Startup Life Blog - by Mark Juliano - TalkShoe SVP

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Mark Juliano, TalkShoe’s senior VP, has started a new blog called: Startup Life - Entrepreneurship in Action. The blog will cronicle life at TalkShoe and focus on what other entrepreneurs can from his experiences. In addition to TalkShoe, Mark has started 4 other successful companies, and is an Adjunct Professor at Carnegie Mellon University.



The Conference Call is Dead

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“…It’s time to kill the conference call. There’s a better way. A two-year-old startup called TalkShoe rolled out a new VoIP service today called ShoePhone. Unlike other VoIP services, ShoePhone offers a long list of features that make it an ideal replacement for the old-and-busted corporate conference call…”


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ShoePhone Offers a Good Fit for Group Talking

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Tribute Review article titled: ShoePhone offers good fit for group talking. Read the Article.

Trib Total Media

Excerpt: ShoePhone is meant to appeal to TalkShoe’s current podcasters as well as to hundreds of millions of social networkers, who can link a live or prerecorded discussion to a MySpace or Facebook page or blog.


Digital Journal TV: Podcasting World Gets Blasted By 12-Year-Old Nicholas Montgomery

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Nicholas Montgomery is in the news again on Digital Journal. Read the article and watch the video.

“As with everything in the world of technology and the Internet, there is likely a kid out there who can run circles around you; they learn fast, adapt quickly and act as though everything they do will change the world. Nicholas Montgomery is no exception…”


Latest advertising figures - Internet surpasses Radio!

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INTERNET advertising surpasses Radio advertising. Read the article here ==>


Podcasters Respond to $28 Million Radio Industry Ad Blitz

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Article from Podcasting News. Those radio guys are getting nervous!!


Datamation online Magazine features ShoePhone

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Datamation’s online magazine article entitled: The Conference Call is Dead. Read the article. Read the Article.


Excerpt:  “First, forget what you know about VoIP. ShoePhone is different. The service connects to any phone — landline or mobile — and other VoIP clients and services like Skype, SJphone and Gizmo. You initiate calls via VoIP, but the call is actually handled using a telco-grade conferencing system.”


TalkShoe Launches ShoePhone Internet Voice Service

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Unlimited Free Group Calling with Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Pittsburgh, September 11, 2007 - TalkShoeTM, the leader in Internet topic-based voice conversations, discussions and live interactive podcasts, today announced the general availability of ShoePhone, an easy to use service for unlimited group calling with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Up to 250 people can participate in a live call (which TalkShoe calls TalkcastsTM), and 1,000s more can listen to the simultaneous live Internet audio stream. Users can also simultaneously text-chat, and Talkcasts can be recorded and stored on TalkShoe’s website for later listening and podcasting. Talkcasts can be done instantly, or scheduled in advance. ShoePhone is Free to use.

Read more of TalkShoe Launches ShoePhone Internet Voice Service…


ShoePhone is here - talk unlimited and FREE with Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

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TalkShoe today launched the general product availability of its FREE ShoePhone, service, an easy to use service for unlimited group calling with anyone, anywhere, anytime. ShoePhone is fully integrated with TalkShoe Live. There’s no need to enter IDs, phone numbers, or IP addresses – just use a headset and a PC or Mac.

ShoePhone uses voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology to create calls. However, unlike other VoIP services, users can connect ShoePhone-to-ShoePhone as well as with people using telephones, mobile phones, other VoIP services such as Skype, and 3rd party VoIP clients such as SJphone and Gizmo. This is because ShoePhone is based on a telco-grade conferencing system unlike other server-based VoIP-only services which have limited conferencing capabilities.

Using TalkShoe with ShoePhone or telephone makes it a great tool for social networking. Our goal is to bring topic-based interactive voice discussions to the masses.

More information at


IT’S HERE => Non-member Calling

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Starting next week, people will be able to join live Talkcasts without being a TalkShoe member, getting a PIN, or downloading TalkShoe Live. You’ll just dial the general number (724-444-7444), enter the Talkcast ID, and then enter 1#. That’s it! Non-member callers will show up on TalkShoe Live without their own user names.

Of course, remember, membership has its privileges. 1) TalkShoe live user name, 2) profiles, 3) ability to rate Talkcasts, 4) ability to create your own Talkcasts, etc.


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