TalkShoe Pays People to Refer Podcast Hosts

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Plans to Virally Help Increase the Use of Podcasting

Pittsburgh, PA- September 25, 2006 - TalkShoe ( has introduced its TalkShoe Cash Referral program which pays people to refer hosts who create podcasts. The person who refers the host is paid for each podcast episode created by the host, as well as for the number of people who listen to, download, or subscribe to their podcast. Referrers are paid twenty five percent (25%) on top of what the host earns. People can refer as many hosts as they wish. The program is effective immediately.

“Our goal is to virally increase the number of people who podcast,” commented Dave Nelsen, TalkShoe’s founder. “Sharing our revenues with people who refer hosts will help make this happen.”

Hosts can easily create podcasts, which TalkShoe calls Talkcasts, using its website. Audio is created using a telephone, cell phone, voice-over-IP (VoIP), Skype, or upload of previously-recorded content. TalkShoe offers the unique ability for simultaneously broadcasting live and recording the talk show as a podcast. Over 100 people can participate in a live podcast, or hosts can record traditional “solo” podcasts.

TalkShoe Cash Referral Program

People who refer hosts are paid 25% over and above what the host earns. Hosts are paid for the number of their podcast episodes they create, and the number of hours of content consumed, which is the number of content-hours listened to, downloaded, or subscribed to as a podcast.

Recorded podcasts can be listed on iTunes and other podcast directories, and the TalkShoe directory.

How TalkShoe Makes Money

TalkShoe makes its money from audio advertising placed in the Talkcasts, and on the website. In addition, hosts will be able to specifically charge a fee for their podcasts.

About TalkShoe

TalkShoe is located near Pittsburgh and can be reached at 724-935-TALK or by email at


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