Community Call Widget Player
  How It Is Used:
• Email, IM or Twitter everyone
the phone number and Community Call
ID and tell them to just enter 1#
• Post phone number and
Talkast number on forums and
• Embed TalkShoe widget
players which promotes non-
member call in

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How It Works
How It Works

Promote Community Call by giving out the phone number, Community Call ID and telling people to hit 1#.


You can now call into a Community Call without becoming a TalkShoe member.*

*By becoming a full member of TalkShoe, you’ll have access to a host of features, including, hosting your own Community Call, ability to participate in live chat via TalkShoe Live! Pro, ShoePhone (one-click connect), etc...
Non-Member Name - TalkShoe Live! Pro

Attention Hosts!
TalkShoe Live! Pro will show this user as on the phone with their name being their region (based on area code) or area code of their caller ID.

If caller ID is not present it will show them as "non-member". The host can still mute or unmute them like any other participant.

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