Connecting With Others Who Share My Interests – WOW!!!

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Most of us have a few things that we’re REALLY interested in. For me, it’s running, skiing, mountain biking, and especially home winemaking. Probably like you, I spend a lot of my online time pursuing these passions.

Have you noticed how the Internet has evolved? Not long ago, everything was static. Yes, it was amazing that you could find so much information but it was largely “read-only”. Now, everything is interactive.

I used to visit great winemaking sites like I still do that occasionally but now every few weeks I schedule a TalkShoe community call to talk and chat with other winemakers online: Cellar Dwellers Home Winemaking

This is both amazing and exhilarating. One night, a world expert on oak barrels called in. In making red wine (and some whites including Chardonnay), oak is incredibly important. It was one of our longest group calls ever - hours - just incredibly interesting if you’re a winemaker. (Note to non-winemakers; I realize that you think I’m whacko at this point, but toasted oak is just splendid if it’s from Hungary or France).

Another evening, a winemaker called in from New Zealand (with ShoePhone, it’s free to call from anywhere on the planet). After comparing notes about winemaking and talking about the beauty of his country, we agreed to send bottles of our respective wines to each other. While I thoroughly enjoyed tasting his wines, let me warn you not to make such a pact. It cost over $100 to send two bottles of my wine to NZ and, at least in PA you have to lie to the UPS guy, telling him that you’re shipping “olive oil”. I worried that the BATF was watching my every move (and now they probably are).

Truly connecting with people who share our interests is one of the most satisfying experiences in life. The genius of TalkShoe, and of the Internet in general, is that it can almost magically help us make these connections.


Lucy Walsh joins TalkShoe on Monday nights!

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Lucy Walsh, right off her appearances on MTV’s Rock the Cradle, will be hosting a TalkShoe call every Monday night at 10:00 PM Eastern, 7:00 PM pacific. Join in live to listen to what Lucy has planned next. You can text questions or even call in and talk to Lucy. To participate go to . To call in dial 1-724-444-7444 enter Call id 5829 (LUCY) on your phone.

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Why Be an Audio Dude in a Text & Video World?

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As the founder and CEO of TalkShoe, I’ve been podcasting for more than two years. Well, more like live, interactive podcasting — what we call “Community Conference Calling”.

Anyway, to the point of this post, most people communicate online using text. Think: chat, SMS, email, writing on friends’ walls, commenting on blog posts, typing in a forum, or dozens of other flavors of text. If not texting, we’re sharing photos or videos. So why use our voices on the Internet; meaning literally?

Here are the four things that I love about voice:

1) Voice is a much richer form of communication. Text does a poor job of conveying emotions, even with smiley faces. I want to actually hear that you’re enthusiastic, or sad, or sarcastic, or whatever. Hey, our DNA has been wired to TALK across 100,000 years, whereas text is a newfangled tool we haven’t yet fully mastered.

2) Voice is immediate and CAUSES new ideas. How many times have you been talking with a group of people and had totally new ideas emerge — ideas that were not from any ONE person? It’s the wisdom of crowds, to cite a great book.

3) It’s easier to talk than type. No explanation necessary, or at least I don’t have the time to write one out here.

4) (This is the most IMPORTANT one) There’s a big difference between our eyes and ears. When we read text or watch video, we can’t do much else, at least not competently. But when we listen, we can still do almost anything else.

The world is insanely busy these days, yet we all have more time for “multiplexing” audio. So if you’re an audio dude (AKA live interactive podcaster) you can talk to people — live and recorded — as they drive, exercise, mow the lawn, whatever… without having to compete directly with other activities. It makes them much easier to reach and that’s the whole point.


MTV camera crew visits Jesse Blaze Snider during Jesse’s TalkShoe show (featuring Dee)

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Jesse Blaze Snider’s show on TalkShoe continues to a attract a growing number of fans of comic book writer, musician, and MTV “Rock the Cradle” contestant, who talk and text live with Jesse on Sundays each week at 10 p.m. ET.

Jesse’s depth of knowledge on a range of eclectic issues is impressive, and he always holds his own. If you haven’t done so already, check him out on TalkShoe.

This past weekend, during a special Saturday edition of Jesse’s Talkshoe broadcast, Jesse’s father – rock legend Dee Snider of Twisted Sister – phoned in for a candid give-and-take with his son.

