1-year Anniversary of Leo Laporte using TalkShoe

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It’s our 1-year anniversary of Leo Laporte using TalkShoe, and time to reminisce…

It was back in October 2006 when Leo Laporte of TWiT-TV first told us that he was planning to use TalkShoe. Leo, for those of you who don’t know, is the #1 podcaster in the world by most measures. We had a couple of weeks to prepare, and we had no idea what kind of traffic Leo would generate, and what part of our system would break. At that time, we didn’t (we do now!) for example have anyway to heavily load-test our system.

The BIG day came on November 5, 2006 when Leo and Amber (MacArthur) first went live …

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Pastor uses Internet as her pulpit, gathering place

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Pastor uses Internet as her pulpit, gathering place  Read the Story

“It is like having a talk show…People can plug in though a site called TalkShoe, listen and talk, or they can listen to the entire taped program after the online study ends at 9:30.”


Louie Moss Opens First Online University for Out of Body Experiences

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Louie Moss, Author Of 68 Seconds to Becoming Wealthy, Opens The First Online University for Out of Body Experiences

TACOMA, Wash., Oct. 1  /PRNewswire/ — Louie Moss, author, internet radio personality and leading expert in out of body experiences is the founder of http://www.outofbodyuniversity.com/ and has an audience that spans the globe. There is a potential audience of over two billion people interested in learning about Out of Body Experiences.

Read more of Louie Moss Opens First Online University for Out of Body Experiences…


Indigo Room’s Blog Post

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Check out this post on the Indigo Room’s Blog. She gives her views about TalkShoe.



Get a badge WIDGET for any Talkcast on your Blog, website, Facebook, MySpace, etc.

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TalkShoe now has lots of badge widgets available for you. What’s a widget? It’s a small “player” for any Talkcast - not just your Talkcasts. The widget lists all previously recorded shows, upcoming shows, and highlights when a Talkcast is LIVE. It’s one of the best possible ways to get your, or anyone else’s Talkcast listened to, and increase Live participation.

Go to ANY Talkcast page and click on “Create a Badge”. It’s really easy. You can add widgets to your Blogs, websites, Facebook, MySpace, Ning, Google, etc. etc. Why not create one right now!

List of Must Have Widgets


iJustine on Safety and LifeCasting

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Here’s an interesting article from a TalkShoe friend and host — iJustine.



SHOEPHONE => quick, easy, unlimited, FREE calling. Built right into TalkShoe Live

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[NOTE: how do you sign up? You don’t. Just become a TalkShoe member. ShoePhone is built right into TalkShoe Live. It’s that easy.]

TalkShoe today announced the general availability of ShoePhone, an easy to use service for unlimited group calling with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Up to 250 people can participate in a live call. ShoePhone is tightly integrated with TalkShoe Live. ShoePhone is Free to use. ShoePhone uses voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology to create calls. However, unlike other VoIP services, ShoePhone users can connect with other ShoePhone users as well as to people using standard telephones, mobile phones, other VoIP services such as Skype, and 3rd party VoIP clients such as SJphone and Gizmo. This is because ShoePhone is based on a telco-grade conferencing system unlike other server-based VoIP-only services which have limited conferencing capabilities. Read the Full Press Release. 

NOTE again: there’s nothing for you to do - just go into TalkShoe Live and Connect - it’s that easy.


Podcast & New Media Expo LIVE continuous Talkcast. Sept 28-30

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TalkShoe will be exhibiting and attending the Podcast & New Media Expo, Sept 28-30 in Ontario, CA (near Los Angeles). We’re going to be holding a continuous live podcast (Click here for information) from the show floor. Come join us (and special guest iJustine) Live… and if you’re at the show, we’re in booth #415


Check out iJustine Live at Podcast & New Media Expo

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iJustine is lifecasting live from Podcast and New Media Expo. Check her out at www.ijustine.tv . She’s also on TalkShoe live.


Tommy (Vallier) TalkShoe’s Blog

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I’m the community developer for the live, interactive podcasting service TalkShoe and a new media consultant in Kingston, Ontario. I live for the web and enjoy meeting new people and discovering new content and services online. Want to know more? You can check out my full bio to get more details. Tommy’s Blog is at http://www.tommyvallier.com/


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