TalkShoe Launches Website for User-Generated Voice Talkshows & Podcasts

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People can also Make Money Hosting Conversations from any Telephone, Cell Phone, or the Internet

Pittsburgh, PA- June 15, 2006 - TalkShoe ( has launched a unique website for user-generated live and recorded voice. People can host and join live voice talk shows, discussion groups, and podcasts — called TalkcastsTM — using telephones, cell phones or Internet voice (voice-over-IP). All Talkcasts can be recorded for later listening, downloading or podcasting. What’s more, people can make money hosting Talkcasts.

Example uses of TalkShoe include talk shows, sports discussion groups, political debates, small business meetings, friends and family chats, book clubs, and education and training. The possible uses are endless.

What Makes TalkShoe Different?

The main differences between TalkShoe and other Internet conferencing and chat services are:   1) both live and recorded voice, 2) use by any of hundreds of millions of telephones, cell phones, and voice-over-IP (VoIP) connections, 3) paying hosts for every talker and listener, and 4) ability to create both public and private Talkcasts. In addition, up to 1,000 people can talk and/or listen to a live Talkcast, and unlimited people can download the recorded podcasts.

Content is King

TalkShoe expects good-quality content to be created on the website. TalkShoe is continually seeking both professional and amateur hosts to create useful and topical voice content. Current TalkShoe hosts run the gamut from everyday people to two Pittsburgh Steelers players, Brett Keisel and Max Starks.

Ron Morris, a professor at Duquesne University and host of the radio talk show, The American Entrepreneur, commented, “TalkShoe’s concept is groundbreaking. As a radio talk show host, I only have access to a regional audience. TalkShoe allows me to reach a worldwide audience, and gives me better interaction with live participants.”

“With TalkShoe, hosts are in control,” said Mark Juliano, TalkShoe’s Sr. Vice President. “While voice and text chat rooms also support live conversations, uncontrolled rooms can quickly degenerate into jabberwocky.”

Hosts Make Money

“One of TalkShoe’s goals is to enable an entrepreneurial community, like eBay, where individuals and professionals alike can create voice content, build their own listener base, and get paid for their efforts,” commented Dave Nelsen, president and CEO of TalkShoe.

Hosts can earn money for each person that listens to, downloads or podcasts their Talkcast. Money is earned from text and banner advertising (i.e. Google AdSense), audio ad insertion, and video ads. In addition, hosts can choose to charge a fee for their Talkcasts.

A Difference in Quality

            TalkShoe uses the same high-quality teleconferencing technology that supports today’s business conferencing services.

How TalkShoe Works

Hosts choose the topic and schedule their Talkcast online, and can easily invite anyone. Once the Talkcast starts, hosts have control with features such as 1) muting, 2) censoring, 3) see-who’s-talking, and 4) request-to-talk queuing. The Talkcast can be recorded on the TalkShoe website where users can listen to, download or podcast the Talkcast. The Talkcast can also be listed on podcast directories including iTunes and others.

            Private Talkcasts are also available for friends and family talks, internal business communications, or other closed groups.

            The TalkShoe website is currently free to use.

About TalkShoe

            TalkShoe is located near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and can be reached at 724-935-TALK (8255) or by email at The website is



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