008 06:00 PM EDT
EPISODE13 - Healthier Home Tour: The Living Room
03/21/2008 06:00 PM EDT
EPISODE12 - Creating a Healthy Home Tour: The Bedroom
03/13/2008 06:00 PM EDT
EPISODE11 - Create a Healthier Home Tour - Week 2 The Ktichen
03/06/2008 06:00 PM EST
EPISODE10- Create a Healthier Home Tour Week 1- The Bathroom


- Reviewer: TVSeriesFinaleFan 04/06/13 04:15 PM EDT

We need to know this! - Reviewer: La Sal 01/01/08 11:24 AM EST
Full Comment: I was sitting on an airplane, wondering WHY, OH, WHY does the gentleman next to me believe that no one is allergic to his perfume, or that maybe someone doesn't love it as much as he? But all of us need to know that this, along so much else in our world, is putting us in a 'chemical soup' that isn't very healthy. Thank you, Lynn! Healing, peace, love and light to you!