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The TalkShoe Cash program exists to compensate the hosts of top shows on the TalkShoe network. With TalkShoe Cash, you can share in the ad revenues that TalkShoe generates from your show.

In addition, anyone who refers a host to TalkShoe earns a bonus of 25% of that host's total earnings for a period of one year from date of referral.


Start by creating an interesting and compelling Community Call. Actively promote your show to build
your audience. In order to be considered for the TalkShoe Cash program:

• Your Community Call must be done on a regular basis

• Your Community Call must average at least 20 live participants per week
(total callers plus TalkShoe Live! Pro listeners/chatters)

• Your Community Call must average at least 1,000 downloads per week
(smaller audiences are hard to sell to advertisers)

• You must be willing to work with selected advertisers to do live reads

When you’re there, email the TalkShoe team to have your Community Call evaluated for the TalkShoe Cash program. We’ll review your show to assess whether it meets the entertainment and quality standards of the TalkShoe network, will be of interest to our advertisers, and will be likely to grow its audience over time. If so, the TalkShoe team will invite you into the TalkShoe Cash program.

Even if you don’t qualify, you’ll meet new people and have fun Community Calling. Plus you’ll
get a free Community Call page, free audio file hosting, free bandwidth, and much more.

So get started Community Calling today!

TalkShoe Cash Program   Host Referral Program