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Title: USA #127: Organizing Organic Jural-Societies to Self-Govern

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Title: USA #126: Organizing Organic Jural-Societies to Self-Govern.

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02/28/2018 09:30 PM EST
120 min
USA #127: Organizing Organic Jural-Societies to Self-Govern

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05/07/2008 09:00 PM EDT
EPISODE8 - Organizing Constitutional-Government
04/23/2008 09:38 PM EDT
EPISODE6 - Organizing Constitutional-Government
01/28/2008 09:00 PM EST
# 2: Organizing Constitutional-Government
12/17/2007 09:00 PM EST
EPISODE1; Organizing Constitutional-Government for the USA.


popular toke - Reviewer: moneymike5000 12/07/17 02:03 AM EST

- Reviewer: Portzfamily 09/11/17 05:26 AM EDT

Hartford Van-Dyke - Reviewer: Osbogosley 05/11/15 08:54 AM EDT
Full Comment: Thank you Charles for having Hartford on the call. Very good to hear him. Please do more shows with him.

National Non Profit Party - - Reviewer: Bonnie1 03/09/11 12:52 AM EST
Full Comment: YOU ARE NOT ALONE! THE COMPLETE REMEDY TO THIS NATIONAL CONSPIRACY. While the integrity and intent of the Ecclesiastical Deed Poll remains clear â?? that you have the absolute Divine Right to property granted to you by Divine Right at birth and no society may claim this property, nor trick you into existing as a slave, the existing Roman system has shown a distinct lack of respect for its own laws at a local and state/province level. Furthermore, the level of ignorance of basic tenets of law is so great at a local and state/provincial level that the Ecclesiastical Deed process has been updated to focus at a national level. I am writing to you from Canada. Please review the platform for this party and employ it in your country. Also go to to learn how to take back control of your country and reinstate the constitution. Registering the Deed Poll with your leaders will take you off of the "Slave Roll", they have to honor it or step down from their positions. This is the simplest remedy to this criminal government and a completely non-violent approach. JOIN Frank O'Collins on Talk Shoe: Full Comment: The most PROFOUND knowledge, wisdom, Truth I've ever come across. UCADIA has deciphered the Slave Code that entraps us in our daily lives and has provided for us new models of society which are Lawfully superior. To get off the slave roll, send an EDP to the leaders of your country:

- Reviewer: rickysmom 01/29/11 01:44 AM EST

- Reviewer: getOUTofARM 01/29/11 01:44 AM EST