Blubrry can help you grow your audience in a
number of ways:
  1. They make it very easy for subscribers to find, subscribe to and share your podcast with others.

  2. They allow you to enter tags for your podcast and episodes.

  3. They allow you to add a channel image and a header image.

  4. They provide links to your Community Call page and TalkShoe RSS feed.
Blubrry has some additional features to help you
build your audience:

Social Networking – You can make friends, leave comments, and send messages to other users.

Proactive Marketing – Like TalkShoe, Blubrry spends time promoting its community on its blog and other social networks like MySpace and YouTube, and attend important events like the Podcast Expo and PodCamp.


Blubrry gives you a chance to earn additional money
via advertising deals, even if you’re already enrolled in the TalkShoe Cash program.

Some important facts about Blubrry ad deals are:

  • Blubrry has the right to negotiate one deal for you but you also have the right to reject the deal.

  • Ad deals may include a mention in your podcast and an image link on your website.

  • There are no auto insertions. You retain the flexibility to mention the sponsor in your voice in each podcast.

  • Blubrry can alternatively provide pre-recorded sponsor announcements.


Blubrry offers podcasters great flexibility of participation in
their community:

  • You retain the rights to your show.

  • You can be a part of other networks.

  • You can add multiple podcast shows to the community.

  • You can negotiate outside advertising deals.

So what are you waiting for?

Join the Blubrry community and add your podcast today!