Why Be an Audio Dude in a Text & Video World?

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As the founder and CEO of TalkShoe, I’ve been podcasting for more than two years. Well, more like live, interactive podcasting — what we call “Community Conference Calling”.

Anyway, to the point of this post, most people communicate online using text. Think: chat, SMS, email, writing on friends’ walls, commenting on blog posts, typing in a forum, or dozens of other flavors of text. If not texting, we’re sharing photos or videos. So why use our voices on the Internet; meaning literally?

Here are the four things that I love about voice:

1) Voice is a much richer form of communication. Text does a poor job of conveying emotions, even with smiley faces. I want to actually hear that you’re enthusiastic, or sad, or sarcastic, or whatever. Hey, our DNA has been wired to TALK across 100,000 years, whereas text is a newfangled tool we haven’t yet fully mastered.

2) Voice is immediate and CAUSES new ideas. How many times have you been talking with a group of people and had totally new ideas emerge — ideas that were not from any ONE person? It’s the wisdom of crowds, to cite a great book.

3) It’s easier to talk than type. No explanation necessary, or at least I don’t have the time to write one out here.

4) (This is the most IMPORTANT one) There’s a big difference between our eyes and ears. When we read text or watch video, we can’t do much else, at least not competently. But when we listen, we can still do almost anything else.

The world is insanely busy these days, yet we all have more time for “multiplexing” audio. So if you’re an audio dude (AKA live interactive podcaster) you can talk to people — live and recorded — as they drive, exercise, mow the lawn, whatever… without having to compete directly with other activities. It makes them much easier to reach and that’s the whole point.


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