There are a wide variety of potential uses of the TalkShoe website. Some of these are listed below. Click on a usage and get ideas to create your own Community Call, or create an idea yourself. The possibilities are endless.

Live podcasts Discussion groups Talk shows
Sports talk forums Party lines Friends and family chats
Book clubs Political discussions Dating games
Business conferences Hobbyist meetings Celebrity talk
Religious discussions Movie talk Live blogs
Voice instant messaging Survivor-style games Expert advice
Current events Support groups How-to guides
Education and Seminars

Live podcasts (back to top)
Up until now, podcasts were pre-recorded one-way content. Now you have the option to create a LIVE podcast. You pick the topic, and we'll jointly get people to talk live and listen to the podcast. When you're finished, you can put it on podcast directories as you always have. And with TalkShoe, you can even earn money from every participant, listener, downloader and subscriber.

Discussion groups (back to top)
Discuss any topic you'd like. Be the host, or join an existing discussion. TalkShoe was built on the concept of connecting like-minded people.
Have you always wanted to host your own talk show? Are current radio talk shows not what you're looking for? Are you a budding amateur host? Then create your own talk show with live talkers and listeners. What's more, the shows are recorded for later podcasting. And you're paid for every listener you reach.

Sports talk forums (back to top)
Want to talk after the game? Discuss your Fantasy Baseball picks, or the latest trades by the Yankees? Talk with other sports fanatics and share your views. Maybe you're the next John Madden? You never know. Just create your own sports talk show and earn money in the process.

Party lines (back to top)
Just wanna talk? Then start or join a party line. Talk with like minded individuals, argue any topic you'd like, or just listen to the banter. You never know who you might meet!

Friends and family chats (back to top)
Is your family spread out across the country, or even the world? Why not get the family together every week for a family chat. It's easy. It's fun. And it's free.
TalkShoe is a great medium for book club discussions. Invite your current members and members who've moved away. Invite new people from remote parts of the country to join in the discussions. Record the discussion for future playback for members who've missed the meeting.

Political discussions (back to top)
Are you a liberal, conservative, centrist or libertarian? Why not start a political discussion group or talk show. Who knows, you might be the next Rush Limbaugh or Al Franken. How's that for politically correct?

Dating games (back to top)
You're the contestant, and the participants are your suitors. You ask the questions and they reply. Then choose your dream date. It's entertaining and it's fun. Build a listener base and earn money too!

Business conferences (back to top)
You can use TalkShoe to have a department or company-wide meeting, or how about using it for quarterly conferences with financial analysts. Choose a private conference, invite the members of your staff, and your conference starts when you choose. You can see-who's-talking or mute people as you wish. And you can record the conference for later listening.

Hobbyist meetings (back to top)
Want to build that model airplane, knit that sweater, or talk about collecting baseball cards? There are surely others of like mind and interest. Start a hobby discussion group or join one already underway.

Celebrity talk (back to top)
Are you a current or wannabe celebrity? You can use TalkShoe to talk to your fans live. Increase your fan base, and earn money doing it. Occasionally, TalkShoe will have a celebrity host on a Community Call, who you can talk to live.

Religious discussions (back to top)
Whether you're Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, or none-of-the-above, religion is one of the most talked about topics in daily conversation. Talk with others of similar faith, or learn about those with different beliefs.
Want to discuss the latest released movies? Or talk about the nominees for the Academy Awards? Then start a movie Community Call. Who knows, you may be the next Ebert! Attract a large number of listeners and earn money in the process.
Want to create a live blog instead of a one-way pre-recorded audio file? TalkShoe is the perfect mechanism to bring in participants to your live audio blog. It's then recorded and available as a podcast on the TalkShoe website. We even list it on popular podcast directories like iTunes, Yahoo!, and Podcast Alley.

Voice instant messaging (back to top)
Are you tired of only being able to use text chat on Instant Messaging (IM)? Wouldn't you like to talk to your buddies in addition to using chat? TalkShoe has the best IM engine for you. Just invite your friends; then dial into the bridge via telephone or voice-over-IP (VoIP). It's that simple.

Survivor-style games (back to top)
How about starting your own Survivor-style game. You pick the topics. You ask the questions. The talkers and listeners then vote people off the conference "island". The last one talking wins. If you get enough participants, Talk Shoe will even offer a prize to the winning participant.

Expert advice (back to top)
Are you an expert in your field? It could be medicine, psychology, religion, marketing or photography. You pick the topic, and TalkShoe finds other people with the same interests. You could even charge participants and listeners money for your advice.

Current events (back to top)
Want to talk about the latest current event, NOW!? Don't wait for a blog, podcast or radio talkshow. Talk now to others who want to discuss timely topics. If you don't see a current discussion, it's easy to start one.

Support groups (back to top)
We can all use "a little help from our friends". If you have a problem or issue you want to talk about, chances are there are others that also have the same problem, or have even figured it out. Sometimes a group discussion is just the ticket to getting help.

How-to guides (back to top)
We can all use help with that home project, car repair, or other do-it-yourself endeavor. Share your knowledge and experience with others, or learn from them. Where there's a will, there's a way.

Education and Seminars (back to top)
Use TalkShoe to reach a broad audience for your class or seminar. Simulate a classroom environment with active participation, and questions and answers. You can even charge money for participation and listening to the class or seminar.