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Hosted by: Mike L.
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 10038
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Title: Ep 178: Robin Williams and Depression

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Past Episodes (179)

Time: Duration: Title: Recordings:
10/11/2009 09:01 PM EDT
Hitler and the Bus Full of Nuns
10/08/2009 09:01 PM EDT
Sexaholics Anonymous
10/06/2009 09:01 PM EDT
Movie Talk and Other Poisonous Thoughts and Dangerous Discussion
10/04/2009 09:01 PM EDT
Extreme Sports and Stupidity
10/01/2009 09:01 PM EDT
In Any Life, A Little Raine Must Fall
09/29/2009 09:01 PM EDT
Open Mind, Insert Knowledge
05/06/2009 09:00 PM EDT
Green Rock Music Festival Interview
04/29/2009 08:30 PM EDT
Debbie Alferio, Romance Author
04/22/2009 08:30 PM EDT
Auction Wally of Brainstorming Bonanzle
04/19/2009 08:30 PM EDT
139: The Woman That Clothes That Make the Man
04/15/2009 08:30 PM EDT
138: Interview with The Hardest Workin' Man in Comics, Tim Fischer
04/12/2009 08:30 PM EDT
137: Easter Sunday Before Tax Day Open Mic Show
04/08/2009 08:30 PM EDT
136: Bob Corby and The Small Press Comics Exposition (SPACE) Interview
04/05/2009 08:30 PM EDT
135: SPACE is coming!Allen Freeman Interview
04/01/2009 09:00 PM EDT
134: Interview with Artist/Cartoonist Matt Kish


- Reviewer: bill dengler computers&mo 06/22/14 05:22 PM EDT

- Reviewer: Mike L. 06/22/14 05:21 PM EDT

Mike Knows Stuff! Excellent podcaster! - Reviewer: maknbacon 11/01/10 03:48 PM EDT
Full Comment: A fantastic show here! Mike has years of experience in reading and working in the comic book biz. I'm hooked on this show.

Instant fan - Reviewer: Wyoming County Radio Show 12/07/09 11:02 PM EST
Full Comment: Great Show, Mike is a wonderful host, and very helpful, it's people like him and Carl that make the Talkshoe community such a great place. Thanks

- Reviewer: [Intro] Derrick Moore 11/22/09 06:06 PM EST

- Reviewer: Derrick2 11/22/09 06:01 PM EST

Great Show - Reviewer: jorgepaez11956967578 03/20/08 09:42 PM EDT
Full Comment: this is a great "anything goes " podcast. Check it out at id 10038

Mike is awesome - Reviewer: Raine 03/12/08 06:27 PM EDT
Full Comment: Love your show Mike! :) I'm bipolar LOL

Good show - Reviewer: TommysCommentary 02/18/08 10:45 PM EST
Full Comment: Good show, great host & great features.

Love the title! - Reviewer: mikekerr32 02/03/08 10:04 PM EST
Full Comment: The title makes it see cool

Every well hosted - Reviewer: vforvendetta 01/30/08 10:35 PM EST
Full Comment: I really enjoyed the talk show and was very surprised on the amount of detail givin to his fact checking. Keep up the good work and hope to catch this show again soon.