A MTV camera crew was there as well, recording Jesse as he chatted live with his father and his fans on TalkShoe.

Tune into MTV’s “Rock The Cradle” this Thursday, April 24, at 10 p.m. ET. And keep tuning into Jesse’s show on TalkShoe!


Jesse Blaze Snider from MTVs Rock the Cradle, LIVE on Sundays!

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Come join in on Jesse’s live internet radio on Sundays at 10:00 PM eastern / 7:00 PM pacific. He will take questions about what is going on with MTV’s Rock the Cradle or anything you want to talk about. You can listen along, text chat a question or even call in and talk with Jesse. To call in dial 724-444-7444 and enter Call ID 1000# or click this link -


Special Jesse Blaze Snider Call for MTV!

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Jesse will be doing a special TalkShoe call tomorrow (4/19/2008) at 2:30 PM Eastern/ 11:30 AM Pacific. Come join in and talk with Jesse as MTV films him for this week’s episode of Rock the Cradle. Click here to join in .


Talk With Jesse Blaze Snider from MTVs Rock the Cradle…Again!

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Jesse Blaze Snider will be hosting calls Sundays at 10:00 PM eastern 7:00 PM pacific, Click here to join in or even call in and talk with Jesse and hear him share his thoughts about MTV’s Rock the Cradle. To call in dial 1-724-444-7444 and enter Call ID 1000#, or just listen along and text chat. If you miss the call do not worry you can listen to the recording after the call.

Jesse’s MySpace page
CLICK HERE to Vote for Jesse on Rock the Cradle


Justine is back!!!

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Come join in this Sunday at 8:30 PM eastern, as Justine hosts her weekly TalkShoe Community call, “Chatfest” . Come talk about the latest and greatest stuff on the internet with the internet, iJustine. You can call in and talk by dailing +1-724-444-7444 and entering call Id 46121 or listen along from her call page. Stop by and debate her latest video about Flickr’s video support.


Rave reviews of TalkShoe and Facebook App

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Facebook App | PC World 101 Fantastic Freebies | VoIP News All-Star VoIP Products

By allowing users to integrate TalkShoe Community Calls into their profiles, we are empowering them to connect on a deeper level with their communities while preserving the convenience and simplicity of their social networking experience.

Award-Winning Technology

PC World VoIP News
Read about TalkShoe on PC World’s 101 Fantastic Freebies list.
TalkShoe was also awarded a top spot on VoIP News’s recent list of All-Star VoIP Products
More Talk About the TalkShoe Facebook App…
Mashable Facebook App Reviews
Silicon Valley Watcher Connie Crosby
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TalkShoe Facebook App: How it works.

TalkShoe Facebook App

Attributed to Justine Ezarik, blogger and TalkShoe Facebook application user
“As a new media enthusiast and avid Facebook user, I am always on the lookout for ways to engage my community on a deeper level. The TalkShoe Facebook application lets me add a whole new dimension to my social networks because I can easily and instantly invite both Facebook and non-Facebook users to join my community calls.”


Mashable Reviews Facebook App

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TalkShoe Upgrades to the Facebook Platform
March 11, 2008 — 05:26 PM PDT — by Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins —

TalkShoe today announced the launch of their Facebook application. As someone who is fairly familiar and a semi-frequent user of the TalkShoe system, I can attest that this is a welcome improvement to the system. This isn’t to say that dealing with the website is in any way unpleasant, as they’ve made a number of usability and aesthetic improvements to the main website lately. On the other hand, TalkShoe, despite extensive partnerships with whitelabel social network Ning, hasn’t seen viral and exponential growth of the service despite employing many viral marketing tactics.

That could change, though, with the deployment of the Facebook application, as it’s very robust in it’s functionality. You just about everything through the Facebook application that you can do through the site. On the user side of things, you can browse, search, and join conference calls and live podcasts. On the host side of things, you can create new episodes and conference call sessions as well as perform episode management tasks.

“The TalkShoe Facebook application lets me add a whole new dimension to my social networks because I can easily and instantly invite both Facebook and non-Facebook users to join my community calls,” said well known lifecaster and avid TalkShoe host iJustine.


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