Have you successfully launched and joined a Community Call via TalkShoe Live! Pro before? Then...
Have you recently cleared or deleted your Cookies, in particular the TalkShoe Cookies? Are cookies enabled for your browser? Enable cookies, sign into TalkShoe, then join a live Community Call. Please proceed through the 3 steps on the PIN Creation page. Don't forget to click "Done" on step 3. This process will reset you cookies for launching TalkShoe Live! Pro
Is the talkshoe.exe or the talkshoe.app (for Mac users) blocked from accessing the internet (http protocol)? If so, you will have to adjust your firewall to unblock TalkShoe Live! Pro, allowing access to the internet.
Is there a failure to launch TalkShoe Live! Pro from the Firefox browser? You may have disabled the launch protocol for Firefox. Click here to search our help section.
If none of these are your problems, please contact us.
Are you a first time user or is this the first time you are trying to Join In to a live Community Call?
Have you downloaded and installed the TalkShoe Live! Pro application? If not, click here.
If you are on a Mac, are you using FireFox 1.5? Some Mac users have had launch issues with Firefox 1.5. It is suggested to update your Firefox to version 2+
If none of these are your problems, please contact us.