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Hosted by: county notary
Title: EPISODE72 - Tony King It's "Put-up" or "Shut-up" Time!
Episode Notes: Hello Folks, It is finally "Put-up" or "Shut-up" Time! We have invited Pastor Tony King, his supporter "Nana"; and these Commerce Guru's, who know the details - Tom Schultz, Sam Davis, Winston Shrout, Tim Turner, Sam Kennedy and Kevin Hines; alone with TRVTH who warned people and Seminar Attendee "Victims?" to join the notary's July 4th. We will discuss the Tony King Seminar - "Racket"? Pastor King's plethora of "Broken" promises of ten homes per attendee, his DTC "SCAM?", "Outrageous" fees he charged Seminar Organizers, and other inconsistencies. We will see who shows-up, and what facts or alibi's are offered. Or the "DTC" "Pied-Piper of Cleveland" - is Toast! By: David Clarence: All Liberties Expressly Reserved. Documents, files, discussions and other information here - http://groups.Google.com/group/county-notary_highest-office-in-law