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Title: TKR Podcast 51: Inventory Lab with Kim McCaffery

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Past Episodes (263)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
02/10/2015 06:00 PM EST
That Kat Radio Podcast 6: Home Run Sales with Tim Chapman 2
02/03/2015 06:00 AM EST
That Kat Radio Podcast 5: Joann Woods-Yoder and Beth Cherkowsky
01/27/2015 06:00 PM EST
That Kat Radio Podcast 4: Jason Miles, Ryan & Mia Snowley and Tom Coe
01/20/2015 06:00 PM EST
That Kat Radio Podcast 3: Sales Tax Compliance with TaxJar
01/13/2015 06:00 PM EST
That Kat Radio Podcast 2: Home Run Sales with Tim Chapman
01/06/2015 06:00 PM EST
That Kat Radio Podcast 1: Charlene Anderson, Todd Lammi and Debra Conrad
12/29/2014 02:00 PM EST
No Show - New Year's Week
12/22/2014 02:00 PM EST
No Show - Christmas Week
12/15/2014 02:00 PM EST
TKR EP85 - Ty Yolac of
12/08/2014 02:00 PM EST
TKR EP84 - Paul Cole and Bill Cortright
12/01/2014 02:00 PM EST
TKR EP83 - Jim Smith and Katarina Cechova
11/24/2014 02:00 PM EST
No Show - USA Thanksgiving Holiday
11/17/2014 02:00 PM EST
TKR EP82 - Stephanie Inge
11/10/2014 02:00 PM EST
TKR EP81 - FBA Inspection and Hydrasale
11/03/2014 02:00 PM EST
TKR EP80 - Greg Jameson - Amazon's Dirty Little Secrets and Karen Locker


Kat's energy and knowledge will revitalize any business! - Reviewer: englishtraditions 08/12/13 03:07 PM EDT
Full Comment: Listening to Kat is a great way to revitalize my business - Kat is positive and informative - she tells it like it is! If you feel like you're stuck in a rut you won't be for long when you listen to her webinars! Thanks for all your information Kat!

I have found this to be the best place for FREE, valuable information and tips for selling on Amazon - Reviewer: KarenSlai 08/11/13 10:40 PM EDT
Full Comment: I have found this to be the best place for FREE, valuable information and tips for selling on Amazon. It's not very often you come across someone giving FREE and valuable information that helps sellers. I like that the information is presented in a way where I am able to decide what my business needs are and it is not bias. There are so many different programs and tools out there that I had no idea existed until coming across thatkat radio. Thank you Kat for introducing tools that will help my business grow and allow me to save time and increase my profit margin.

- Reviewer: flashcraft 02/17/13 06:42 PM EST

This is THE place to learn about FBA - 100% Feedback :) 5 Star Seller etc :) - Reviewer: kellyloach 05/01/12 12:33 PM EDT
Full Comment: I have been an FBA seller since the start of the program and although I feel comfortable with my understanding of FBA, Chris always brings new ideas that I had not thought of before. Recently I began listening again after a few months off and I forgot what a wonderful resource this is to all FBA sellers. Everyone (Bob,Chris Lisa, etc) brings something to the table and does not fill the show with mindless banter like other radio programs. Make sure you have a pen and paper when listening so you won't miss anything. Kelly

Warning, monsters fed here. - Reviewer: riptide30A 11/04/11 01:53 PM EDT
Full Comment: FBARadio offers great content without attitude. Always a stellar performance, these guys/gals (Chris, Bob, Kathy, Lisa) & guests really know their stuff! They GIVE it away like mad men/women, right here on FBARadio! Listening to FBARadio can be dangerous though...consider yourself warned. Just listen once! You'll be glad to know that the archives are available here on talkshoe and on itunes, so not only will you be taking the archives with you, but FBARadio archives will interfere with your sleep! Go ahead, .. give it a shot.. try listening to an archived show & you'll never fade off into la la land! You'll be up & at 'em, making coffee, feeding your monster, & makin' it rain'. No one does it like FBARAdio - these guys run this show like a well oiled machine! Dishing out info you can really use! Superb content. No drama. No bull. Period. FBARadio offers content sure to put a little jingle in your pocket, but be careful...they will teach you things no one else can! Only FBARadio can teach you how to make money with FBA, how to feed your monster, how you, too, can make it rain (come on, now who else teaches *that*?), AND the real truth about margarine! Come on, climb aboard! The Captains, crew & deckhands are all here to help!

You can do that? - Reviewer: CynthiaStine 10/08/11 02:32 AM EDT
Full Comment: I'm learning so much listening to these podcasts. I've been an FBA seller for a year and there's still so much to learn. I took notes during Skip McGrath's call and kept thinking "I didn't know you could do that!" Thanks for bringing such quality speakers to the show. I've also enjoyed the others. I listen at night when I'm listing and boxing my inventory!

Learning so much from FBA Radio - Reviewer: SeacoastBargain 10/04/11 07:31 PM EDT
Full Comment: I am thoroughly enjoying FBA Radio. The guests (Lisa Suttora, Skip McGrath) have been great and Chris is a wealth of knowledge. I've been downloading the podcasts and I listen on my noon walks. I am learning so much - not only about Amazon selling but sourcing products too.