Podcamp Boston starts this Friday - Oct 20th

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PodCamp Boston Kicks Off Friday

October 20th, 2007

Podcamp bostonPodCamp Boston 2, taking place October 26-28 at the Boston Convention and Expo Center, Boston, MA, promises to be one of the most interesting new media unconferences ever.

PodCamp Boston 2 is a three-day event focusing on blogging, podcasting, social networks, video on the net, and new media. More than 1,200 people are expected to attend.

 Read a full article in Podcasting News

TalkShoe’s own Tommy Vallier will be at the event, and some podcasters are using TalkShoe to record their sessions live.


Widget & Non-member Calling Email

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Hello TalkShoe Users!

TalkShoe now has lots of badge player widgets available for you. What’s a widget? It’s a small “player” for any Talkcast - not just your Talkcasts. The widget lists all previously recorded shows, upcoming shows, and highlights when a Talkcast is LIVE. It’s one of the best possible ways to get your, or anyone else’s Talkcast listened to, and increase Live participation.

Go to ANY Talkcast page (find one now) and click on “Create a Badge”. It’s really easy. You can add widge ts to your blogs, websites, and social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, iGoogle, Windows Live, Typepad, Blogger, Netvibes, Friendster, Ning, etc. Why not create one right now!

Also…by this time next week, you’ll be able to stream live audio directly from the widget player!! LEARN MORE ABOUT WIDGETS

Announcing Non-Member Call In. Allows any person, member or non-member, to call into a talkcast without every needing to go to TalkShoe. Just hit 1# after entering the Talkcast ID.

Best regards — Max T.


TalkShoe & Dave Nelsen Featured on WTAE-TV

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Dave Nelsen, TalkShoe’s CEO, is featured on an interview with WTAE-TV.

“Plugged In: Ditch the Keyboard for Audio Blogging”   

Watch the video.


TalkShoe named to Tech 50 list

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TalkShoe has been named to the Pittsburgh Tech 50 in the Rising Star category.

From the Press Release, October 12, 2007:

The Pittsburgh Technology Council has announced the region’s 50 leading technology-oriented companies in five distinct categories for 2007. During the selection process, the Council scoured the region for the most distinguished public and private technology-oriented companies. Each year, the Tech 50 event honors those technology companies that demonstrated the strongest growth and advancement in product or sales success, financial strength, corporate citizenship, job growth and retention and innovative product or technology. 

Read the Press Release


Victor Cajiao interviews Mark Juliano at PNME

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Here’s a video interview by Victor Cajiao of The Typical Mac User Podcast at the Podcast and New Media Expo (PNME) in L.A., September 28-30, 2007


NEW — Non Member Calling

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Some, but not all, of you know that there are now two (2) different choices to enter a Talkcast. There’s the traditional way where a participant signs up, chooses a PIN, and dials in. In this case their Display Name and profile info is shown. Hosts must enter this way.

The NEW way is to NOT SIGN UP as a member. Instead, you just call in, enter the Talkcast ID, and then 1#. That’s it! You’re in. If we recognize your area code with caller-ID, we’ll display something like “Pennsylvania” as your Display Name.

So with non-member calling, Free ShoePhone, mobile phone access, and listen-only streaming, we continue to make it easier to get live participants.


Move over Facebook, TalkShoe’s hot technology an audio forum for everything

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Pop City Newsletter:  Move over Facebook, TalkShoe’s hot technology an audio forum for everything.

“Pittsburgh-based company TalkShoe is the hottest new voice in high tech communication. Launched in 2006, the company is the leading provider of talkcasting services, creating social networks of people who interact with each other through audio conversations and podcasts on computers, cell phones and land lines…”

 Read the Article


Visit the Host Resources page

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If you’ve never been to the Host Resources page, you should check it out. There are videos, white papers, and Talkcasts about using TalkShoe, building your audience, and lots more…


WeTalkDuringMovies.com launches podcast

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From a new TalkShoe host — “We are launching our site, WeTalkDuringMovies.com, that uses TalkShoe to allow us to talk during a movie.  Press Release,.  We also managed to get featured on the tech podcast Buzz outloud!”


Buffy Between the Lines & Techno Fodder podcast

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From Tabitha Smith and the new Buffy Between the Lines. See Talkcast ID#27091

Tabitha Smith here, one of the producers of Buffy Between the Lines - a podcast fan audio drama that’s starting on Oct 6th. We’re doing a live release party Oct 5th on Talkshoe! http://buffybetweenthelines.com/?p=148

From the BBTL website:   “For a special treat we’ve teamed up with the Techno Fodder podcast & Talkshoe to bring you a BBTL release party! Participate in our live “call-in” or talk online show. Ask questions of the cast and crew, discuss the upcoming season AND get a special release of the first episode the day before it comes out. Join us Oct 5th at 6pm PST (7pm MST, 8pm CST, 9pm EST).”


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