What do I need?
• microphone
• headphones
• computer
• internet connection

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ShoePhone offers good fit for group talking

Trib Media

• Free and unlimited multi-person talking
• Anyone, anywhere, anytime
• Conversations, discussions and Community Calls
• Easy and quick connection
• International calling
• Computer-based connection (with a headset)
• Complete TalkShoe solution

How does ShoePhone differ from other VoIP clients?
ShoePhone offers a quick and easy Community Call connection and was
built by TalkShoe specifically for TalkShoe. There's no need to enter IP addresses or DTMF tones. Just click one button to connect.

How does ShoePhone differ from telephones and
mobile phones?

Both can be used with TalkShoe at any time. Telephones and mobile phones offer range away from your computer, but for the convenience of a computer-based connection, ShoePhone is an easy solution. It's also a low-cost alternative for those without fixed-rate calling plans.

Who can I connect to with ShoePhone?
ShoePhone users can connect with other ShoePhone users as well as to people using standard telephones, mobile phones, other VoIP services such as Skype, and 3rd party VoIP clients such as SJphone and Gizmo. This is because ShoePhone is based on a telco-grade conferencing system unlike other server-based VoIP-only services which have limited conferencing capabilities.

How do I get ShoePhone?
All TalkShoe members that download and install TalkShoe live automatically have access to ShoePhone. There is no need to sign up or download any additional software. TalkShoe live will prompt you to connect with ShoePhone when you click "Join in" or "Start my show" on any live Community Call. So to get ShoePhone, sign up, download and join a Community Call.

How do I use ShoePhone to call into a Community Call?
Once you have signed up as a TalkShoe member and downloaded TalkShoe Live! Pro, you can join any Community Call with ShoePhone by clicking the "Join In" button. This will launch TalkShoe live and you will be prompted to either dial in or connect with ShoePhone. Click the connect button under ShoePhone and you will be joined via your computer to the voice call. You need to have a headset and microphone, thats it.

How do I talk with friends or start a group conversation
with ShoePhone?

To start a group conversation create a Community Call by clicking on the create button. You can then create either a public Community Call or an unlisted one. Once this is created and scheduled to be live, you can start the show to launch TalkShoe Live! Pro. This will allow you to connect with ShoePhone with one click. Then, other people can call into the show by either using ShoePhone or just dialing in using any other type of phone. You can tell your friends to call 724-444-7444, enter your Community Call ID (given to you when you create) and then 1# to join.
If they are a TalkShoe member they can enter 2# or their PIN. It is
that easy to create and then talk to any person either via regular phone or ShoePhone.

How do I use ShoePhone?
Just go into TalkShoe Live! Pro and connect. It's that easy.

Download TalkShoe Live! Pro with ShoePhone.
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“Finally a Groupie Phone”

“I've been hunting for a high quality, easy to use, free-for-my-listeners solution that gives them lots of different ways to call in and either listen to or participate in a show...and be of high quality. TalkShoe has delivered.”

“You owe it to yourself to spend a bit of time at TalkShoe”

*ShoePhone may not be compatible with certain firewalls or security software.