New to TalkShoe Biz?
TalkShoe is a complete service that enables businesses and
organizations to easily create, join, or listen to Live Interactive
Corporate Podcasts and Audioblogs.
These hosted audio Community Calls™ can be educational learning series, seminars, customer feedback forums, CEO talks, or prospect qualification & selling sessions. Recorded Community Calls can be listened to, downloaded, or subscribed to by employees, suppliers, distributors and customers.
How It Works
Talkers & Listeners
Anyone with a computer or telephone can join a Live Community Call to talk and text-chat. It’s a great way to learn, communicate, and connect with the company.
  Corporate Podcast Hosts
With TalkShoe, you can better connect with your customers, suppliers, distributors and employees. It’s easy to create, schedule and run a live show, and you’re in control.

When you’re finished recording, your show is listed on TalkShoe, and can be listed on your company blog & website, as well as on iTunes, and other podcast directories
The powerful TalkShoe Live! Pro software provides many unique features including:
• Full Host Control
• Mute voice
• Mute chat
• Start and stop recording
• See-who’s-talking indication
• Participant screen names and (optional) profiles
• Access via telephone, ShoePhone™, Skype, or VoIP
• Request-to-talk queuing
• Integrated text-chat room
• Up to 250 participants
• 1,000s more can listen in
Can I play my podcast on my blog & website?
Sure. TalkShoe has created a number of badges that you can easily integrate into your blogs and websites. There’s even a single player that lists all of your recorded, upcoming and live shows!

OK, I’m ready to host a show. What’s next?

First, you will need to become a TalkShoe customer and pick the package that’s right for your business. Please contact us via email or phone at +1 724-935-TALK (8255). Then, sign-up as a user and click the Create button. There, you’ll describe your corporate podcast, schedule it, and invite anyone you want. When your show goes live you join as the host, and record when you’re ready. You can also download and edit your recorded Community Calls. If you need any assistance, we recommend you watch our video demos. or contact support.

What do I get with TalkShoe?

TalkShoe provides a complete solution including custom web page. Sound too good to be true – try it out and see!

• Custom web pages
• Conferencing & chat room
• Interactive software
• RSS feed
• Podcast storage
• Podcast player
• Download bandwidth
• Uploading of existing recordings
• Detailed statistics and reports
• Technical support

What’s a Podcast?
Podcasts are live and recorded Internet audio or video, and are part of the highly publicized Web 2.0 user-generated media boom. Podcasts are unique because they can be listened to online, and subscribed to. Every time a new podcast episode is created, it is automatically downloaded to the subscriber’s computer, iPod or MP3 player.